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    BevilM Give away! April

    April all you have to do is enter you gamers name here ;-) and I will pick random 5 people that I will contact in the game for their price GL-HF 1st prize soul flare + Super donator ticket 2nd prize 100t + Super donator ticket 3rd prize 75t + Super donator ticket 4th prize 50t + Super donator ticket 5th prize 40t + Super donator ticket this will take place every month with different prices enjoy I would be happy with a like it is not mandatory the winners will be posted here !Attention! the giveaways will stop after this 1 the winners will be picked at the end no changes in that but Bellatrix will give the prices ingame! ty for all fun times and have fun see you all next time peace a program will pick 5 names of the list randomly will end on 30/04/2018
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    Donation Scrolls

    Changes to Donations Recently we implemented the Custom donation scrolls. This had caused issues within the economy with some players overpaying to extroadinate amounts in order to donate for custom scrolls. The effect this has on the economy is extremely damaging and as a result we have chosen to favour the security of the economy over the donations. We initially thought we may be able to quell this, with capping the donation rate to 100t/1$ however due to community feedback, we decided to go back to the drawing board. As such we are removing Donation Scrolls from the donator store. The 100t/1$ rate will no longer apply. All donation scrolls that have already been donated for may be used as they have been used. The custom scrolls update was a passion project of mine and something I had wanted to do ever since I was a player myself and tried to get my own custom donation. Unfortunately we do not feel like it is an effective way for the donation/economy to continue.
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    Click Here To Take Part! Good Luck!
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    hc bob

    FULL staff list feedback - hc bob

    Hello all. I am going to try to make to make each description as brief and concise as possible. Please let me know what you think of the descriptions and the feedback, thanks Staff list - by rank: Chuck - The absolute best server owner I could ask for. He is an extremely hard working developer who dedicates unprecedented time to the server, and we all owe a sign of respect towards this fellow. I'm glad to have such a guy as the proud owner of Dreamscape. Feeds - One of the greats here on Dreamscape. Feeds has shown me nothing but respect as far as I am concerned, and he is one hell of a server manager. As hard working as he is, he still finds time to interact with the community, and for that, I thank him. Stuart - Without Stuart, I wouldn't be where I am today on Dreamscape. He very carefully selected me to be a part of the Dreamscape staff team on April 1st, 2018, and for that, I am forever grateful. He has shown me the ways of the helper, and has brought me up from the ground and created a legacy for me to fill in. As busy as he is, he always finds time to talk to me on Discord, and I am grateful for him. Drax - Ooooh Draxxy boy. One of my favorite members of the staff team, I have seen nothing but love and support from Drax. He is overly active in game and on Discord, and it is always a joy talking to Drax. His sense of humor compliments mine almost identically, and he is one of the best donation managers I have witnessed in action. I couldn't ask for a better higher-up, and I hope Drax continues to lay down this epic legacy of his. Thank you immensely, bud. Emperor Nick - REPRESENT BOY! You know what I am talking about . Nick is an extremely friendly guy, and such an interesting person to speak to. Personal qualities aside, he is the best gambling manager we could've asked for, and he handles every single gambling issue and inquiry with extreme professionalism, and he couldn't be a better fit for his position. Thank you Nick. Player Own90 - Although I haven't spoken to player own much at all, I want to take this time to thank him for the absolutely amazing dev work that he has provided for this server, and without him, this server wouldn't be anything close to what it is now. Amonn - A true friend of mine, since before I joined the staff team here on Dreamscape. Amonn is one of my favorite staff members, and he is the absolute best at ::deals . Jokes aside, Amonn has taken me in as his prodigy, and I strive to be as great as he is here on Dreamscape. Thank you Amonn, for being you. Flae - Flae is such a great server admin. He is quite a character, never fails to make me laugh, even when I am not in the best mood. Flae is very active in-game, and his sense of humor is so dry, I get dehydrated every time he speaks. Joking aspects aside, Flae is a great server administrator, and he will continue to be as long as he works with the DS staff team. Lil Bowwow - Rich boy Bowwow, you are quite the guy. You have helped me so many times in-game, and you are extremely active. I hope to see more excellence from you as one of our server moderators, and I hope to become closer as time passes. Thank you Bowwow. Road 2 Swag - Marky Marky Mark.... You know I am going to win this competition for longest active staff member right...? Haha, jokes aside, Mark is the absolute best fit for server Moderator, and he answers questions of all sorts from all players just as fast (sometimes faster) than I can, and he is one of the friendliest members here on the Dreamscape staff team. Keep working hard Mark, you've got a bright future ahead buddy. Hc Blaze - My helper in crime, my brother, we have grown as Helper ranks together, and I am extremely glad to have you by my side throughout this long endeavor, and I hope to see great things out of you in the future. Hc Blaze is extremely active in-game and possesses a vast knowledge about most things in-game. Thank you for your services buddy. Ni - My other helper in crime! Even though you are in a completely different time zone, I still find myself playing with you almost every day. You are a great helper, and have a bright future ahead man. Lots of work will reward us kindly, and I thank you for your activity, friendship, and services. Hc Bob - Noob. Demote.
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    Karanes' Staff Evaluation

    @Chuck - Oi, this guy. This man here is a true Italian stallion. Let's just say if I had to choose between this guy and a bucket of delicious golden crispy KFC chicken... I'd probably choose the chicken but he's a close second. @DRAX - I like this guy sometimes even though he's a cold-hearted jerk who steals my nudes from appear.in and sells them on the deep web. @Feeds - You're one of my favorite staff members for obvious reasons. @Lil Bowwow - I was going to write something positive about you and then I remembered you cleaned me, so.... I'll be taxing all of your positive comments from now on. All jokes aside you're a wonderful Gambling Manager and obviously the best asian in town. Now that'll be 4Q for both nice comments totaling 8Q. I expect to receive swift payment. @Emperor Nick - #Inactive @Stuart - You remind of a white version of my cousin, keep that up and you'll go far. @Flae - Get rid of the Justin Bieber, for the love of god! Also.. yeah... decent admin or whatever. @Road 2 Swag - I was told if I added you in this list there would free tater tots at the next event. @hc bob - Excellent addition to the staff team so far. I'm loving it. @Hc Blaze - You've always been my favorite TD and I knew you'd make a great helper so there's really nothing for me to say. @Guru - Guwu guwu guwu... It would be a travesty if I didn't add you to this list. You're top tier asf.
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    Hello Dreamers! Today's update comes with a bunch of sick content! A brand new raid! and lots of juicy new custom items! First off we have the much anticipated Raiden Boss! Can you take on the boss, and claim the riches from it's bones! Dreamscape's Hardest Raid boss to date! boasting 2 forms to defeat! First take on Raiden (magic and melee attacks only) then comes Dark Raiden with it's deadly special attacks! Type ::joinraid5 or ::raiden to take part! Dropping all kinds of juicy loot Including energy orbs used to charge the Khione's staff and enable its special attack! And the new magic weapon! Frostbite staff! Raid 2 drops buffed! The Vendura Raid (::joinraid2) has had it's drops buffed! Get your hands on the new loot, including: The Castiel Katana The New Avery's Ring - With the ability to heal you! The new Raiden sets One in game! Insane Stats! Tradable! 25% drop rate! 50% double drop rate! Find them in our 'Only 1 can donate' section of the Donation Store! The Raiden Set The Dark Raiden Set Stats: We've added a buy 'x' option to the player owned store to make it easier to buy from player owned stores! This also works at the home stores (maximum 1000 at a time) We've Added the Necromancer to Ownercape zones! You can now kill this boss with ease! (Executive cape required for 1 hit) Youtube Event Gear! 1st Prize! Youtube Icon! For more info on event click here! 2nd Prize! Golden Play Button Pet For more info on event click here! 3rd Prize! Youtube Chain For more info on event click here! Grimshotlove Set! (Custom Donation) - We've fixed some typos with the Player Owned Shops - We've fixed a bug with prayer in raids - We've fixed an issue with Blue Death Cape and Boxing Gloves giving negative accuracy in raids - Exp lamps have been fixed and now give the correct amounts of exp - The Dungeoneering cape should now display correctly
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    MOTM April

    We have closed April voting, which means it's time to upload winner! First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for leaving their votes. This month Member of the month title is very well deserved. He has been working very well and he has also proven himself with being incredibly active and showing himself a lot in forums and in-game! also with all the time, he puts into helping people in Help cc, Yell and showing great activity. This month has been amazing for you indeed! Everyone congratulate new Member of the Month! The Member of the Month & Winner of 100T for April is... @xzemoz itsonlya Who had an amazing 6 votes! Well deserved! Also a big shoutout to 2 nominees, who've also been doing an outstanding job around Dreamscape. @Nii & @hc bob
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    Michigan's Goal - Updated

    Update #1 - 1 Week of Grinding One week of grinding down and still going strong. Trying to figure out how long this will take and how many updates I want to do but I had a pretty good week for drops ever since I posted this thread. I am thinking of doing 2-3 updates and then a final result post when I am finished. Update #2 will probably be 2 weeks of grinding. I don't want there to be too many updates on this thing but it will take time to finish. So after one week of grinding here is where I am at: Magegray 57k Kill Count 350k Souls Shadow King 43k Kill Count 163k Souls Chaos Elemental 32k Kill Count 122k Souls And here is the $loot$ from 1 week Next update in 2 weeks! See you guys around. //end update// Michigan's Goals Okay so I see people posting goals (My boy Whiteberry) and it has motivated me to make some of my own. My goals are going to be PVM based and simple but will take time. My goals are to collect: 1 Million Magegray Souls (5k keys) I am currently at 168k souls --- 27.5k Kill Count I have never used or sold any Magegray souls. 1 Million Shadow King Souls (5k keys) I am currently at 86k souls --- 27.2k Kill Count 500k Chaos Elemental Souls (2.5k keys) I am currently at 69k souls --- 22.7k Kill Count So from here forward I will make updates on where I am at on my soul count and kill count. I will start keeping track of all drops I get from this point forward and add them on here. The end goal is to see how much $cash$ I make from all of this Wish me Luck!
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    How can we revolutionize the use of the player owned store with a tidy interface that will help all players keep track of their inventory and stock? If you're an avid player of Dreamscape and use the player owned store to your advantage, you know that it as a very essential part to playing the game. However, there are a few features the POS lacks in my opinion that we could implement, that would revolutionize the use of it. A History List: If you are anything like me, you love the POS because it helps to buy and sell items without having to put out much effort, you just put an item in, and wait for it to sell. However, if you have more than a few items in your store (like I do), then when you log back on after being gone for a while, you'll go to collect your money, get your lump sum, and you won't remember what sold! Here's my shop at the moment: As you can tell, I have many items, some are in bulk quantity. When something sells, I almost never know what the item was if I don't actually see the item sell in my chat box. The solution? A history interface, that could display multiple specs of a sale, such as: The item, an image of the item (for aesthetics), the price the item sold for, the time the item sold, and the player who bought the item. An idea of the interface would be something similar to the model that is actually used in OSRS. A buy X option: I'm sure we have all run into this problem. A player has, for example, 150 magic logs for sale. I am looking for some magic logs to get those fletching gainz, because the grind never stops. So, I head over to the POS and notice that a player is selling 150 magic logs. Instead of being able to buy the entire bulk of the logs with one simple exchange, you'll have to buy the items in quantities of 10, which is very irritating. You cannot buy the logs by clicking buy 200, because if the quantity is less than 200, it will not buy any of the logs. A simple fix for this could be a buy X option, in which the buyer can specify how many items they wish to purchase. This would revolutionize the POS even further by making purchasing a breeze. Reduce the price of player owned store advertisements: The price for advertising your player owned store on the main interface is far too expensive for new players, and even some rich players. As displayed, the featured shops section is pretty much dead. NOBODY has their shop advertised, because 10t is just too much. Instead, the price should be lowered to 500b-1t, so that the featured shops section becomes more of a competition to get your shop noticed by all of Dreamscape. Remove the "contains" and "exact" option when searching for a players name: A simple one, but quite an annoyance. Instead of having to manually click one of these two options when searching for a players shop, it should just automatically open up an input where you can search for people's names, and it automatically uses the feature "contains" to display all shops with the entered term. This would make searching for players more time efficient. When buying an item over 25t, re-open the shop after the player confirms the purchase: Another simple, but time efficiency friendly suggestion. When buying any item over 25t, a dialogue appears that alerts the player that the item is over 25t, and once the player confirms the purchase, the POS interface isn't opened back up. Instead, you have to manually open the POS again, and research for the item that you're buying in order to get back to the store. This could simply be solved by re-opening the store that the buyer was viewing after the player confirms a purchase. More suggestions under construction....
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    nice plug for your shop man haha jk. These are all good suggestions I just have one thing. don't think we should add who bought it, only because if someone messes up and puts a gmg in there for 7q not knowing its 9q+ and then someone buys it the person who sold the item could harress the person who bought it for 3 more quad. Just might cause 1 to many problems if we add that. But everything else is good
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    my thank's to dos 2

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    hi im bevilm

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    Dear Dreamscape Community As always we will be hosting Fashionscape Event for the month of April, As the name self-explained most of the part, but still we would really love to see what amazing outfits you guys put together. Please read all rules and follow them! #1) There are no restrictions, you can wear anything you want! custom or non-custom. #2) You must comment your entry below in the comments (Meaning no pm's) #3) You can only have 1 entry fashion outfit, you can however post multiple photos of the same an outfit in one comment to show it off better. #4) Look your absolute best!! If you try to enter wearing nothing you're disqualified. #1- Golden Minigun #2- Minigun #3- Aqua Spirit Shield And finally, The 'Special Prize' which Unlocks after [70 entries] M4A4 Asiimov Good luck everyone! Regards, Feeds`
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    A formal, sincere apology

    The one thing I remember about the Dreamscape staff team is they take their job too seriously. It's amazing to see the dedication you all have, but you really need to sit back and look at yourself. Why are you apologising for not playing a game for 10+ hours a day? The community appreciates any time you spend helping out on the server, and just because you don't put in a ridiculous amount of hours into the server doesn't mean your contributions are any less or that you're letting people down. Play when you can, help when you're free, and never apologise for only playing for a few hours per day.
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    Veintix- Trusted Dicer Application

    You obviously have not looked at the requirements of this application. You need AT LEAST 25 forum posts. You do not meet that requirement. So that in itself is a no vouch. This application also lacks visual appeal. It is literally all one size font with the default color. You literally put no effort into this from what it seems. And I only see a single reason in your "few reasons" to being Trusted Host. That being said, it is literally the fact that there MAY not be any on during your timezone. I am not actively playing online so I do not know, but if that is the case, anyone can just come on here and give that as a reason to apply. Since the requirements are not difficult to get, I take those into account very seriously. P.S Look at what happens when I add a bit of color and font size edits into my comment. I promise you people liked reading my comment more than this application. No Vouch.
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    Today's update sees a much anticipated revamp of the slayer skill as well as a new zone for our most executive members, The golden scratch card to make B0nk and an overhaul of some bugs as well as our usual healthy measure of juicy Custom Items! Revamped Slayer We listened to you and overhauled slayer! Now with new elite boss tasks available for those with 120 slayer + and prestige level 3 Including: -Voldemort -Vendura -Oblivion Dragon -Diablo -Raiden -Corp -Necromancer -Invictus warriors A buffed point system! Prestige 1 = 20 points per task Prestige 2 = 25 points per task Prestige 3 = 30 points per task 3 Completely revamped stores for Slayer Points Including new range gloves As well as some of the best capes in game (perfect for raids) Seers Cape Archers Cape Berserker Cape Magic Range Melee Executive Zone We have added a new zone for players with the executive cape to unleash their Wrath! With all the end game bosses you could want! A new point system (1 kill in executive zone = 1 executive point) These points can be used in the Executive store And a new daily reward for executive cape holders to claim every 24 hours! (requires 100 kills in Executive Zone per 24 hours to claim) As well as the new executive zone, Players who have donated for the executive cape can claim the title 'Executive' free of charge! We've Buffed the Shop at ::ownercape zone! You will now be able to get more bang for your buck with your sponsor points! Golden Scratch Cards! A new way of making bank! Match 3 cash stacks to win that amount! 1t - 5q! If you don't match them you can still win with the guaranteed prize! 3 New Armour sets Only one can donate - Tradable - Insane stats (great for raids) The Eclipse Set (mage) The Darklore Jester Set (range) The Crusader Set (melee) New perks for Community Positions! Titles for Wiki Editors and News Team Members Trusted Host Set for Trusted Hosts of the month Gumby Pet Has been buffed! It now has an additional 15% Magic Attack Bonus! As well as 15% drop rate and 5% defence boost Quadron Box + now gives emperor boxes (1 box per 3 boxes donated for) Khione's Set (Custom Donation) i Static Gloves (Reward from Revamped slayer shop) Bevilm's Icon (Custom Donation) Cranberry's Barreta's (Custom Donation) Galaxy Illusion Set (Custom Donation) Seers Cape (Reward from Revamped slayer shop) Archers Cape (Reward from Revamped slayer shop) Berserker Cape (Reward from Revamped slayer shop) Bowwow's Crystal Ice Wings (Custom Donation) - Fixed Raid 5 (raiden) drops - Fixed the Yellow Santa bug -Increased the speed of the Castle Katana (drop from Raid 2 - Vendura) -We've fixed some graphical glitches on American Virtus (u) - Cutting trees at extreme zone now gives extreme points -Bloody Santa can now be sold at ::market - Shops now have a buy 5 option instead of buy 2 - We've overhauled a number of bugged items that show the wrong item
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    dodge ram

    Wiki Editor Application

    Ingame Username: dodge ram Forum Username: dodge ram How old are you? I'm 26 years old. What is your current location? United States Have you ever been blocked from the wiki? I have not ever been blocked from "Wiki" or from any-other affiliate. Have you had any administrator or higher leadership experience with a wiki? If so, provide what you did. I have not had any administrator or higher leadership experience with wiki. Although I have had training on making websites, and other skills related to this position in college. Create a brief introduction about yourself. My real name is Ian, known in-game as dodge ram. I am a very loyal/honest person and player. I currently work full-time, and have a family. I have played Dreamscape for many years under a different username, and I have loved this game ever since. I am a very hard worker, that will always make sure every job i'm assigned, gets done to its full capacity and accurately. What are some of your strengths/weaknesses? My strengths are; Attention to detail, Trustworthiness, Dedicated worker, and finally I accept criticism and use it as fuel to do better. My Weaknessess are; I care to much about my performance, and I'm a little shy. What is your best moment with Dreamscape? My best moment with Dreamscape was when I was finally able to purchase a Sponsorship rank through an Ownerscape donation. The reason this was special to me, was because of all the love and support the Dreamscape community had given me and I could give back to the community, while grinding out some Chaos Elemental kills =). If you had to take some time off from the wiki what would you do? If i had to take time off from the wiki, I would send a message to Mrdoctor the wiki manager and tell him that I will be taking some time off. If you noticed another editor was abusing their power what would you do? If I noticed another editor was abusing their power, I would first off, tell them that there are not allowed to do that and to stop. After I have told them to stop I would make sure that the Wiki manager was aware of the abuse.
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    pocket watch

    I failed :/

    I'm sorry guys but I have to take a break. I can't keep grinding chaos elemental like this. I will continue to 100,000 kills but I can't do it right now. Thankfully I did get to about 45,000 kills on a normal account so I will show you the loot that I received from that so new players can get an understanding on what a normal account will expect. Again, I'm so sorry I couldn't complete this goal all at once, I wont let you guys down again. Much love -Pocket watch
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    Dear Dreamscape Community, First of all, I'm extremely sorry for my less activities for last couple of days, I'm kinda busy with irl stuff which has been informed to my staff team, So sorry if you have pmed me and haven't received my text. Hopefully i will be much active after some days. Just felt to inform my community regarding my absence. #DSGANG
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    Bye bye

    I'm out too. Peace, bitches!
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    Treasure chest(#1)

    Treasure chest(#1) i think it is a little out of date or to the low price for a hard drop so I'm suggesting that Mabie the reward can be different but not to ultra so i was thinking of reward list like this:: Common = 10 souls (radom boss) Rare = 20 - 50 souls (radom boss) Very rare = 100 - 200 souls (radom boss) Ultimate = 200 - 400 souls(radom boss) Dream = a rare drop of a random boss expt necro, od , or outer op bosses (or 400- 1000 souls)(radom boss)
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    Only High ballers

    Do you feel depressed? Never had one before? Well you are looking at the right place. I have this One in-game called a girlfriend. Selling to the highest bidder. Description of Girlfriend: Size: 5'2" Color: Light skinned Special features: Makes you feel good... about yourself. Has built in penis/finger warmer. Easy storage, usually takes up less than half the bed or couch. Is very mobile and user friendly. Runs off left over food and water. not diesel or unleaded gas. Helps you get undressed and scratches your back. Has 2 built in pacifiers! Bid starts at: 100q Time ends in a week. Don't like the start price? Suck it up because it is a one in-game!
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    Hey guys, welcome to my 500 set of partyhats, halloween masks, and santa hats giveaway. To enter, please refer to the How To Enter section below. The winner will be chosen once I reach the 500 set goal. I buy all rares in game for 50x 1bil tickets. The unnotable/rare ones prices vary, but I will give you good offers for them. Winner will also receive various other high priced rares. HOW TO ENTER: First, like the post! comment below with the following format: In-game Name: Why you want the sets: Extra Info[Optional]: Here is the collection:
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    Mr Brand

    Multiple ranks in chat

    For Iron mans : Regular Iron man icon : Ironman Regular donator Iron man icon : Super Donator Iron man icon : With Green iron man icon. Extreme Donator iron man icon : with Blue Iron man icon. Sponsor rank iron man icon : Pink/Purple iron man icon. Top donator iron man icon : Gold iron man icon :P Mby this would be easier :P
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    Staff Update - April 2018

    Dear Dreamscape Community, We're here with yet another staff update thread, Let's begin with recent promotions Let's Begin First of all, we have DRAX who has been our Donations Manager for quite a long time now, With is the truthful dedication and extremely hardworking nature, he has earned himself the Co-Owner expecting a lot of new stuff's by decision. We really wishing you all the very best on the duty. Keep up the great attitude. We'd like to congratulate Emperor Nick He has been a highly known and active Gambling Manager Which is why he earned himself the Media Manager. A very nice, respectful Staff member of the community, We congratulate him for all his hard work and dedication for becoming promoted! We really hope to see great Media sides from you. Keep up the great work. Up next, we have Lil Bowwow who has been our In-Game Moderator and was promoted to Gambling Manager! He's been really helpful in the Help/Dice cc and in the yell and a well know trusted dicer around the community. His dedication for several weeks has definitely earned him the position. Congratulations and we are sure that you will be doing a wonderful job! Goodluck! Another promotion to Amonn who was In-Game Moderator! His activity In-game is incredible that's why he has earned In-Game Administrator. And he's been great Wiki Editor of the community for a while and has unlimited knowledgeable about DreamScape and no doubt is a great addition to the admin club. Congratulations, we hope the best for you! next, we have Road 2 Swag who has been our Helper and was promoted to In-Game Moderator! He's been really helpful in the help cc and in the yell and a well know player around the community. His dedication has definitely earned him the position. Congratulations and We will be expecting more more from you. Once again congrats! we have Hc Blaze who was promoted to Helper! He's been really helpful in the help cc and in the yell and a well know player around dicing community. His dedication for weeks has definitely earned him the position. Congratulations and we are sure that you will be doing a wonderful job! Welcome to the Staff Team. Lastly, we have hc bob. who was promoted to Helper! His activity In-game is incredible. He's been great friendly person of the community and has knowledgeable about DreamScape and the dicing community. That's why no doubt he will be a great addition to the team. Congratulations, we hope the best for you! Welcome to the Staff Team. And we also gained Trusted hosts within our community Their names are:- @firered835 @Listy420 We're glad to have you on the community, keep dicing safe
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    Hc Blaze

    Feeds Feedback

    Awe how sweet lol. No but seriously feeds is truly a good guy. Everything you said about him is true. He’s my homie.
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    big thanks to

    I wanna say tho Flae and Road 2 Swag for there great events there always fun to watch and to be a part of as well they help the community and keep the server alive I hope they will continue this for many more years ;-) and tyvm for helping me out so much!!
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    Dreamers Monthly - April 2nd, 2018

    Today we will be introducing the Dreamers Monthly once again. In this Dreamers monthly will consist of News Regarding Player/Staff Promotions, Monthly news from the Dreamers The Introduction of some new players and Farewells, And much much more! Interested in becoming a Dreamers Monthly Reporter, Interviewer or Editor? Apply here now! NewsTeam Application Format Do YOU want to be interviewed for the Dreamers Monthly News? You can do so by messaging @Feeds or @Guru Did YOU get an awesome drop this week and want it in the Dreamers Monthly? Send a Message to @Feeds or @Guru DreamScape Social Media Twitter YouTube Facebook Instagram Discord First of all, We'd like to congratulate Amonn He has been a highly helpful and active In-Game Moderator Which is why he earned himself In-Game Administrator. And very nice and respectful Staff member of the community, We congratulate him for all his hard work and dedication and becoming promoted! We really hope to see great thing from you. Keep up the great work. Road 2 Swag - Being this month's Member of the Month, he has surely grown into a really helpful member of Dreamscape, and even more so, In-Game Moderator. Can't wait to see where you go from here. Hc Blaze - Being a Trusted Host, and a really active and helpful member of the community, he has earned himself the Helper Rank. Congratulations, and who knows, maybe mod next month?! And we also gained Trusted Hosts within our community Their names are:- @firered835 @Listy420 We're glad to have you in the community, keep dicing safe! This month we welcome @inoob to Dreamscape! his first RSPS in years! @Lavaton1 returns! Welcome back! @Potentials everyone's favorite meme collecting potato returns... sorta. We welcome @hc bob to Dreamscape! @Pinecone Joe joins Dreamscape! Welcome to @4usq! @Cooni is back! Welcome back! @Jota is back?! Welcome back Jota! We welcome @Audacious to Dreamscape! Dreamscape Legend @BevilM introduces himself to the Forums! We welcome the ironman @Angel Jr to Dreamscape! This month we were sad to say goodbye to @Mrdoctor. from the staff team. We also lost a talented GFX artist @TigerZ. @Asia k0 took a leave of absence after taking a K.O. in dice zone. @kKaranes was about to quit because of his work, but his schedule changed so he decided to stay! Are we going to see a new skill?!? Are we getting a Donald Trump Boss?! ONLY TIME WILL TELL! Interview with @Road 2 Swag 1. How did you find out about Dreamscape and what were your first thoughts on the server? The story is quite simple. There I was, 13 years old me, just finished Jac- watching Icarly on the television while eating my Frosties cereal, which I have to say still to this day, tastes amazing. I decided to go on my new Alienware x51 I got for Christmas and go on the interwebs. I was looking at random MMORPG games, cause I loved those kinds of genre of games, and there it was, something I had never seen before. It was like Jesus took the wheel and showed me a new light. A youtube video called "Dreamscape 317 ll 1.5Q (1500T) Dicing Video" by RSPS Hobo. The second I watched that video, I knew I needed to give it a shot. nearly 3 years later and here I am, and I have to say I have never regretted a single moment of it. As for my first thoughts on the server, I thought it was confusing at first, however, the more I played it, the clearer everything became. Heh, I still remember when I made my first 1 trillion. It was an amazing experience. 2. What do you like the most in DreamScape as a Mod? Why? What do I like the most about being a mod? EVERYTHING! I love how people come to me for help, and I also love answering all of the prayers people have, okay that's a bit of a hyperbole but oh well. Helping new people makes me feel good about myself because it makes me reminisce about myself when I first started, asking people how to level my skills up and if Pikachu drops anything useful for starters. I also love how I can teleport to random areas, exploring random areas of the map is fun, especially finding new things such as random cabbages. 3. You've been part of Dreamscape for a while, what kept you motivated to stay on DS? The single thing that kept me motivated to stay on Dreamscape is the community. I adore everything about this community, from the friendly banter we have in both game and discord to even the random people coming in and saying hi, even if they don't play the game. To sum it up, the #DSGANG community is one of the best I've seen, even better than most of the other games, cough league cough. 4. What do you think about the DS community? As I summed up in question 3, I think the DS community is amazing and marvelous and beautiful and sexy and I ran out of words to say about it. I cant say anything else except let's make the community one of the warmest and funniest communities out there! 5. What is your favorite moment on Dreamscape? Why? My favorite moment on Dreamscape? Probably when I hosted my very first event ever on discord. I will never forget the beautiful voices I heard on discord that day, and I will also never forget how many times I got told I sound like a dying whale put in a blender then poured salt over. My close second favorite moment on Dreamscape is when I participated in my first karaoke event. I still remember the beautiful 5 man owl city fireflies we had and also the beautiful duet me and Flae did. 6. If you could choose one position for the day what rank would that be? Why? If I could choose one position for a day, I would be a community manager. There are two reasons for my choice. First of all, I love helping the players out, however, I used to hate it when I first started, and I love hosting events, mostly because I get to chill with the #DSGANG in discord. Secondly, I aspire to be one of my role models in the dreamscape, licky. I will never forget his sexy name and his friendly banter -If you're reading this feel free to hit me up at 07- hey you thought I was actually gonna finish this? 7. If you could add any item to dreamscape what would it be? Why? This is a no-brainer for me, if I could add an item to the game, it would be a sailor moon outfit. I mean how cool would it be to go around dressing like the one and only waifu material sailor moon? Also if you see me around discord, you'll see how my name ranges from either sailor moon or sailor mars. So yeah, I've got that going for me 8. Do you have any goals you want to achieve? I have only two goals I want to achieve in my Dreamscape Career. The first one is to achieve the rank of Community Manager, and the second one is to obtain my sailor moon outfit. One day I will succeed these goals, however not today or tomorrow. Maybe later. 9. Would you rather be immortal or super strong and fast? Why? I would rather be super strong and fast because of how fun it must be. Being immortal would be fun and all but just imagine outliving everyone, your parents, your friends, your crush, your anime series. Do you know how painful that must be? Also, being super strong and fast means that you can go back in time if this works like The Flash. As long as you don'tcreate a flashpoint paradox, which let's be honest I will, you can enjoy anime whenever 10. Anything else you would like to say or any shout outs you would like to give? So in this question, I will want to advertise my grinder, uhm feel free to add me at just "Drax", I promise that's me. Also, I would like to give a shoutout to my favorite Asian/Chinese/Japanese/noodle loving homie Lil bowwow and the Dane who needs no name, FLAE And a massive shoutout to Emperor Nick for taking such good care of his TD team <3 No matter where I go, I will remember the love I got given in both game and discord -Except for when he's driving Interview with @pocket watch 1. How did you find out about Dreamscape and what were your first thoughts on the server? I found out about Dreamscape when I was RSPS hunting in 2015. It was an odd server with a ton of customs so I thought, "this might be interesting." 2. What do you like the most in DreamScape as a sponsor? Why? Hmm, well, I love helping out the community. A lot of people PM me for information on the game due to the sponsor tag and I am always free to help. Also, ::god mode is always fun to trick the noobs :] 3. You've been part of Dreamscape for a while, what kept you motivated to stay on DS? Well, I haven't always been motivated. I was in the military at the time and going through a rough divorce so I took a few months off... but it always made me happy to play Dreamscape, also the community helped me through a lot in dark times. So I think that's the main thing. 5. What is your favorite moment on Dreamscape? Why? My favorite moment on dreamscape is either when I received 3 elemental pieces off the Soul's Chest back to back to back, or when I got 2 Olaf pieces from the Dynamic Box and Double or Nothing Box. Those moments were very exciting. OH AND WHEN BOWWOW ACCIDENTALLY BOUGHT 3 EMP SOULS OFF ME FOR 17Q L0L0L 6. If you could choose one position for the day what rank would that be? Why? Probably just an information helper. I like when new players ask me things, it's like they look up to me for advice and I love giving them advice. 7. If you could add any item to dreamscape what would it be and why? I would add a lockbox. Too many people gamble their banks and quit, the lockbox could be implemented so that they can store away items for a few days until their head is clear. 8. Do you have any goals you want to achieve? I want to achieve 100,000 elemental kills without losing my mind again 9. Would you rather be immortal or super strong and fast? Why? I would hate to be immortal, all the death you would see is unbearable. 10. Anything else you would like to say or any shout outs you would like to give? I would love to say Hc kushh is a legend. Interview with @xzemoz itsonlya 1. How did you find out about Dreamscape and what were your first thoughts on the server? I found out that dreamscape existed because of Gainz and the first time I logged in or saw the game I was excited because I had never seen any customs in a Runescape game 2. What do you like the most in DreamScape as an Extreme Donator? Why? I like the daily gifts and the extreme donator zone because the daily gift helps poor players get money for free and the extreme zone contains a lot of npc's that you could kill, as well as cool areas for skilling 3. You've been part of Dreamscape for a while, what kept you motivated to stay on DS? What kept me motivated to stay in ds is the amazing community and the amazing staff members 4. What do you think about the DS community? As I said before its amazing community and really helpful and willing to help new players 5. What is your favorite moment on Dreamscape? Why? When I saw that I was one of the nominees for the Member of The Month this month because I thought that they actually know that I'm helping and being active :D 6. If you could choose one position for the day, what rank would that be? Why? Admin to see how much those awesome admins are working on the server and getting tired just to get us content and some cool events 7. If you could add any item to dreamscape what would it be? Why? Ii would add the most helpful and active player cape and give it to the who the staff thinks is the most helpful and active regular player. 8. Do you have any goals you want to achieve? Yes, I would want to achieve helper rank, When I do achieve the helper rank, there will be other achievements I would want to reach such as moderator. 9. Would you rather be immortal or super strong and fast? Why? I would be super strong and fast because I would be able to save peoples lives like if something huge was falling on them or there was a car coming towards the person, I can help them survive those accidents. 10. Anything else you would like to say or any shout outs you would like to give? I would like to give a shoutout to Omar @Player own90, he's an awesome friend and modeler. @Lil Bowwow, for being an awesome moderator, helpful active ofc. @Road 2 Swag, very much respect, awesome guy also @Feeds he's my homie much love and respect. Also @DRAX for being a cool donation manager. I haven't talked much with the others but I know they are all awesome. Final shoutout is for you, the developers. Good job guys! @Ethereum managed to achieve fully rigged plants! @Lil Bowwow has achieved some of his mammoth goals... can anything stop him! @BevilM has achieved some pretty extraordinary feats on Dreamscape! @BevilM has also set out some pretty epic custom item goals! @WhiteBerry is grinding it out hard. @xJerr has achieved his goal of getting an Ownercape! Congratulations! This or that with @Ethereum Cats or Dogs?DogsLove or Money?LoveApples or Oranges?ApplesPool or Sea?Pool Pancakes or Waffles? PancakesText Message or Voice Message?Text Message Fire or Ice? Fire This or that with @Rikkih Being too Warm or too Cold? Too Warm Rain or Snow? All day snow, you cant snowboard in snow or hoon around the block in rain can ya?Facebook or Twitter? Going to go with Facebook, I don't use TwitterCoffee or Tea? This is a tricky one, hmm coffee for morning and tea over the day so I'm going to go with teaComputer or Console? Computer, cant really play Dreamscape on the console can ya? Money or Fame? Money, when you get too much fame you will hate it at the end Day or Night? Day, everyone is asleep at night so you got nothing to do at nights IRL Some of the items achieved by our GANG [!] Best loot this month [!] This month’s picture is @xzemoz itsonlya‘s GFX work! This month’s video is @DRAX‘s Quadron (+) opening video! Do you have any complaints about a staff member? Comment it below: Things here are usually tagged with red stickers. What am I? Founder - @Bench Press Founder - @Squishy Manager & Chief Editor - @Feeds Chief Editor - @Guru Editor - @DRAX Editor - @Xiare Grammar Editor - @Bman Reporter - @Road 2 Swag
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    hc bob

    Disabling/Enabling damage boost.

    I would vouch for this. The OCD is real right? I know your struggle.
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    xzemoz itsonlya

    MOTM April

    Thanks to the people that voted for me and for the other 2 guys that were in the voting with me you guys are the best much love and respect
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    Allow me to reintroduce myself!

    Welcome to the staffgang! Hope to see more wonderful things from you, Keep up the attitude on forums side aswell Need any help? shoot me a pm :P
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    my thank's to dos 2

    Much love brother, Honestly i have been so late to check this post, Truly an amazing feedback and motivate us to go forward and you being so supportive is something huge aswell, I'm so happy for all the support you have been doing lately. Will be expecting your support in future aswell, Even all the staff team are full of dedicated players who likes to spend their time of helping other players, Shout out my fellow team. Keep up the attitude. #DSGANG!
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    MOTM April (Voting)

    The time has come once again!! We're going to give the community, the FINAL VOTE! We as a staff team chose 3 members which we thought were, - Most active - Most Friendly - Most Helpful & other skills. So the 3 members who are contestants for the title: Member of the Month 'April' Are.. 1. @Nii 2. @xzemoz itsonlya 3. @hc bob
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    xzemoz itsonlya

    MOTM April (Voting)

    Oh my name is there that's awesome never imagined being one of the nominees good luck to the other 2 nominees wish you guys the best
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    easter event guide

    This is a long quest, one of dreamscapes longest quest but this guide will help make it quick and easy. To start this quest you will need to talk to the Easter bunny south-east of home, The Easter bunny will explain that Easter is ruined and he needs your help you will need to find 6 items scattered across dreamscape. Part 1 finding the Easter basket Talk the crazy old wizard north west of ::home he will explain that he saw the black market trader with it and to go speak with him. Now type the command ::home and go north to find the black market dealer north-west side of the building he is wearing a white apron. He will explain that he cant trade it over to you because he has traded really rare items for it. However, he can return the basket to you if you get the items back. Now for this next part, you can get these items in any order. The items you need are sailfish,sandstone,hunter rabbit, and a kbd head. Retrieving the Black Market Trader's items. 2 SAIL FISH To get the sailfish you will need a fishing rod and bait which can be obtained from the fishing teleport under skilling teleports in the mage book. From the home, teleport and go south-west to the fishing dock and bait fish from the end of the dock. 3 Hunter rabbit To catch the rabbits head to the hunter skilling teleport in your mage book and buy a butterfly net and a net, from tamayu. Equip the butterfly net and right click 'catch' the rabbits that are around the hunter area. Kbd head To get the KBD head by teleporting to Ardogune under city teleports this is one of the slower parts as you need to get lucky. you will need to pickpocket hero's around where you teleport into. this is where rng comes in you will steal coins until you are lucky enough to get the kbd head. Sandstone You will need 4 sandstones in total to complete this part of this quest. To obtain these stones you will need to mine rocks in front of the al khaid bank. To get to Al khaid go to city teleports in mage book and click al khaid. <-- This sandstone is required Return the items Once you have all the items, return to the black market dealer and trade the items in for the Black market trader he will give you Easter basket. now return to the crazy old wizard and he will give you more info on where to find the others Part Two - Mystery present box He will tell you the mystery box present lies with the rock crabs. To get to the rock crabs teleport to rock crabs using the monster teleport and run north you will find them on the ground just pick it up and that is mystery present box part done Part Three - Classic picture The next piece you will find is in duel arena, minigames teleport-duel arena. You will find the classic picture inside the duel arena hospital. Part Four - Golden medal You can find this Golden medal/necklace in the necromancer boss area. Boss teleport mage book all the way down and choose the necromancer boss run north-west they will be on the ground Part Five - Shiny Wood You can find this shiny wood just outside of the ::wc teleport under a maple tree. Part Six - Holy chain This is the last part of the quest so you are all most done. Teleport to Lumbridge and head to the church and speak to the priest inside the church just outside where you teleport in. He will tell you he needs the bunnies permission *guess he doesn't trust us* Go back to the bunny and retrieve the note. Now head back to the priest and hand him the note and he will give you the amulet now for the last part of the quest head back to the bunny and you have completed the quest
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    hi im bevilm

    Well great work on making an intro as well, its always amazing to know a player beyond the game, glad to know you more zacha, Keep up the great activities and goal. I'm sure you will achieve it eventually.
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    New Capes???

    Who said anything about a new raid boss o_O hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I definitely think we should add new capes at some point so I'm going to go ahead and give it a... //vouch// Drax
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    bevilms goals

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    3 days without DS now... already feeling the pain! :(
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    Bench Press

    Staff list [Updated]

    @Chuck @Hc Drax [Co-Owner] @DS Development Team [Game Developers] @Stuart [Web Developer] @MrUltimate [Game Developer] @alexdkk [Game Developer] [Ghost] [Game Developer] [Grant] [Game Developer] @Player own90 [Game Modeler] [Stan] [Game Developer] @Stuart [Staff Manager] @Feeds [Server Manager] @Emperor Nick [Media Manager] @Lil Bowwow [Gambling Manager] @Flae [In-Game Administrator] @amonn [In-Game Administrator] @Road 2 Swag [In-Game Moderator] @Hc Blaze @hc bob http://dreamscape317.wikia.com/wiki/Staff
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    Didyscape I have been a big fan of your videos for awhile and I gotta say this one is one of the best you’ve made obviously because it’s dreamscape related. Keep up the amazing work homie and I can’t wait to see your next one!
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    Today's update comes with a lot of juicy content! Can you help the Easter Bunny? Will you slay the new raid boss? Or get some of the newly added donator items. Easter is finally here and with that comes the much anticipated Easter event! Biggest one to date! Speak to the Easter Bunny behind ::home bank to start. View the guide here Newly revamped donator store! We listened to you! (Check out ::poll for more polls) Check out the new juicy shop by speaking to Roachey at ::home shops Shop One Shop Two We've upgraded the crystal key chest! New players now have a much better chance at getting some great starter loot from the crystal keys! Introducing the new Quadron Box (+)! Want to make some fat stacks real quick!?! The Quadron Box (+) is for you! Win 10T - 5Q cash instantly! Introducing the M4A4 Asiimov! The new Best in Slot Range Weapon! Boasting HUGE DPS and a CRAZY special attack! Perfect for PvM and Raids! M4A4 Asiimov Best In-slot range weapon (Available from Donation Store) Nightstalker (Custom Donation) Samurai Set Cosmetic set (Available from Donation Point Store - Roachey) Grimpewpew (Custom Donation) Frostbite Staff (uhm... spoilers) The British Gattling Gun (Custom Donation) Easter Bunny top and bottoms To complete with last year's Easter Bunny Mask (Reward from easter event) - We've added magic damage damage to the executive cape so you can 1 hit with mage! - Amulet drops from The Necromancer are now Announced to the server! - Phoenix Bug Fixed (RIP Harold) - Some item glitches have been patched and will no longer show as invisible - We've fixed some typos and spelling mistakes - We've fixed an issue with accounts getting locked
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    Road 2 Swag

    Bye bye

    Dang, hope you come back homie! Won't be the same without ma lil helper who corrects me when im wrong
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    We miss you K3 Irl stuff is priority hope everything gets well soon!
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    HELLO ALL :)

    Hello! Welcome to Dreamscape! Have seen you a bit in game and looking forward to seeing more! Let me know if you need anything! Drax
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    nice accurate list man, way to put mad description in it aswell!
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    just my rng

    Multiple ranks in chat

    vouch, would be helpful
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    I'm vouching, you're online alot, we're really in need off some new trustworthy and active TD's. Goodluck on your application
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    MOTM April

    Congrats my guy!
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    Hc Blaze

    MOTM April (Voting)

    Ayeee good luck to you guys! Well deserve to all.