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  1. Nice work guys, loving the little fixes, they will add up and make this game much smoother
  2. awesome, i love the price checker especially, but so many good things on here
  3. yea slayer needs a rehaul especially the rewards and this is a good start. vouch
  4. this would help selling in POS, so people don't buy 1 piece of your set and break it but other then that i don't see a point
  5. disagree also but i think we need a forum/wiki page with stats on all gear it is hard to keep track what is better without hard numbers, as a veteran i know the differences but only from trial and error.
  6. yea haven't seen some of those names in a couple months hope all is well with them. pretty accurate staff review
  7. well we resolved your ar issue with raid 1 . and to drop things you can always ::empty but be warned that gets rid of your whole inventory. The real issue i feel is the drop bugs that has got to be infuriating. Just curious are any of our testers or staff still an ironman?
  8. yea man that droprate becomes super valuable at some point, and u don't wanna waste a donor ticket on a normal account
  9. expanding the upgrade system in anyway is awesome with multiple benefits, not sure if tiers are the right way to go. but being able to upgrade more things would be great
  10. this is nice idea, gotta be disheartening to not be able to finish a set but have like 4 or more a 1 single piece
  11. i like it, i would love some new titles in one of the shops.
  12. Congratz 200 days holy crap that is dedication man that is awesome! Number : 74
  13. Thanks for the event! IGN: C R U S H Color: Green
  14. this would be nice, with achievement fixes so many of them are broken you never know which ones will work so I kinda gave up on all of them.
  15. prices might need tweaked but as a whole i like it.