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  1. Blackk

    ign; Blackk TMZ; EST
  2. Blackk

    Black guy wants in IGN: Blackk TZ: EST
  3. Blackk guuuud luck to all!:D
  4. Blackk

    Hello Dreamers! I have been told to share the idea with you guys and gals and see if you like my opinion or not. I have been thinking of doing different kinds of food sets. For Ex: a KFC Set, McDonalds set, Popeyes set, stuff like that. It will include a Helmet, Body, Legs, boots, a weapon, and a pet. For Ex (KFC Set): Colonel Sanders Helm, Colonel Sanders Body, Colonel Sanders Legs, Colonel Sanders Boots, Chicken Leg (weapon), and a Bucket of Chicken Pet. This is an Example. If you guys and gals like my opinion give it a "VOUCH" or a "NO VOUCH" Thanks - Blackk guy out
  5. Blackk

    @Searwen has been banned for not giving me KFC
  6. Blackk

    Love You, GWS KFC Muncher K3
  7. Blackk

    i should get MOTM Nominee rank on discord like 4 times now lel
  8. Blackk

    Im a Lightskin Angel!
  9. Blackk

    UPDATE: Paid: 213t Cash Owed: Payed Off! Proof:
  10. Blackk

    Update: Paid: 695t Cash Owed: PAID OFF
  11. Blackk

    hello im black
  12. Blackk

    im sexy
  13. Blackk

    Im the PVM Slave :D