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  1. Congrats on this dream upgrade @Hc Maximum! Well deserved mate.
  2. Thanks for the update. What a wonderful piece! Looking forward to seeing your next one.
  3. Big vouch from me. Revampong vote rewards would encourage players to vote, and in the end it helps them with some daily rewards that are actually worth it, as well as the long term benefits for the server. I also agree with your last statement. I think this is a neccsary change and should be a high priority as well as making a vote point shop system.
  4. Welcome back to DreamScape! Do enjoy your stay once again and i look forward to seeing you ingame. Check out our discord server if you can!
  5. Welcome back to DreamScape. Im glad to see you again, and looking forward to your progress ingame!
  6. Welcome to DreamScape! I hope to see you around ingame soon, and possibly on our discord. It was nice to learn a few things about you!
  7. Welcome back our dear @jota. We been missing you so im very glad your returning. Cant wait to catch up you with you!
  8. Congrats on the oblivion drop! Hope to see you get more big drops in the future. Goodluck pvming!
  9. Goodluck on achieving these intense goals. Keep us updated!
  10. Welcome to DreamScape. Looking forward to what you bring here on the forums!
  11. #gds
  12. Nice event man! Keep up the good work and i'm looking forward to seeing your next episode!
  13. Welcome back to DreamScape!
  14. Without a doubt in mind i can say you are a valuable addition to the youtuber team. Well deserved mate, congratulations! You did what you said you would do, and i am honored to be mentioned here with you!
  15. #golddiggahsquad