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  1. Daaamn huge update so sad I cant get on this weekend :(. Love how u added the well of goodwill ! K3 Dicezone looks sick and staff icons re dope *Cough**cough* make TD/Legacy host icons *cough* *cough* Cant wait to get my hands on those new boxes
  2. Ethereum

    I think it shud be added as a hosting gamemode because the gambling moneysinks kinda die out fast. Look at the 55x2 bot and the roulette table. :p
  3. Ethereum


    Hello. I thought it might be usefull to add a command for example ::currentrud which will then tell you in a pop up message if there is a current random unique drop active and also which one. so for example: currently there are 2 RUD active: > kill a corp with ice katana prize dynamic mbox. > Kill a penguin with royal sicle prize super mystery box
  4. Ethereum

    Yeh I like this idea Ive suggested this to bowwow before too. Host advantage could possibly be that it lands on its side. Same chances as getting a rainbow for example.
  5. Ethereum

    Yo thats an amazing idea! Ill be lurking
  6. Ethereum

    These look pretty good man. Nicely done
  7. Ethereum

    Weeew, these sunsets look adorable
  8. Ethereum

    8/10 Cool guy fun to have chats with
  9. Ethereum

    Nice idea, but what about let it be the quest point cape emote but green instead off white and with a weed leaf on top instead off the quest icon
  10. Ethereum

    Good to see you join the forums aswell See you around!
  11. Ethereum

    Welcome back man, there's a bunch off new content you'll have some exploring to do :p
  12. Ethereum

    I'd suggest as said above already to revamp the shop with some new worthy items. Aswell I would suggest to reward every player a cash prize after every game. Winners will get obviously more than the losers when tie all players will be getting the same standard cash reward between what the losers and winners get. So e.g winners get 10T losers 5T when tie all 7.5T. Cash rewards cud be more or less its just so you got an idea off what I mean
  13. Ethereum

    Welcome back buddy Love to see you back at making videos
  14. Ethereum

    Good to see you're back! Love watching your videos hope to see more coming soon!
  15. Nice update, love the pet! Thanks for the NPC fixes! Great work in general devs, once again!