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  1. Cool suggestion maybe we can look into it
  2. Already ingame as rogue set :P
  3. ill look into this
  4. looks nice tho i dont think this can be done with all that detail it has due to it simply havin too many details.
  5. As zodiac said this is used for ingame donation tho if need be i can always make it
  6. Liked the Video Good Job
  7. Great Video Keep it Up
  8. Dunno if that is a thing that we would want to do as this is a discontinued item and the people who bought it early on might be on a disadvantage Tho still thanks for your suggestion!
  9. Its something though ill put it into consideration but idk maybe with more feed back ill do it
  10. Awh Tyrant believes in me Looks cool tho ill see what its about.
  11. That Looks Dope ill look into it but god damn!
  12. It looks really good and its a well thought of idea i like it
  13. @Bellatrix has been Mac, Iped, Uk and banned just for having bella in his name and being a disgrace to it
  14. A New HD Client where my models would look 10000x better
  15. Love the idea and planing of this could u possibly make a sketch or something to represent the item?