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  1. Very nice @Blueoptic. If anyone would like to help, Ownerscape and I urge you to apply. We always can use some help.
  2. Very nice videos @Sohan. I hope you can continue making them for a while.
  3. Please avoid from making multiple posts in the same timeframe. Instead, I suggest that you edit your most recent post, especially if no other person has commented yet. (I Merged 3 of your post together for you.) OT: Very nice job on your goals, hopefully, you can achieve all 150's maybe??
  4. Hello its bman00100 Edit: Great video man, much love
  5. Congrats man. I bet that took a real long time.
  6. 1. No offense, but this application is poorly written, from the grammar, to not spacing question/answers out. 2. You don't meet the requirements of having 25 post count and being active on forums/discord. I have no clue of what you are like in-game since I hardly gamble anymore, so it isn't fair for me to give you a vouch or no vouch. Just listing out some points for you to consider.
  7. I personally would like to see that added as well, considering there isn't many boxes obtainable in-game at the moment
  8. Hey, man! Thanks for the feedback. I am sure the rest of the staff team appreciates your kind words. I definitely will try and see what I can do about making guides.
  9. They can make it so right clicking while having the cape on - to teleport - doesn't require sponsor status
  10. Welcome back @xicolas. I hope you can stay longer then last time
  11. Make a ticket using the format found Here. It may take up to 2 days for them to handle it, so be patient
  12. Yet we get some people who get a sf or and oblivion scythe on there first kill... It's just about the luck. Stop complaining about the droprates. They are just numbers
  13. Some very nice goals man, I hope you can achieve them and not quit beforehand.
  14. If you need the camtasia just let me know and i can hook you up with it.