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  1. Congrats, so lucky!
  2. I still need that drop, including double oblivion scythe drop. Then my life is complete! Congrats however, buddy. Deserved!
  3. Aww, I'm really gonna miss you Pictures. I really hope you're gonna come back every once in a while! Good luck further, my man.
  4. Haha, welcome back! We also never had a convo before I believe! You seem really nice just from what I've seen today.
  5. Thank you so much for making a video on Dreamscape, we all appreciate your work! Keep it going! Unfortunately no loot. Maybe next time?
  6. I'm gonna give this a vouch, even though it has been suggested tons, upon tons of times. Also what @JustBeast said here, is what I'm agreeing with.
  7. Awesome job on this amazing update!! Can't wait to play the new minigame and this new 'Random Unique Drop' feature seems really cool! Good job Developers!
  8. You could make this suggestion way more detailed by what @Squishy said, about all the armour. Explain what kind of bosses their could be, with their drops. Explaining what each drop is, including an name and stats for example. But after reading this, I'll be going for a neutral as well.
  9. I was scared, I thought my man was gonna lose it. When you edit it like that, you always know it's a good thing. :P
  10. I really hope you'll be coming soon very fast. I'll be missing you! ;( Keep contact between us two!!
  11. Ooooooh, hey Nessan. Welcome to the forums.
  12. I wanna go back to the old days of League..
  13. Killcount 42 and already a soulflare! Insane luck, hopefully we can see more drops from you!
  14. Be sure to put the thread in the correct section next time please. Just having to say, Forums and Ingame account database aren't connected, you have to make seperate accounts, if it doesn't let you make an account, the username is most likely taken already. If the problem persists, please reply to this thread or pm me.
  15. Congrats on the pet at such a low killcount. Yeah, so many ele jr's lately..