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  1. Bakermat

    I am in bowwow thanks for these fun events ! Timezone: GMT+1
  2. Bakermat

    That might even be a better solution right there, thanks for your response @Guru
  3. Bakermat

    All kind of item sets are upgradeable lately and they are getting very popular. I hope to see this happen on the infernal set too, the difference between the best set (Crystal) and infernal is ways to big (Price wise) compared to other attacking styles as Melee and Range. I think it will be a great idea to put a chance on this set on the upgrade chest, this wil prevent the set and parts from heavily dropping in price. Also makes it more worthfull for the executive donators to keep pvming on the necromancers. I was think about a recolored set with some added magic damage %, so that the stats will get closer to each other (compared to the crystal set). Or just add a small droprate bonus to the set like the chaos set with the elemental parts. Wonder what the community thinks of this and maybe you guys could also bring up some ideas.. Imagine how nice the infernal set will look when recolored to blue or something like that (just ideas).
  4. Dear staffmembers, The magegrays on the executive zone are maybe to close to each other, I have discussed this with some of the executive members and they all agree with me on this part. Would it be a possiblity to replace them and place a lil space inbetween one and each other so that you can just smoothly click on them while pvming, the problem at the moment is that you click alot of times on the just died magegrays and gets you moving along instead of killing the right ones. It is pretty hard to target them all perfectly in a smooth way.
  5. Hey guys, So I decided yesterday to get myself the new executive cape and have some fun with the Magegray/Necromancer bosses, just started grinding them since yesterday. Loot so far: Necromancers [Killcount 10k] Magegrays [Killcount 15k]
  6. Bakermat

    Username: BakermatRank In-game: Sponsor/ExecutiveProof (screenshot):
  7. Bakermat

      Thanks alot and yes I am using Phoenix pet + row (i) so max drop chances :D!
  8. Bakermat

      Using Phoenix pet + Row (I) if so I hope I be more Lucky lol.
  9. Bakermat

    Well hello everyone,     To start off my first topic, I am bakermat kinda new to this private server. Today I decided to donate for an ownerscape and since I've got this awesome item, that means lets start chopping those shadow kings!   I will upload my drop logs as soon as I get them (currently going for 15k):   Drops so far (just past 5k Killcount): Also had Shadow wings drop at 3512th kill forgot to screeny