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  1. #EVENT IGN: Goldah (just remember im black) Thanks for hosting this giveaway and keep grinding to the top :D
  2. Thanks For Update!!
  3. Joined Dreamscape in January of 2016, I was Black. June 29th, 2017, Im still black The End:D #DSGANG
  4. Once apon a time, a black guy got a soulflare The End @Goldah is that black guy
  6. Thanks For the Update #DSGANGG
  7. Amazing Update Thank you Chuck and Everybody:D #DSGANGG
  8. congrats on 200 days :D:D:D I choose number 111
  9. Congrats to Everyone:D
  10. I like the new theme:D

    1. Zeven


      It's a whole new Forums Software as well !

    2. Lightpvp


      So do i, It looks amazing :D

  11. In-Game Name: Goldah Number: 357 In-Game Rank & Time Played: Extreme Donor and 41:20:55 What do you like most about DreamScape?: I love pvming for that soulflare and I love the community! How and why did you join DreamScape? I was scrolling through top 100 servers and this was number 3 I think at the time. and I'm addicted:D Congrats on Your Promotion:D #DSGANG
  12. Hey Dreamers! Goldah the black guy on the beat. I finally have time to come online!! so i will be doing my best to be active again:D LOVE YALL Goldah - #DSGANG #SoulflareGang #Black
  13. Congrats to all winners!!
  14. Best of luck to you on getting that soulflare!!