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  1. road to glaive
  2. lovin that ak :)<3
  3. great video like always jessie!
  4. max out boys great job
  5. prayer is a grind for sure this is a easy tool to help get through
  6. sweet guide very useful
  7. welcome dawg
  8. on the bright side you got your 25 achieve points which is better than the drop XD
  9. helpful for sure some people are visual learners :P
  10. banned for inactivity! jk @Suffer has it down pat
  11. took me a really long time to read this and i think im unable to read/think for the next few hours but i love this great post great job %100% for this!
  12. hit the wildy bosses and crash kids with the ak
  13. good job buddy <3
  14. been following ur vids since runique man