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  1. Cool suggestion. We could definitely use prayers that are equivalent to the Turmoil prayer for sure.
  2. I see what you mean, but we already have the ::prices wikia page to be used.
  3. Nice idea man. Did you make yourself any ideas about how these items are obtainable, and if so how are they obtained? Also, would love to see some stats put down, to have a better knowledge of how these items will be. Looking forward to see more amazing ideas
  4. Definitely would be cool with a new item to the Donator shop, or even the Loyalty point shop. Did you come up with any prices that this pet would have, and if so, which prices? Over all, nice idea
  5. In my opinion, allowing people to use several ranks at once ingame will cause too much confusion. As Drax stated i also think that the rank that is shown, is the persons highest rank. But again, lets see what the community has to say about that.
  6. Warms my heart Bob K3. Really appreciate the feedback from you
  7. Sick event feeds! I'm wishing the best of luck to all participants! May the most fashionable person win
  8. Very well thought off. And it makes good sense with the whole being loyal when donating.
  9. Packed with lots of sick content. Yet another GREAT update!
  10. Thanks for the feedback Bev, means a lot homie K3
  11. Hey man, and welcome to Dreamscape! Glad to see you joining us, and i hope you enjoy your stay here with us! You are now a part of the DSGANG! Remember, if you ever have any questions, feel free to pm me ingame
  12. Once again another very well written Dreamers Monthly! Great to follow up on all the achievements and such which have been recieved by the DSGANG! Keep up the great work.
  13. Insane goals right there Michigan! I wish you the best of luck on achieving them!
  14. Was fun haha! Overall good video buddy Also, thanks for the cape lad haha.
  15. Some very nice goals you set yourself bud! Will definitely be following this thread to see you achieve your goals.