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  1. Gz on the sicles Gl to any new players out there #DsGang
  2. #GOLDDIGGAS Gl everyone
  3. Gl to everyone and be sure to give him some love #DsGang
  4. Its sad to see you go but I still want to wish you good luck I hope you and your business have lots of success Hope to see you again buddy
  5. Nice vid and gzz on the ornate katana
  6. I loved this chest vid this was really interesting Keep it up
  7. This update is absolutely awesome, Love the minigame Shout out to the Dev's for making this happen and thanks to @Chuck
  8. Great vid man Also loveing the upgraded american torva, its a good look on you :P #DsGang #GoldDigga
  9. Way late on the intro but glad to hear about your plans WELCOME!
  10. Emp nick with the hookup #GoldDiggas
  11. Your sense of humor is funny i like that Just make sure not to be too memey :P Keep it up man I was laughing alot
  12. You get half my fries and 2 chicken nuggets?
  13. Can I have 10$ so I can buy a mcdonalds burger?
  14. Be sure to follow Floppy's Tips as they are rather good Other than that good job and keep it up You'll get better at editing and stuff the more you do it
  15. I mean it will be a fun addition to dreamscape. Why not add the mario and luigi set :P VOUCH