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  1. hoho, damn long time ahahha

    1. Jack


      U should join discord noob

  2. hey man I cant log in to the server 

    they say to me iam banned and I don't know why can u check that


    1. Epok




      report it through support ticket in game :) & wait for response (& do not ask about the ticket while you waiting).

    2. s0nofg0d


      witch ticket and what u mean about ticket??

  3. hey man I had tagged u with an idea I have at chatbox  can u read it and start work on it


    1. splitrunner


      hi bro he would be busy buy just pm @ discord


    2. Feeds


      Make sure to check out 



      And post your suggestions here :-

  4. Can I add you? Also, can I have your email address?

    1. Feeds


      You can always find him discord 

    2. splitrunner


      ikr plus can you just pm on discord would be a bit easy for everyone seeing this post you made lol

  5. excuse me. i havent played on my account in a while. i logged in and forgot my pin. anyway you could help me?

  6. Unleash your inner beast The most outstanding combat system to ever replicate with the originals, promises you, the Dreamers, the best and most realistic PvP environment to be ever seen on the scene. This, with no doubt, the BEST Combat system around. Today, after all of the hard works, updates upon updates that progressed towards this long hassling accomplishment, we have finally finally reached the end of the combat reworking and the results are beyond our expectations! We are finally here to produce you guys, yes, the one and only, the PvP side of DreamScape. If you enjoyed PvM so far, we have no doubt how much you would enjoy this brand new PvP scene of DreamScape, which we were lacking off, but as the huge desire, and we know ourselves it was very hard, we are finally here to bring you guys the all wanted PvP. But did you thought for a second that the Combat System rework is done by PvP? well think twice! This also means that the PvM aspect has improved alot, and it is so smooth and provides a complete top-class gameplay which you wouldn't want to stop grinding ever again! There are just way too much to tell about the Combat System that you MUST try it out yourself! Lets make it more fun Except this amazing part of the update, let's not forget about the more excitement we put into this update, from Quality of Life changes to Boosting (Easier) money making to Annoying bug fixing! We find these easier to put on a list, so without further ado the latest and greatest update logs: Soul Chest Ultra rare drop rarity has been tweaked Soul Chest Ultra rare loot now announces properly with the loot description A twist to Soul Chest whereas it will memorize the last Mob you have been viewing when re-opening it Searching now ignores color codes (I.E If you tried searching for Soulflare it would not show due to the colors on name) You no longer take damage while teleporting Models visually issue fixing (Keep reporting them!): Level Donator Capes; Dicer Cape; Gamblers Tournament Cape Reaching level 150 now sends a global announcement Soulflare (U) has been slightly improved, deals more damage and its mechanics has been improved Nonstackable items showing as stackable items on bank has been fixed (I.E If you had multiple Dragonbone Helm (U) on your bank it would change its appearance model) Slightly improved Mob Project-tile (Combat) Mob Aggression interaction has been patched Multiple Multi zones that were messed up or not supported has been patched / added Trading issue has been addressed and patched Chat messages now resets upon relogging "INVALID NAME"(s) on friend-list has been fixed Fixed multiple bugs with Black jack table, we are now confident that is usable bug free again Home now looks as it was originally suppose to look like Item Upgrading now announces for every rarity Grand Lottery entry delay has been decreased Grand Lottery now lets you enter Once / X Times Request help Bump button now works again Mobs health bar now shows their corresponsive amount of health Dealing damage to Mobs now shows the actual amount of damage you deal (Yes, this can go over 256/2569) Instance Manager (Iron man) will now remember the Boss you were selecting when re-opening it Instance Manager (Iron man) now handles payments better (It will know how to charge you for buying instance whether it is to take money off your inventory, your coins or your 1b tickets) Emperor set effect now works on Instance Manager (Iron man) Fixed a few items whom their visual appearance was glitched Fixed a few donation items, between them, the beloved Dynamic Box, Be sure to check it out for its AMAZING Contest (::checkdbox ingame) If you though this update was long, be prepared, because we have just started our engines and we are going to put so many updates that you won't know what to do with yourself! Thanks for everyone who have witnessed apart of the creation, scripting, testing to make this update possible. And of course, as always, the Community, which without its indescribable support this would be impossible with no doubt! We will surely meet again in the next update, Best regards The DreamScape Development Team Written by @Tyrant
  7. Chuck, 

    Can you look at my ticket? i want to know why i was banned or if not why i am getting the error 23 message

    1. Chuck


      Plase submit a support ticket ::support and we will get back to you as soon as we can 


  8. Chuck can you please come in game?


  10. I was told to contact you regarding this thread:


    If you could get back to me, that would be great- either via the thread, PM or any other means of communication given. 


    See you soon! 
    (This was copy pasted to you and Zeven)

  11. chuck i have submitted a ticket to be unbanned, i know i was wrong for it i took the video down it will never happen again. 

  12. Sincerely, Chuck

    I'm Not D*DDY

    End of story.

    love vl0ne.