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  1. Hello everyone, i've been off discord a few days cause of some irl issues, but i'm back on again, hiyaaaa:))

    1. Tyrant


      aye ma skinny boi

  2. Such sick updates, i love em!
  3. Congratulations on the winners, nice to see that u host those event bench press, makes forums alot more active <3
  4. Yes it is indeed, an upgraded piece is like 900t-1q a piece
  5. Watch my little video, i made for the giggles :p Not edited or anything, since i don't have any programs on my pc. Enjoy it tho
  6. Such nice work u do buddy, looks nice and always good that you're helping our new lovely youtubers!
  7. I was hoping that u got the full set :p Nice vid man:)
  8. Can somebody please sell me an ownercape donation? I would love you forever and ever! <333


    Btw, morning dreamers

  9. Welcome to the #DSGANG buddy, hope you'll stay as long as possible!
  10. Bad luck man, but you can always rebuild, remember that! And now u can like make a series called rebuilding from scratch now? :D
  11. i made 3-4q once with a pair of dream wing boots back in the days
  12. Nice video man, keep on the youtubing!
  13. Nice video man, btw you're super donator, whenever u bank u can just do ::bank :p
  14. Nice job man, you're not bad at all as said before. Keep it up my man!
  15. Some i will agree on, some i will disagree on. But a very nice list of suggestions u made, and thanks for making that!