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  1. Dang this is THE biggest i've ever seen! Thank you to the developers for taking the time and creating all of this for us! Cant wait to see the future updates -Mark
  2. MarkDS

    Dang this means a lot seeing this K3 I love how you think im "innocent", thats where you're wrong kiddo Thank you for taking the time and making this :D, really brought a smile to my face -Mark
  3. MarkDS

  4. MarkDS

    Welp might as well join in
  5. Well thats one way to start an introduction :D Welcome to the server bud! If you have any questions feel free to pm me in game -Mark
  6. MarkDS

    This is a neat idea and it could help to give people a reason to prestige more however in my opinion, there should be a milestone every 5 prestige. Every time you prestige, you get prestige points you can use on the prestige point store however once you reach prestige 5, 10, 15 and 20, you can get an option to get a cash prize, item prize or extra prestige points. The prestige point store could have items that increase your drop rate and can only be purchasable with prestige points. Nice idea by the way K3 amazing to see all of these suggestions -Mark
  7. MarkDS

    Dang, nice video buddy Cant wait to see more Dont know how i feel about the facecam though, seems like I completely forgot to watch the actual opening and was focusing more on your face Goodluck in the future SwimmerBoy -Mark
  8. MarkDS

    Dang I like this idea however wouldn't it be reserved for a new item? For example, you could collect 420 weed capes to make a special weed cape that does this
  9. MarkDS

    Oooh, I really like this idea however as much as I like it, the old one has a nostalgic feel to it. I would say if they did add this, make it so that you can switch to whichever you want for example if you want this one, you can click a button and it will always show this whereas if you want the original, you can have the original. Nice job buddy -Mark
  10. MarkDS

    Dang thank you for the generous words <3 I'll always be the trivia god dont worry -Mark
  11. MarkDS

    Hello darkness my old friend.... Ive come to talk with you again BECAUSE A VISION IS SOFTLY CREEPIN LEFT ITS SEEDS WHILE I WAS SLEEPING -R.I.P all those pets.
  12. Smh that gear is too op aanddd its breaking rule 19 ): On the other hand, nice video homie! Cant wait to see more -Mark
  13. MarkDS

    Dang those are some beautiful photographs Might need to get you to photograph me and my beautiful face... Who am I kidding. Cant wait to see more work from you! -Mark
  14. MarkDS

    Ayyyy! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THE WINNERS! Amazing videos done by our #DSGANG -Mark
  15. MarkDS

    Dang cant believe I won this Thank you everyone who voted for me! And congrats to all of the other people who won their own section! -Mark