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    Skateboarding, My American Bullies, Video games, food of all sorts, i love Pies.
  1. Daijiru

    Hey! Welcome to DreamScape! I hope you enjoy your stay
  2. Daijiru

    I can respect both of you replies. But before we over think this idea.. When you say Raid 1 is pretty much open all the time i realized that i should have been way more specific. Raid 2 is what most players want right now. Everyone wants this Avery's Ring. It's an amazing item so I can see why. But lets take a second and go to the topic of many players who donate for really good weapons and armor so that they can just obliterate bosses. These players are taking raids over basically. Please reconsider not supporting my idea. Maybe we should just add another room??
  3. Daijiru

    Item Name: Bowser Pet Animated: Yes. ( possibly having him making an animation of him blowing some fire out of his mouth ) Image/Description of the item/items: Maybe the size of Vorago Pet. * have this item as a reward from Arcade *
  4. Daijiru

    I'm suggesting to having more than just 3 players being able obtain a drop at a single time. I think we should bump the player count up to 5. There are a lot of players with the new staff that basically make it impossible to compete.
  5. Daijiru

    Hello dreamers! My name is Samuel. My in-game user is Daijiru. I used to play DreamScape back in 2015. I work a 2 on 2 off, 3 on 2 off 2 on 3 off work schedule. While i'm off of work i'm now either playing DreamScape, walking my dog, skateboarding, or just kicking it with some friends. I'm a sarcastic red headed MF. Pretty easy to approach. Feel free to chat it up anytime!
  6. Daijiru

    I have finally got my Gold Chain! woohoo! Shadow Armour here I come!
  7. Daijiru

    952 Vet'ion kills*
  8. Daijiru

    I started my adventure almost two weeks ago... So far the community has been very satisfying, and I've seen more players coming together for events and whatnot more than I ever have before. I've come across a few creative players along the way so far as well... Thanks to Baza, Bozo, Solar Flare, B1nd Side..this sounds bad but.. I have forgotten the last players name.. but that player hooked me up with some pretty cool items to start out with. Right now in game I'm working on getting a Gold Chain. I currently have 640 Vet'ion kills and no chain yet, but I'll get it don't you worry! After I reach this goal I will be heading over to the fearless beast himself...Shadow Kings. I don't plan on leaving Shadow Kings(unless no NPC is open to kill) until I get the full Shadow set. Until then I'm just relaxing and grinding my butt off working for these items I want.         Here is my bank/item progress!   https://gyazo.com/b7b1cf1d63337c2aae3f16ba25352c62   https://gyazo.com/f8e0d06c8064f755325b8f269685e99c   https://gyazo.com/ef7787eb7b216ce375425df8d2c416ab   https://gyazo.com/8e557da274c587fe025676f0b574c455               Thank you very much for reading up on my progress!
  9. Daijiru

    Hello! My name is Samuel! In-Game Name: Typhlo     * I'm 22 years old, I have a 2 year old daughter, I have a full time job on 1st shift, I live on my own, I have red hair, I like tattoos.   I've been playing RSPS off and on for the past five years. I've had experience with being a staff member here and there, but those servers didn't end up doing as well as the owners planned due to their own greed (lol). I used to play an all custom server a while back ( 2 years maybe ).. and I had so much fun with it while reaching some goals. Anyways, that got shut down and long story short here I am. I found this server via friends who were trying it out and I've been enjoying it since. I started last Sunday night and... I stayed up WAY too late playing. =P I've already donated to the server and bought some boxes and a nice weapon XD. I have some goals to set and hopefully I will achieve them soon enough.   I do have a hard time running the server without lagging.. and I have turned off some settings in game and I still lag.. so I need to save up and build my own computer.. screw laptops ^.^....    Any who that's all I have! Thanks for reading! Have a great day!!