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  1. Username: Blackheartv2Rank In-game: Extreme DonatorProof (screenshot):
  2. Gzz on the rank owner I always knew it was in the name :P
  3. I would have to say no for this one buddy but maybe an item that is similar can be made and released? no vouch
  4. I love the idea plus it would be more efficient when buying bulk of 1 item. VOUCH
  5. I watch how you guys handle your loans and want people to earn trust and respect. Keep up the great work.
  6. nice job guys cant wait for the reward shop
  7. Really proud of you guys, you deserve this. Im happy to see that your club has become official and known around dreamscape. #Plantation
  8. IGN: Blackheartv2 Love the things you do Jessie Keep up the great work cant wait till you get 500 subs
  9. Gn guys time to start senior year of highschool :( Gl to you all

  10. yea but now i can acutally obtain it :P
  11. Elder Wand hype I am so stoked to grind for one of those babies :P Thanks to the devs I am always happy with updates
  12. rip oblivion scythe :(


  13. Represent the plantation thats what I like to see. #Respect
  14. Sounds like a cool thing to do for an event. Plus its something different and not the usual hide n seek or flowergame. I think this could be good, great job guys
  15. Great vid mate, the bug has gotten lots of people unfortunately