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  1. I take hot showers to prepare my self for hell.

  2. Hns

    those items are really hard to get as an Ironman. I would suggest keeping them cause once you're done school or something you may come back and you will regret giving those items away
  3. In-Game Name: amonn Real Name/Nickname: alex In-game play time (Picture): Age:23 Time Zone: mountain time Boss logs (Picture): Why do you think you should be a part of The Plantation? I really love the idea of lending out items I tried to do it once before but got scammed. so I really want to want to help this club grow into something good and amazing for the server Do you Accept the Tos ? (What is Rule #6? (Also say Yes or No at the end of your answer)): there is no rule number #6
  4. this is true, however... in osrs you can get what maybe 10 logs if your lucky and the respawn time in osrs, is what 45 seconds. in dreamscape, you can get like 15-20 logs have not cut yews in a long on dreamscape so i might be wrong and the respawn is a lot shorter
  5. I was laying down and thinking that you guys should add a dd like system for hot and cold hosting. why you may ask, well because I hear a lot of people get scammed from hot and cold hosting. so it will reduce the number of tickets for getting scammed. HOW I THINK IT SHOULD WORK. one host one player that will not change. now how it should work, the player right click on the host and click gamble just like dd. Now in the middle of the gambling windows, there would be a box that says dd and below it would be hoc when it highlights that is the type of gamble it will be. On top of both characters there would be another 2 boxes that say host/player now once the players chose a role, then the accept would be light up and you can continue. Now in the second gamble window once again there would be a box the player can choose from either hot or cold, once one of them is chosen both players would hit accept. Once the gamble has been accepted an auto mated system would plant for the host and who ever wins just like in dd the items would go into that player's inventory.
  6. always glad to see old players come back. dreamscape is like an old girlfriend that is always on your mind.
  7. congratz, jaska on winning can't remember what the prize was but congratz!
  8. yeah like everyone else said couple small mistakes but it was an amazing video. I can't till you work with hc Jessie and polish your video making skills.
  9. dang 3 times max that's insane but anyways welcome to dreamscape and thank you for donating
  10. love this idea thank you for hosting hc sadly I got no fashionscape.
  11. they did an amazing job but riddy is cheating hardcore. its annoying
  12. intresting idea i love this idea bj is to random but with this problem is tho how will the house/player win i think what should be done is a bj table in the middle of dicezone just for teaxs holdum or poker
  13. dont think i had the pleasure of talking to you ingame or on discord sadly :/ but maybe when you get back we can talk
  14. i think every new player that joins should automattlcy be joined to help cc seen so many players sitting at home asking questions and none of them even know about help cc or if thats to hard to code make it so in the tutoril you show them how to join cc and the cc they have to join is help cc. kind of like when you have to open the green icon to see achives and you can explain the rules of help cc such as no selling no caps etc