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  1. Hoooooly shit This is sickkk Nice giveaway dudes
  2. You don't meet the requirments No vouch I'm just messing, I know you've been here for a long time and got way more play time than alot off people in general. You're active, known & trustworthy in general on the server. The application looks fine and neat. You're also and active discord user. Besides the disapointing thing that you couldn't wait 14 more hours so you did meet the requirments I think you'd be a good candidate to join our TD team. So I'll go with a vouch.
  3. Well hello there, even tho you play for a while now I'm still gonna welcome ya to the server Hope you've had a good time so far and hope you'll keep enjoying everything here for much longer
  4. If you see a girl greet her by saying neuken in de keuken. Lmk where u staying I might catch a train to ya.
  5. Weeeeeeeeew so many colors *_* Love it, alright, I really like this suggestion, because as you've just shown us ppl can make sh*t tons off money with the botting which has its effects on the ECO, this is 1 example but who knows if there are more people doing this. About the bostbusters, if this is going to become a thing I'd say give those botbusters the abillity to jail and make a hidden discord channel for botbusters where they report the person they jailed so staff can investigate it further and then decide what punishment to give.
  6. You're in the same timezone as 3 other TD's including myself if I'm correct. So I kinda doubt that there is no TD's online at your time. The thing is in every application I can read the same reasons of becoming TD try some other reasons, Im pretty sure there are some other excuses than there's no TD's online and it's not staff their job. I can also agree with Zodiac about the forums post and that you just used plain white to type out instead of coloring it a lil. Im gonna no vouch for now. If you work up your forums post count and get your activity up some more without afking I will change my vouch.
  7. Happy 4/20 to everyone!


  8. Awww man sad to see you go, hope to see you back soon! If you need a chat feel free to PM me on discord or so. #DutchiesPowerz
  9. Hi

    I see what u did there
  10. The well of Goodwill For those that are not familiar with the well of goodwill I will quickly explain. The well of goodwill is a well where people can donate money into. Once it reached a set amount something happens, which can be anything. What I would like to suggest is that you have 2 options to donate to when you click on the well. Option 1: 5% Increased drop rate. Option 2: 10% Double drop rate. Both wells would need a total fill off 5Q once filled they will give their DR or DD for 2 hours. (This is just a suggestion off amount and hours.) Everytime someone donates a certain amount off money in 1 off both wells it will announce how much he donated to what well and how much there's left that has to be donated. For example: Ethereum donated 1000000B to the increased drop rate well, there are 4000000b more tickets needed to unlock 2 hours off increased DR I think this could be a nice moneysink and beneficial for the players.
  11. Hi

    Oi oi Think I've seen you on the discord earlier :p Welcome back
  12. Damn nice revamp on the slayer! Lovely new customs too and those golden scratchers are juicyy Can't wait for next update :D
  13. Let's see, For screenshots you could have just used the Prnt scr button on your keyboard and paste it in paint and upload it afterwards to imgur. So it kinda looks like you wanted to rush this application which after reading the reasons why you shud be chosen as TD confirmed that thought. Becoming a TD comes with more than being rich, it's also helping out the other TD's by covering them, looking out for any rule breakers,... You're a good friend but this application is too rushed to give you a vouch. Take the time to re-do it and edit the current thread convince us. I'm staying Neutral for now.
  14. We miss you K3 Irl stuff is priority hope everything gets well soon!
  15. Forum Username: Ethereum Rank Requesting: Veteran Amount of Months since user joined Forums: 16 months Screenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation: