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  1. Miss you brother <3

  2. Nicely detailed guide you got there mate. Keep it real
  3. Bye

    I dont want to be rude because it's sad to see players go but I have to agree with Brezel.
  4. Thanks everyone! Go
  5. Hey guys, I'm Cooni. I'm ex Media manager in Dreamscape and I left because I didn't have time nor interest to play anymore. Now I'm basically back, I am lurking and posting on forums every now and then but I wont be able in-game for now because of my hectic work schedule (6am to 6pm everyday). I missed Dreamscape alot and more I missed these lovely forums. Gonna be on discord (LOVED TEAMSPEAK MORE) every now and then when I have time to be on computer (Practically never). Looking forward to meet all the new fellas in here!
  6. Dremscape surely loses an important staff member. Respect you homie
  7. This is definitely my favourite. Good luck to participants!
  8. Love you mate!
  9. No vouch for Tyrant. Never seen you in dicezone
  10. Geez that is crazy guys. Keep up the amazing work!
  11. I'd say Teamspeak. There is many pros and cons with Discord and Teamspeak but somehow I'd still prefer to have Teamspeak.
  12. It will always be the vay
  13. I haven't been in Dreamscape for such a long time (except every now and then) so I found this would be reasonable to write. I really enjoyed playing Dreamscape but now it has reached the limit I really can't be online at all. Trust me I've tried to come back slowly, tried to record something for Dreamscape but it seems not just worthless but somehow very stupid (I don't know why). I can't say I'll be back but what I can is I hope I'll be back at anytime soon. Dreamscape opened alot of opportunities for me, and especially helped me to improve my grammar and pronounciation, which I am very glad. It's nice to see dedicated staff team in here, almost everyone is willing to work their hardest just to give an assistance, love that. Special shoutouts (I don't know why the f I'm giving these because there's been so many great peepzzz) First of all I want to mention Dainish, my greatest buddy here ever. Whatever you do nowadays, I love you man. Then obviously Zeven. You gave me chances so it's reasonable to mention you. Adrianped. Coolest guy alive, trust me. Licky. Coolest british guy alive! Aliengod420. Great dude, dedicated af. Chuck obviously. Great guy. Bench press. I'm gonna miss you so bad. Detoxify. Idk but ''I'm so high Meow'' Tyrant. Just, please. I love you camel. Then few of good guys I really didn't talk too much. Unicow, Bman, Dafire. You're all great guys! SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO POTENTIALS AND BOZO. Without those guys my Dreamscape journey woulda ended up early. Bozo helped me to get fricking Ownercape, I can't be grateful enough. Miss you man<3 Potentials is just special individual I hate and love most in Dreamscape <3
  14. Going for that Legend rank! Not far away either What's up guys anyways?
  15. I have to agree with that cardio one. Also check out "Arnold's golden six", when you find optimal weights that method kicks ass.