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  1. When reporting players you need to use ::support ingame. You can use the format for "report abuse" As rude as it is the server actually isn't meant to be in full multicombat mode, we're waiting on the update to get this problem fixed.
  2. Some nice work, love the chaos in the pictures! Keep it going
  3. We haven't met yet but welcome back, looking forward to seeing you ingame
  4. Seriously love these, chat is a huge issue right now during pvm. Its a real challenge trying to pvm and keep up with anything. And with the collectors necklace getting that fixed is a must, never had my bank so messy before lol
  5. Very cool! I love bike rides but my bikes been rusted for about 3 years :( Really need to get myself a new one and get back to it! Thanks for the video
  6. Well yes this is an issue and I've asked if our developers would mind taking a look at the rates overall for each skill. Kinda stinks when you're getting less xp than the actual game for skilling :P
  7. Welcome back! Did you bring us some goodies from the bakery?
  8. YUS! sweet awesome update
  9. Welcome to the server, glad to have new faces
  10. It's unfortunate your experience wasn't to your liking @oven chip. Pretty sure it was me who helped with the password issue. As for information we do have multiple options for finding that ingame with ::threads, our ::wiki, and also the forums has tons of different sections with a good amount of information as well. But I wish you luck with whatever you do.
  11. I do like that but also I think new players should have yells toggled off as well to start :P if they were automatically put into the help cc I could see it being a problem if they aren't ready for the chat to be fully spammed by everything :p
  12. I really do like this idea but these are also end game content, the players shouldn't really need to know all this information straight off the back they should be shown where to start training and making some starter money first. :P
  13. Ownercapetwo just needs the chaos elementals last I checked unless I missed it
  14. Welcome my friend :P little late but glad to see an introduction.
  15. Glad to finally welcome you officially! I wish you luck and can't wait to see all your future content and support towards the server