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  1. i was there! haha was a insane event man thank you
  2. what the hell that is insane congratz on the bank man
  3. i honestly think this would be an easy fix but yeah there are more pressing matters to attend to
  4. those boxes you are seeing in the pos is from a new years donation event. if my memory serves me right the new year's box was donated for then when you donated for so many of them you got the new years ult box or the new years ult box cost a bit more cant remember but it was a while back. And I don't think they should come out with new boxes just yet we just got the emp boxes and the emp armor not that long ago. and since no one has the full set of chaos armor in game i don't think they will add more by doing boxes
  5. have not seen you here yet but cant wait to meet you :D
  6. good luck everyone all very good people
  7. love to see you got help for the event emc. cant wait for it you know I will be there :D
  8. amazing always feeds. btw thanks for interviewing me really loved being in a news monthly :D
  9. LOL

    welcome back ill be back in 3 months for your farewell ;P haha jk
  10. I'm going to be one of the one wofls here and say vouch. However, I do not think they should bring back the shadow star however I do think they should add another start thing like maybe a lime star or a night star or something along those lines
  11. Id say the big thing right now stay away from dicing you will lose your bank quick there. also just boss and look out for giveaways be active on discord to cause alot of people there love to help out new players and a lot of unannounced giveaways happen there too. ps welcome to the server :D
  12. vouch me 100% agility is annoying
  13. daaamn only 144 bill from all those kills bad rng man haha
  14. welcome back haha seen you around a lot haha