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  1. Gz To ammon on the 12th comment! Pm me ingame for ur prize: https://gyazo.com/e352f463efd388081062c6f448f298f5 Gz to Video Rsps on the 15th comment pm me ingame for ur prize: https://gyazo.com/028e97cbdf7bb9783e33fe58ab2c0b20
  2. hhahah I know I was stressed xD
  4. Check out the new Video
  5. Tanker 65 couldnt comment for some reason so this is his comment gl man! #golddiggas
  6. Check it out guys :D
  7. Will Be posting A new gambling Video very soon! Ill keep everyone updated #GoldDiggas
  8. -Miniguns Still rising in price I suggest to grab a hold of them. -Collectors necklaces are on the slow rise and seem to sell for at least 350t. -Shadow stars and Anonymous masks have been rising to over 3q+ (higher tier rare) -Row Is are selling 200t and over (so buy for 150 make 50t profit) -Aqua spirit shield has been selling over 500 but people still sell them for 300 (possible 200t merch there) These are the newest items ive known that have been easiest to merch and what I have noticed for this week. Any other merch ideas? Comment down Bellow
  9. This Giveaway we will be giving away 600T! There Will be two Winners! Giveaway will be announced in 5 days starting today! SO that would be August 11th (this Upcoming Friday). The giveaway winner will be drawn on friday at 10pm EST as long as we hit 40 members we are at 39 so we can do it guys! Comment down bellow and I will be picking two random comments from two of you! Best of luck and Thank you for all the loyal members and as always #GoldDiggas
  10. GZ to @wisealex123 for the win you were luck #13 on the comments! congrats on the 300t! Pm me ingame for your prize https://gyazo.com/56feee01897be81b7dd553f4e8a998db
  11. @FloppyTech1 of course homie! and always a great collab with you bro @Hc Maximum
  12. Massive Box Opening with @Hc Maximum check it out guys :p
  13. Thank you to Hc Maximum for an awesome recruitment video!
  14. Check out this lit video guys show the love for the Gold Diggas!