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  1. what about meee!!!
  2. Name: Omar Age: 18 nearly 19 Country and Timezone: UK BST (UTC +1) In-Game Username: splitrunner Forums Username: splitrunner Proof of days Played: How often are you active in-game and on forums: Forums (every day 4-5 hours) in-game (everyday 1-3hours) before ingame I am on for about 4hours+if I am free and I am on discord everyday Why do you want this position?: The reason why I wanna to become a newsteam staff/member because I wanna to do something new in the community for dreamscape. and the reason why I wanna to being this position because I have the ability to do a different thing for the new team what they're don't have at this time What would you bring to the Dreamers Monthly?: I will be giving the latest news to the news monthly, and bring the most confirmed news. that would help the community out. I am very active on the forum and in-game, to help people what there wanna to active in the future on forum and ingame. I know that this would be the awesome idea for me. before I want to become a wiki editing but I can't because of the requirement there have I am seeing ingame are the more active player. I wanna to make sure alot of players go on the forum. I may make alot of player to go on forum atm I don't see anyone making the player plus this would be an awesome idea and thx to feeds for help me to pick the role for dreamscape Thanks for reading my application. Kind Regards, splitrunner
  3. i vouch on this
  4. what about if u got a rank in dice cc do i need to pay more for the dice2
  5. I am no vouch on this there is no proof on high bet but if I saw it I would have vouched for u
  6. nice to see more videos you making wish you make more 1hour boss each 1weel if u can an some giveaway to new player
  7. i seem what you talking about but i would NEUTRAL
  8. my name is splitrunner who split some deal
  9. vouch
  10. welcome back
  11. i would atm i resigning if u dontknw
  12. i seem all of them i wanna some new that i dont watch i seem i lots movie if u wanna to knw