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  1. If you want to become a youtuber, personal message me on here, discord, or ingame. Remember to read the requirements under the other applications tab. The Requirements are pinned to the top!

  2. Awesome Lit as always guys. Dreamscape just up and coming and constantly giving back. Cheers Drax!
  3. Hi Flaeron, Please re-read the application requirements on the link in other applications. Due to you not meeting all the requirements at this time. I am going to have to Decline your application at this time. /Declined
  4. LIT BOIS CHECK IT OUT! Smoke UP Happy Holidays
  5. New Video Boys Check it out:


    1. Guru


      keep up the memes nerd

    2. Emperor Nick
  6. After Reviewing your application, I am going to have to Decline your application at this time. You Can reapply for the position in 3 weeks+ /Declined
  7. Very well and structured Gambling Guide! Well done!
  8. 1. You may apply only once every 3 weeks. 2. You need to be a member of the forums for at least 1 month before applying. 3. Must fill out the entire format, or the application will be auto-declined. 4. All applicants need to have a post count of at least 20 posts on the forums before applying. 5. You may NOT ask other players to support your application 1. You need to have 100 + subscribers on your Youtube Channel. 2. You need to have at least 15+ Dreamscape Related Videos. 3. An average of 100 views on your videos. 4. Produce 2-3 videos every week. Name - In-game Username - Age - YouTube Channel Name/Link - How long have you been apart of Dreamscape (In-Game & Forums) - In-Game Time (Screenshot/Proof) - How many Dreamscape related videos do you have? - How many videos do you upload a week? - In a short paragraph, explain why you feel you deserve the Youtuber rank - What would you do if you received it? - Have you been banned/muted/jailed before? If so, for what? - What could you add to the Youtube/Media part of Dreamscape? - What 5 qualities are important that you need to have as a Dreamscape Youtuber? - Do you meet the requirements for becoming a Youtuber? - For More Information Regarding to become a YOUTUBER, Personal Message:EMPEROR NICK on forums/discord or in game.
  9. Good concept for video. Wish you would have made a intro. Or sped up through the kills. If you need help editing regarding speeding up the clip check out the youtube links they are down bellow. They help with editing through camtasia
  10. If you have trouble, on video layouts. Or want to make dreamscape videos. Shoot me a PM on discord/forums/ingame. Im willing to help teach yall to edit in my free time!

  11. #HeSecretlyLovesme
  12. Aweeeee BOB I feel so loved! Much love homie thank you for the feedback!