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  1. gl everyone ign: All Might
  2. The thought of fixing eco with this makes a lot of sense, i feel this could help. Also its a good idea to add more items to the upgrade chest. +1
  3. Heres an update on how i would like this item to take off. -I still want it to be a cape slot. -I've decided its best for this item to be a donation item only, its much more simpler this way. - Stats will be next best Melee Cape. -Decided to change the name to "Sacred Ninja Scarf". -Animated if possible with the scarf being blown by the wind. Now i got an idea on how the stats should be compared to the best melee cape for pvm currently in game: Can you tell why i decided to add "Sacred" to the name? because of the prayer bonus, it will be the next best cape item period. And this is why i decided to make it a donation only item. Now the stats don't have to be exact, just more or less around what i put here, only thing i would truly like to keep the same is the prayer bonus. The defense bonuses could be less or 0 if nobody is comfortable with a scarf giving defense bonuses. I'd be ok with the Slash and Melee strength bonus being lowered a little its not a problem and i understand if you guys just want to keep balance. Cheers!
  4. Sure i'd love for it to be a drop as well, as i said above we would have to create a new enemy for it. A ninja boss does sound very cool. If not then leave it as a donation item i suppose.
  5. It troubles me that you do not know of ninja's wearing scarves.... here are some popular ninja's from renown video games wearing.... scarves... Now about that scarf.... -Not a cosmetic, none of my work will be cosmetic. -Stats for all around combat or the next best melee cape item. -The attraction is the scarf itself, it looks cool as it is. -Not supporting any ideas for more range stuff, please no more range stuff we have gmg and everyone abuses it so... ninja stars for range? maybe you can make that for yourself. Lets expand beyond range combat ideas, we can do better. -Ninja set sounds good but i'm keeping it simple by asking for 1 piece of gear. Take it slow and easy, we can work up on a ninja set in the future.
  6. -Cape Slot (The reason i chose cape slot is because the length of the scarf is as long as cape length. Wings and capes are overrated, we need new items for cape slot.) -Tradable -Donation item (Only thinking of this at the moment because we would have to create a new enemy that'll drop this) -Make it require 80 Slayer, 80 Agility, and 80 Defence. -Preferably built in stats (Make it good for all classes? or the next best melee cape lol) -Animated item? The tail part of the scarf could be animated as if there was wind blowing otherwise it can just hang off your back. (MORE ANIMATIONS!) -It looks cool :] -Not too sure on the actual name for now. Item update down below, check it out.