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  1. Special acceptance due to circumstances at this time. //Accepted.
  2. Congratulations your rank has been given
  3. Requested to be closed.
  4. Hello Dreamers! Today I would like to introduce myself as the new co-owner for Dreamscape. Quite a few players were wondering what's going on with the staff team as of late and we can let you know things will be moving forward and we will be working on a better future for the server. I've enjoyed being a part of the server all the way from helper up to admin. It has been an awesome opportunity so far to be able to work on all the recent project with the staff team and I plan to stick around for quite a while. I will actively be a part of most functions of the server from support all the way to content creation and hope to guide things in the right direction to help the server grow and expand into an amazing game for all the players and staff to enjoy. As a final note I would like to thank all the players for their kind comments/remarks about this promotion, it means a lot to me to get to be here to support the server and all the players.
  5. This application has been denied. Reasons: Inactive over 1 month.
  6. Welcome to the server Aria, hope you enjoy all the things DS has to offer
  7. This wasn't overlooked. It's not that it's overlooked, just not on the priority list from the list of other additions at this point. I'll get this on the suggestions list and see what we can come up with.
  8. This is a great idea man, thanks for suggesting it. The cost of the items in the rewards chest weren't made to be something that was easy to obtain. We wanted them to take some time to achieve and not just something you could do in about a week.
  9. Rank has been given, congrats on super donator!
  10. Thank you for the great feedback man, it's really appreciated
  11. My bb is growing up :'(

  12. Head on over to the STORE to check out the deals we have going on for the next 48 hours! Items on sale: Owner Cape $400 Extreme Donator $60 Minigun $130
  13. Hello Dreamers! This update is focused on quite a few different aspects of the game. Custom Items ✔ DS Wheel of Fortune ✔ Bug Fixes You can find the full list below. Everyone has been wondering about the gear rewards ✔ Kril's Battlegear - Currently no effect ✔ Rogue's set - 20% double drop rate & 2% drop rate ✔ Captain America's shield - 1 prayer gain per hit ✔ Thor's hammer - 20% double drop chance There is also a new item being introduced to the chest in Battlegrounds The Ring of Chance, this item gives a 100% increase for key drops. Wheel of Fortune or type ::wheel ingame. There's a new sound here at Dreamscape and that's the sound of a new wheel spinning with some awesome rewards! Gambling: You can now spectate black jack tables when a game is going on. Combat levels: Combat levels will now automatically show while training. Missing NPCs: There were a few NPCs that were reported missing that have been fixed and replaced. Market and Highscore command changes: The ::highscores command functions properly. The command ::lmarket has been made to open the market page. Miscellaneous changes: The ::removehardcore command now has a prompted message instead of an instant downgrade. The Slayer gem teleport to Icy Skeletons has been fixed. There is now an option to skip the tutorial when you make a character. 2 Bill tickets have been fixed and can now be claimed into your money pouch. Text wrapping has been fixed to reach across the entire chat line. Using tab to message a player will not break their name if they have 12 characters. Clan Chats: The clan chats have been fixed to allow for 100 ranked players. This will help with the amount of ranked players who gamble in dice cc. Daily Task: Chaos Elementals, Icy Skeletons, cutting dragonstones daily task have been fixed. Custom Donations released in this update: Hardcore's Destiny: for Hardcore V2 Crimson Rifle: for Chagol Nutella Pet: for Mafia Mayonaise Pet: for VGod Xp's Icy Owner cape: for Xp Barrage And quite a few others, want to get your own custom? Check it out here: Custom Donations
  14. Hello Dreamers! This update is focused on quite a few different aspects of the game. Bug Fixes ✔ Highscores & Market watch ✔ Battlegrounds Reward Shop You can find the full list below. Battle Grounds Reward Shop The new items available are fully customized and have special effects when using them. (Information will be released shortly) Skill changes: Attack experience rate has been fixed. Duel Arena: OP items can not be used in the duel arena. Highscores and Market: Highscores Market watch Donator Teleports: Extreme zone teleport was fixed for extreme donators. ::ez Hardcore removal: Hardcore players can now use ::removehardcore again if they wish to downgrade. Thieving Stalls: Thieving at the stalls will now fail if you try to click too fast. Miscellaneous changes: First person mode added by using ::firstperson, use the command again to turn it off. Chat messages will now continue to a new line if it is too long to fit on one.