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  1. Ayyyyyyyyyyy duudeee <3

    1. Feeds


      Aye Homie <3 whats going on? :)

    2. YCGamez


      Hiyaa. Gonna be playing again :)

  2. Feeds

    Rank Given!! Congrats on Super Donator!!
  3. Feeds

    Thats a dopeass intro :P, totally a gfx artist by heart. Welcome back, if you need any help or support feel free to pm me
  4. Feeds

    Wow such an amazing feedback homie, Its so amazing to see such motivated texts regarding a staff member, Were they can judge on the improvement part by themselves and continue to grow. Well i always mention it, I'm in middle of some family situation which is indeed blocking me in having a chill time with you guys, I will be available from next month by 20th, then lets have a blast buddy, Until then DSGANG!! ~Feeds`
  5. Feeds

    Thanks bud for the shoutout , really means alot to us, Keep us motivated bud :333
  6. Feeds

    Rank Given!! Congrats on Donator Rank!!
  7. Feeds

    Rank Given! Congrats on Super Donator!!
  8. Feeds

    Wait a sec? who are you noob? Welcome to DSGANG :D If you need any help? pm me or any staff
  9. Feeds

    Thanks a lot for the amazing words expressed to show us the love and passion, really appreciate it bro, and thanks for finding time and writing about the staff, indeed motivates every staff K3
  10. Feeds

    Lol, you all must be kidding? i'mma deleting the thread, Kappa!
  11. Feeds

    Rank Given! Congrats on Extreme Donator!! Rank Given!! Congrats on Sponsor!!
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    Rank Given! Congrats on Super Donator!!
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    Rank Given!! Congrats on Donator!!
  14. LMFAO, i just can't ignore the fact about fourth prize! JUST GIMME THAT BILL LOL
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    Rank Given!! Congrats on Super Donator!!