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  1. Awesome update guys once again you killed it.
  2. It would take a fair amount of time to make a new boss and a whole new set of customs for said "box" however its not a terrible idea, thank you for the suggestion!
  3. Bowwow is an awesome addition to the DS staff team he always seems to liven up the chat when he's around and is very helpful and generous keep it up bb
  4. good luck fellas
  5. i think the price is fair considering the possible pay out on it :P
  6. Awesome update guys. Once again you did a wonderful job
  7. i like this idea im down
  8. It's good to hear that you support the idea! I am more than happy to host an event with you guys to see if the community enjoys it, unfortunately i don't get home from work until 4:00pm eastern time but afterwards i am more than likely available, So the next time i am on (which should be today) we can try out my new idea and hope that everyone has a good time
  9. Haha i know :P and yeah i see what you're saying , i think that would be a good concept.
  10. I like that idea. It sounds like a good way to encourage people to be more active. We could try to introduce it for future discord events However i feel like it would have to be gradually introduced so people just don't start spamming to get their level up. Yes, spamming isn't advised but i'm sure there will be those few people who will think its okay to just spam instead of just actively being part of the community.
  11. Thank you for your support
  12. @Zodiac yeah i originally posted it in the wrong column and couldn't figure out how to delete it lol :( , i appreciate your feedback 100% i understand where you are coming from i have connection issues sometimes as well which results in me not being able to participate in certain events. However with all due respect i came up with this event as an alternative to karaoke because a lot of people aren't comfortable singing in front of others, hence why it is a discord only event. I will definitely take your feedback into consideration for any future events i try to come up with if i get a lot of positive feedback on this event idea i will put some time into coming up with new ideas to include the entire community. @Flae @Hc Blaze It's good to hear that you guys support the idea! I hope we can try it and see if the community enjoys it
  13. The extent of the prizes will depend on how many people we can gather for the event the more people the better the prizes im thinking atleast a base line of around 50t+ for prizes to make it worth everyone's time considering we will have a mixture of players some wealthy and others not as fortunate. Also the prizes could be determined by how generous the host of the giveaway is. If they wanted to give out 100t+ items instead of 50t+ they can. For example if we only had (18 eligible submissions/jokes) and there will only be 3 prizes i think atleast 50t+ prizes would be fair considering some players can make that within the time they spend doing the event. We want to make it worth while so we can encourage more people to come to the event. So with that being said the prizes can be altered depending on who is hosting the giveaway and how many eligible submissions we have. Does that seem fair let me know your thoughts?
  14. "The best joke event" its as simple as it sounds come up with the best joke you possibly can. all jokes are accepted however to avoid repetition, originality is encouraged. i think it would be fun to see what everyone can come up with and see the different types of humor we have in this server i came up with this as an alternative to karaoke because some people are too shy to sing. So this will give them a chance to speak up and feel more comfortable with the community. And hey we all get a good laugh out of it. THE RULES Any joke is accepted Discord only event You must say/speak your joke(you cant type it) *THIS IS NECESSARY TO BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN* When jokes are being told by another person you must have your mic muted or on push to talk (staff excluded due to obvious reasons) *RESPECT!!!* *THE BUTT HURT RULE* If you are offended by any joke for whatever reason. That is your own right. However you need to understand this is all out of fun and nobody is trying to offend anyone. So if you are offended please keep it to yourself to avoid confrontation with anyone causing the event to slow down or even stop if it gets to that point. How it works It is similar to karaoke, You send your joke to the appointed person for the event, The ("Joke Handler"). He then goes down the line allowing everyone a fair turn to say their joke. After everyone has said their joke we will begin the voting system (more than likely we will use strawpoll or something similar) to determine the winner. The amount of winners will depend on the amount of jokes that were submitted (remember you must be able to say your joke out loud or it does not count and you will not be eligible for a reward). THE WINNERS In order to keep it fair for everyone and give everyone a fighting chance there will be a fair amount of spots for winners. (Obviously the most voted joke gets the best prize) (10-19 jokes submitted) there will be 3 winners. The top 3 most voted jokes win. (20-29 jokes submitted) there will be 5 winners. The top 5 most voted jokes win. (30-39 jokes submitted) there will be 7 winners. The top 7 most voted jokes win. (40-49 jokes submitted) there will be 10 winners. The top 10 most voted jokes win. (50+ jokes submitted) there will be 11 winners, The top 11 most voted jokes win. And a *special prize* will then be available to the #1 joke