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  1. Username Obstacle Total In-Game Time My main had a playtime of 65+ days. Timezone CEST (GMT +2) Payouts Keep in mind these are mixed up games, flowerpoker, hot or cold, blackjack etc. And these are not all my payouts. I'll add more if necessary. Bank Decided to keep the other most part of my bank secret. Most of my friends know what my bank is valued at. Why should you be chosen to be a Trusted Host I think I should be chosen to be a Trusted Host, since I have free time that I can put in dicezone. There's times that there's not a single Trusted Host on, which is fine, since they have lives themselves. We have to get rid of the empty message: The Trusted Hosts have to make sure there's always atleast one online. Most of the time, they'll have to ask staff members to middleman big pots. But staff has other things to do, such as watching the server, making sure nobody's breaking rules. I also believe that I'm very well known in the community, I know all the Trusted Hosts and I can really agree with each of them. We talk lots on discord and have the greatest fun together. If someone was to report that they were scammed and had no video proof how would you handle the situation I'd try to get them to explain the situation, try to see what the issue was. And see how we can solve it. Afterwards I will try to get a staff member to join us, so we can solve this the right way. Let him repeat himself one more time, to prevent any fraud. We will take care of the player, jail or ban him if he's caught scamming or tried to commit fraud. Otherwise we will keep an eye on the player. And make sure everyone records every gamble. Just to inform.. My only weakness is the weekend, I'm not available in the weekends. Those are the days I spend with my girlfriend.
  2. I really think you're 100% right this time. I think it should be taken care of. I volunteer! \\vouch\\
  3. It's a nice idea. But not smart to add when we have botting allowed.. \\no vouch\\
  4. I'm gonna give you a vouch for this idea, just cause the items are pretty rare, and expensive, and aren't as good as we expect them to be. Crystal set could have any kind of drop rate or double drop chance, or even just better stats. Since as you already said, Inga/Oblivion can easily compete with it if you have the same setup (except the set ofcourse). \\vouch\\
  5. Hi

    Nice shitpost son! Haihai, lets talk on discord so we can discuss family situations regarding our dog, Ethereum.
  6. One of the best updates yet, many fixes, features and stuff! Great job again guys!
  7. It's all gucci homie. Do what you have to do. Irl stuffs are #1 priority! #DSGANG
  8. I already worked on this suggestion and I have it laying right here. A new droptable for OG Dragon. I'll probably post this soon. But yes, I agree.
  9. Very active, helpful player. Totally deserves the position. //vouch//
  10. Michigan my guy, You totally deserve this rank due to you being hella active anywhere on the server. You’re a well-known player and you are a nice guy to talk to! //vouch//
  11. Oof! Haha, even I am on here! TOP TIER REEE. I luv u Kuranus @kKaranes
  12. Player is banned. //request to be locked/deleted//
  13. Hello Maximum, Sorry to say I’m going to decline your application. Pm me on Discord for details and how to improve for the next time. You can re-apply in 3 weeks. //declined//
  14. Probably smart to start with the most used items first, which are sold in bulk too.