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  1. #Iwin
  2. I completely agree, I'll run the idea by others and also wait to see how the community feels.
  3. I'm glad a lot of these players came to the server, especially @saint as he's a big upcoming youtube and very trusting host gaining the rank so fast. Also all the new players and other old players such as @Ownerscape. Hopefully you're all here for the long haul :D
  4. You're welcome for the small part of help I did, great guide!
  5. Why is this happening?...
  6. <3 I just gotta get back in the swing of things then I'll get my promotion xD Thanks though, it's been great having you back that's for sure
  7. I'm getting there as well, congrats on such a huge milestone! I'll be picking 79 as my number.
  8. Love you guys all with the most respect, really hope to see all of you soon when I can be online.
  9. As much as it hurts me to do this, since the first time it happened my health issues have been getting worse and as some of you may have noticed that even after my in-game time has dropped quite a bit. It's extremely painful to say this after working so hard for the server but until my health issues are fixed I have to step down from moderator position at this time. I'd like to thank everyone on the staff team who helped me grow and thank everyone else that had amazing feedback for me when I needed it. Hopefully one day I'll be back as part of the staff team but until then I'd like to thank all of those who were there for me. I'll be around teamspeak and possible the forums as often as I can be and I'll hop in game from time to time. I'd like to personally tag all of the staff and players who are a huge part of what I had become as a moderator but it would take far too long. Just know I'll miss all of you who I can't keep in touch with but also know I'll try and be in teamspeak or in-game whenever I'm not busy I'll drop by as much as I can but as of right now I need to deal with these issues first.
  10. Really sad to see you go, you were making a ton of new friends since you started sitting in teamspeak and learning more and more English. I hope you have a good birthday and I hope even more that you work out your issues that are going on. Hope to see you back one day soon.
  11. Nice! Awesome phoenix and icy skeleton loots, it took me over 1k just to get my first drop at either one xD
  12. So sick, such ridiculous luck I swear. I could never grind out that many npcs.
  13. <3 Thanks for the amazing words.
  14. Such an awesome video! Always funny to see what troll items you can get ingame. :p
  15. Lookichu [member=punch] <3 makin' me blush over here.