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  1. ApplicationForum Username: Justbeast on forums and ingame. Rank Requesting:Veteran Amount of Months since user joined Forums: 13 march 2016, 17 months.
  2. Goodluck on this brad!
  3. Thanks guys, and GoodLuck for u all!
  4. that is some great work u got there mate! Gonna pm u right away
  5. Well that is sick! Good to see the server get so popular atm!
  6. Sad to see you leave but we all understand ur decision! Good luck with ur company and hope to see u back in the future!
  7. That is a good looking vid. Love seeing the box rewards. some decent lootation, like the bdc.
  8. Great video and some good lootations mate. Cya
  9. Congrats on the drops. Your video-(editing)making still has to be worked on as the guys sayd up here. Gl on further drops and video's!
  10. Congrats on the 400subs, nice cash stack u got over there mate.
  11. Great video for a first time! Follow the tips they mentioned and u will be a good tuber!
  12. I totally agree. I have also been thi king about this. I was thinking about a dbox reward like system so admins+ can change the rewards, i understand the rewards cant be as good but the idea is something i like.
  13. Welcome back, never met u but we'll meet for sure.
  14. looks good guys, it even has my name in it
  15. Like the vid, gratz on the Katana.