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  1. Dear Dreamscape Community, We hosted the monthly voting event, where people had to fill in a specific format. In this format, they had to fill in their top member on several roles/positions. This can vary from best staff member till best pk'er. THE RESULTS: Most Active In-game @Mirage Most Active Forums @Feeds Most Active Overall @Mirage Most Kind @Unicow Best Dicer @Emperor Nick Best Pk'er @Bodhi Best GFX-Designer @Wonder Best Youtuber @Hc Jessie Best Guides Maker @Squishy Best Helper @Ownerscape Best Moderator (Including Forums) Tie @Half / @Feeds Best Administrator (Including Forums) @Mirage Most Respected Staff Member @Mirage Most Respected Trusted Host @Emperor Nick Most Respected Non-Staff Member @W I C C A Best Staff Member @Mirage Most Active on Discord Tie @Half / @Mirage Best Ironman @Just time The BIG winner of the month May is: @Mirage Give him a huge congratulations, he won 5 times!! With a Tie!!! And these 3 lucky fella's down below also won another 50T on it! [We decided to use a random number generator and these 3 lucky players won 50t!] #1 - @Defiant #2 - @Potentials #3 - @4ever Alone I want to thank you all very much! It's always a blast that people participate in this awesome event. And it's also a huge boost towards the people who made it on this month's list! *For all that voted please contact me ingame - Mirage ( To collect your 5t for submitting your vote)*
  2. Dear Dreamscape Community, It's almost the end of the month again, and I'm a bit late with posting this Forum Event. But it's not less interesting! Every month we choose our top members in various skills & positions! You can enter this event by: - Copying the format down below - Filling in your top member at each position, you can leave 5 positions open if you want. [But try to fill in every position] - Send the format to me in a private message! [Everyone who does that, automatically earns 5T in cash] ! YOU CAN NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF! Further, there will be 3 random winners who all receive 50T in pure cash. I will choose the winners after this event, and they can claim their prize in-game at me: @Mirage If you have problems with copy and pasting this format (The gifs just show up as links) Please click the "Use full editor" button when messaging me and the issue shall be solved FORMAT: Most Active In-game Most Active Forums Most Active Overall Most Kind Best Dicer Best Pk'er Best GFX-Designer Best Youtuber Best Guides Maker Best Helper Best Moderator (Including Forums) Best Administrator (Including Forums) Most Respected Staff Member Most Respected Trusted Host Most Respected Non-Staff Member Best Staff Member Most Active on Discord Best Ironman PLEASE NOTE: ONCE 48 HOURS PASSES WE WILL CLOSE VOTING AND POST THE RESULTS THE NEXT DAY! THE PARTICIPATION REWARD OF 5T WILL BE REWARDED AFTER THE EVENT IS OVER! Thanks in advance, we appreciate every single participant!
  3. Ohhh dam the roast is real lol Welcome back homie. I hope you enjoy the new things that's been introduced and have fun. Kind regards, @Mirage
  4. WOW mate thank you so very much for the feedback. Kind words like this show is we are doing a great job and the community wants to let us know. I love feedback threads. Kind regards, @Mirage
  5. Oh yea bois imma get this one I missed out on previous one but not this time. I want that cape
  6. Glad see this still around :D 9/10 for my man ownerscape very helpful and a kind person. keep up the great work homie.
  7. Welcome to the server mate hope you enjoy your gaming here and have fun. Be sure to join our discord and check out the wiki for more info and guide. Kind Regards, @Mirage
  8. Can't wait till the next one missed out on last one. I'll get you guys "not even stressed"
  9. Awesome vid mate love it!! Keep up the great work and cant wait to see more to come. Always enjoy looking forward to seeing new vids of dreamscape. Kind Regards, @Mirage
  10. Dam 2 months in a row lol thank you I do my best and keep it lit always!! Congratz to all the winners and keep up the great work. Kind Regards, @Mirage
  11. Never like to read fellow dreamers say farewell. But in good terms your points ahead are great. Goodluck on your new job And Hope to see you come around again. Always part of the #DSGANG Kind Regards, @Mirage
  12. Always sad to see players leave. Make sure to join discord and chat sometimes to update Best wishes to your move. Kind Regards, @Mirage
  13. !!Rewards From Voting!! https://dreamscapevote.motivoters.com/motivote/ ::redeem authcode (ingame to receive book)- opens for a random reward All rewards -Third-age druidic wreath -Vanguard pieces (helm, body, legs, boots, gloves) -Ancients staff -Dragon boots/ Dragon claws -Hell Wings -Rune Crossbow -Lamps -Sword of Fear -Epic Battle Axe -Statius set (helm, body, legs) -Aqua Whip -Mboxes -Icy bones -Phoenix bones -Top Hat -Dragonbone Mage Set (hat, body, legs, boots, gloves) -Drygore Offhand -Tri-Jester Scarf -Amulet of Fury -Glock -Chicken -1b Ticket -Uber Sword -Dragon Dagger (p++) -Bloodlust Godsword -Brown Wings Also check out - *Will be updated as more items are known*
  15. Hey what's up. Welcome to dreamscape. I hope you have to greatest time in game and enjoy every moment. If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact me in game or on forums @Mirage Kind Regards, Mirage