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  1. splitrunner

    If you post after me you dont like you mother/father
  2. splitrunner

    good luck to the winner
  3. splitrunner

    gtzzzzzzz to all the winner
  4. splitrunner

    Mono got the luck from the youtube community Nice videos , i enjoy the videos ❤️❤️❤️
  5. splitrunner

    the poll would be finish this Friday at 12-AM UK time and videos would be upload on Sunday and the giveaway would be finish on the next videos i upload and good luck to the person who take part of the giveaway
  6. splitrunner

    new videos come out come and look at this beautiful videos comment and subs and like
  7. splitrunner

    like comment and subs i hope you enjoy! i'm also giveing away 100t to 1 lucky winner!! to enter: like this videos subscribe to my channel comment your ign in my youtube channel comment
  8. splitrunner

    No vouch There no prover of someone getting scammed what would u do Would be a vouch if u show prover
  9. splitrunner

    - there not rank proofit in dice clan - there is not enough high bet -there no bank prove I disagree on this Comnet because when i am online i see 1-3 TB online because there r not in dicezone that why u can pm then to get mm or there are people who can hold 10q mm if u want to know No vouch
  10. splitrunner

    No Vouch I agree with Firemaker
  11. my number top 3 staff in dsgang  alot of love :)

  12. splitrunner

    what about meee!!!
  13. splitrunner

    i vouch on this
  14. splitrunner

    what about if u got a rank in dice cc do i need to pay more for the dice2