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  1. Totally understandable, thanks for the update mate!
  2. Hello. Welcome to DreamScape! Enjoy your stay and i'm looking forward to seeing you around ingame. Check out our discord if you can!
  3. Thank you for all you have done for the server. I have seen you upload countless high quality videos. Going to miss your commentarys, but i respect your decision as there are always more to what we can see. Glad to hear you will still be around and active! Thanks again for your dedication towards DreamScape. It won't be forgotten!
  4. Time can always be an issue, but im glad to see you making the decisions thats best for you. You're a great father and a role model. You will always be remembered as a legend on DreamScape, for all you have done. I'm looking forward to the next time you check in on us!
  5. Thank you for your hard work and dedication towards DreamScape and it's players! Your channel has made a positive impact on the game, by recruiting new players and making enjoyable content for everyone already playing. People make decisions and you have to respect them, because there is more to things then what others can see. It's a pleasure to know you will stil be around actively.
  6. Welcome to DreamScape. I am glad you are enjoying your stay. You are picking up the game fast,as i already see you helping out a lot so i applaud you for that! Glad to see you taking interest on being a staff member in the future. It was nice to get to know some things about you Taylor.
  7. Welcome to DreamScape Gabriel. I'm glad you are enjoying your stay! To turn yell off, type ::toggleyell ingame. Looking forward to seeing you progress!
  8. Great suggestions, i agree with them all and you have my full support.
  9. I have to agree with everything you stated in this suggestion. Full support from me!
  10. Congrats on this dream upgrade @Hc Maximum! Well deserved mate.
  11. Thanks for the update. What a wonderful piece! Looking forward to seeing your next one.
  12. Big vouch from me. Revampong vote rewards would encourage players to vote, and in the end it helps them with some daily rewards that are actually worth it, as well as the long term benefits for the server. I also agree with your last statement. I think this is a neccsary change and should be a high priority as well as making a vote point shop system.
  13. Welcome back to DreamScape! Do enjoy your stay once again and i look forward to seeing you ingame. Check out our discord server if you can!
  14. Welcome back to DreamScape. Im glad to see you again, and looking forward to your progress ingame!