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  1. pvmpvm

    I really like this idea since my Ironman has tons of aks in the bank and I don't have a good range wep besides ar that I can't seem to be able to upgrade VOUCH
  2. pvmpvm

    Ok so what I'm thinking about here is mostly gonna be helpful for youtubers with box openings and stuff. Okay so how about an option to lock that tab and prevent the items that you are putting in to goto other tabs since many youtubers stuff that they get from boxes goto different tabs from the one they are using to show box loot.
  3. pvmpvm

    Lit man so great for ironmen with these rewards
  4. pvmpvm

    OK so the idea is for the Phoenix hatchling to have an upgrade option so it can be a full grown phoenix(since it's been a baby for years). The initial 10 Drop rate bonus will be buffed to 12-15 leave up to you guys to decide the drop rate and of course make it a healing pet since it's you know a phoenix! I'll leave the healing options to those that understand it since I'm a newb when it comes to healing pets. Thank you for your time and consideration of my topic.
  5. pvmpvm

    Wow that's pretty impressive there man can't wait to see the other updates of this in the future
  6. pvmpvm

    Looks good there man gratz!
  7. pvmpvm

    Hahaha haha YES! I'll have my Hotspot ready for that day then everybody better watch out thanks for doing this too Ign hc pvm pvm
  8. pvmpvm

    I like the idea very much it and I agree with what was said up there that the items should be more expensive and maybe the amount of prestige points needed for a bonus, of course the needing prestige points thing is just my personal opinion. But anyways big ol VOUCH from meh
  9. pvmpvm

    Ign: pvm pvm Good luck everyone
  10. pvmpvm

    I was gonna choose my bronze outfit, but why not put that old elite void to the test!
  11. pvmpvm

    #event Ign pvm pvm
  12. pvmpvm

    A story time event like the one @Bench Press did but have everyone tell a story about what's their favorite thing about dreamscape or maybe a story about their adventures in dreamscape.
  13. pvmpvm

    Soul Flare "the staff that sucks with ss" Dark spirit shield "The very expensive shield that does not protect"
  14. pvmpvm

    Oh nice video I always love gambling videos like this I hope to see more in the future!