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  2. Like said before, great to see an old player come back again. Also creating some great videos! Awesome The clickbait is real. :P
  3. Hi there, and welcome to Dreamscape. I hope you'll enjoy your stay here, and if you'd need any help; feel free to hit any Staff up. Also checkout our wiki and guides on here! Useful information. Also, please remove that server name from the introduction, Thanks and enjoy!
  4. The first decent drop I've received from the Wheel: (yesh I forgot to screen it on the ::Wheel site) I was excited at the end about Feeds getting promoted to Admin, okay?!
  5. Beige Shorts, Corporeal Beast, Kangaroo and Tank
  6. Those chest keys though, damn. Nice!
  7. Thanks for hosting this amazing event @E_M_C! Best of luck to everyonee.
  8. Lit update! Always done their job amazingly well! @Baseeline yes, it will updated soon.
  9. Oh my, oh my.. Congrats bb! Your name is now more fitting, was also waiting for this thread! ;D
  10. As you might've seen on the other thread you've posted, our lovely @Ownerscape explained why. The account 'bart simpson' was already created, and the auth code is only required when you've enabled ::2step, ::2step is our authenticator for accounts when you log in from an different IP.
  11. Cheers my day up to read this, even though you didn't say a lot about me. Probably because of timezones. Still a thank you for the beautiful support.
  12. Great to see you always busy with our community, and thanks for hosting this in advance. Can't wait to be there!
  13. I'm still missing, and we made a screenie together! >:( That's way better! <3