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  1. The first signature looks pretty good 9/10. I can't really wrap my head around some of the others. There is ALOT going on lol.
  2. Minigames has been a current area of untouched activity for years now. The dominant areas include Duel Arena and Castle Wars which aren't very impressing as far as activity. The other five: Barrows, Tzhaar Caves, Warriors Guild, Assault & Dominion and Nomad the Angry Goblin are deadzones by fact. I believe these "dead zones" couldn't be improved by just adding rewards, because in general they are low priority places with not much encouragment for their objectives. I have considerable unease about these areas because they are overlooked for other things less important. The four minigames that are currently not used I believe should be removed to its entirety and be replaced with new game modes. Please make this a focus in the upcoming updates. There's been many minigame suggestions in the past, some with great ideas too that were ignored. What could be added right now to the current Minigame Teleports: The last man standing survival (Battlegrounds) should be added to the Minigame Teleports, regardless of its command or portal.
  3. Neutral Not needed Not sure what you mean Support Idea doesnt have an argument. Why? Collectors necklace should be the only pickup item Sounds complicating to add? I wouldn't mind seeing it, or even like a highlight of a rare drop that does come up Support Explain what items should be removed, changed or added.
  4. I personally don't want to see it being added to the game. Too op!
  5. I like the idea of two different chests
  6. Currently the trade screen is based off of inventory space. Which isn't a bad thing to know. My suggestion is to replace the inventory quantity with a wealth quantity that is in a players inventory. This is just a random idea, so feel free to give feedback. Could assist in the future with gambling safety. (Dicing, Dueling) You can view how much a person has in their inventory (which in most cases people use instead of their money pouch) Makes trading more unique CONVERT INTO:
  7. Forum Suggestions: Add a spoiler button in the tooltab. Ofcoarse, using the bbcode also works, but is inconvenient when the tool exists. Change the background of a spoiler from white to the background of the current page: #171717. Add more emoticons that can express a users feelings. Long overdue, but update the homepage images, such as "join our teamspeak". (Has been mentioned in the past) Add a favicon for Dreamscape's forums. The discord link on the shoutbox is expired. Suggestion is to update it. Instead of having to request the Veteran rank, add the option to promote users who exceed the 182 day mark. Add pre tag options. Such as "Event"
  8. I like your type of gfx style. I think the community could benefit with your talents. Support.
  9. Your qualifications aren't super impressive, but your graphic designs look decent. Support.
  10. Greetings @Coffee Nut, It is great to see that old Managers of the wiki are returning and wanting to contribute. Alike any application however, activity is important so you will know what is going on around the community. You appear to have a post count gap of larger then 1 year! You'll have to re engage yourself more into what has evolved over the year. This application is being declined.
  11. Thanks for creating an application to be apart of the wiki team! This application is under review, and we will be in contact.
  12. Welcome to the Dreamscape forums
  13. Welcome to Dreamscape
  14. Congratulations @Mrdoctor. this application has been accepted. The 1 week editor trial has begun. We've already spoke in discord, and you seem to be a good candidate for this position. Goodluck!