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    Dreamscape has had many successful applicants that became notable during the Dreamscape era's. In this list, only the most acknowledable players who made an impact to Dreamscape were chosen. Trial members, or staff members who did not meet expectations in a given time are not on this list. @A Dreamer - Forum Moderator @Adrianped - Server Manager @Alex - Ingame Developer @Ardougne - Ingame Moderator @Artemis - Forum Moderator @Bale - Gambling Manager/Ingame Administrator @Bench Press - Staff Manager/Media Manager/Wikia Founder/Dreamers Weekly Founder @Blackk - Helper @Blueoptic - Global Administrator/Wikia Founder @Bman - Forum Mod/Helper @Bodhi - Helper @Bozo - Donation Manager @Braydan (Uzi) - Helper @Brezel - Staff Manager @Cade - Ingame Developer @Callum - Forum Moderator @Chris - Ingame Moderator @Chuck - Owner @Cleave - Community Manager @Cooni - Media Manager/Gambling Manager @Dainish - Ingame Administrator @Dafire - Ingame Administrator @darklight - Global Moderator @Deanmachine - Community Manager/Donation Manager @Detoxify - Ingame Administrator @Dice Hulk - Media Manager @document - Ingame Moderator @DrL - Helper @Elip - Forum Moderator @Emperor Nick - Gambling Manager @englishlog - Ingame Moderator @Epok - Ingame Administrator @Feeds - Global Administrator @Foxx - Server Manager/Wikia Founder @Gadreel - Ingame Moderator @Gamers - Ingame Administrator @GingerSnap - Staff Manager @Half - Ingame Moderator @Hardcore v2 - Ingame Administrator @Hc Jessie - Media Manager @Hi its Guru - Ingame Moderator @Imagine God - Helper @irish pride - Ingame Moderator @Iron Barrage - Ingame Administrator @itzzzwoody - Helper @Judge - Helper @Julia - Forum Administrator @kug1996 - Co owner @kytin - Helper @laurenss - Helper @Licky - Community Manager @Logical - Co owner @L S D - Ingame Moderator @Lt. Limes - Co owner @Manny - Gambling Manager/Community Manager/Donation Manager @Maud - Ingame Moderator @masks - Helper @MaxiiPad - Ingame Developer @Megafun12 - Donation Manager @Mirage - Ingame Administrator @Mod Blake - Ingame Developer @Mod Sneaker - Ingame Administrator @MrUltimate - Ingame Developer @MrZechariah - Ingame Moderator @Ownercape 99 - Helper @Ownerscape - Co owner @Papers - Helper @Party Hard - Gambling Manager/Ingame Moderator @Persiano - Helper @Phoenix - Media Manager @pieman - Helper @Potentials - Donation Manager @Primark - Forum Administrator/Helper @Prod Dice - Co owner @Punch - Helper @Qantas - Ingame Administrator @Reavers - Ingame Administrator @Redaeran - Donation Manager/Gambling Manager @RedDiamondTV - Media Manager/Forum Administrator @retep - Media Manager @Rhysj - Ingame Moderator @Ross - Forum Administrator @rulesrcrule - Helper @Searwen - Forum Administrator/Helper @Send me pics - Forum Moderator @Shimron - Global Moderator @Sirens - Ingame Developer @Skilla - Helper @Solar Flare - Ingame Moderator @Squishy - Forum Administrator/Ingame Moderator/Dreamers Weekly Founder @Stuart - Web Developer/Server Manager @Suffer - Helper @suomitank - Helper @Tskumi - Gambling Manager @Tyrant - Ingame Developer @Unicow - Ingame Administrator @Vaider - Forum Moderator @Vince - Community Manager @vl0ne - Gambling Manager @Vulcan - Ingame Moderator @Wiz Khalifa - Co owner @YCGamez - Media Manager/Forum Moderator @Yvez - Helper @Zeven - Co owner
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    Hello Dreamers! Today I would like to introduce myself as the new co-owner for Dreamscape. Quite a few players were wondering what's going on with the staff team as of late and we can let you know things will be moving forward and we will be working on a better future for the server. I've enjoyed being a part of the server all the way from helper up to admin. It has been an awesome opportunity so far to be able to work on all the recent project with the staff team and I plan to stick around for quite a while. I will actively be a part of most functions of the server from support all the way to content creation and hope to guide things in the right direction to help the server grow and expand into an amazing game for all the players and staff to enjoy. As a final note I would like to thank all the players for their kind comments/remarks about this promotion, it means a lot to me to get to be here to support the server and all the players.
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    Hc Maximum

    EMC Photo Event

    Sometimes my own artistic skills surpass my own expections, based on true events.
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    Really don't like this video idea, it just seems like witch-hunting and IMO this should be a staff matter not something you post on youtube, as well as that you going up to players and asking if they're there is not exactly concrete evidence, there is a huge chance they could just be ignoring you or looking away from the screen, and also, put some music in mate, don't wanna sit through 12 minutes of silence. Watching this over in my opinion everything you showed in this video is just really immature, the way you yelled to people when they were jailed and tried to hold power over them.
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    Lul how did I win something? I haven't done anything for like 3 weeks lol. Anyways, congratulations to everyone.
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    Today we will be introducing the Dreamers Monthly once again, our deep apologies for not posting one up last month as we all have been rather busy. But we have come back to make sure you guys get the Dreamers Monthly once again! In this Dreamers monthly will consist of News Regarding Player/Staff Promotions, Monthly news from the Dreamers The Introduction of some new players and Farewells, And much much more! Interested in becoming a Dreamers Monthly Reporter, Interviewer or Editor? Apply here now! NewsTeam Application Format Do YOU want your video featured on Dreamers Monthly? Send a message to @Feeds Do YOU want to be interviewed for the Dreamers Monthly News? You can do so by messaging @Feeds Did YOU get an awesome drop this week and want it in the Dreamers Monthly? Send a Message to @Feeds DreamScape Social Media Twitter YouTube Facebook Instagram Discord We have a couple promotions which we would like to show some dedication towards these members for, for doing a great job in the community! We would like to introduce Feeds Who was recently promoted to a Forum Administrator He has proved his spot in the community of ds, Helping in-game and on the Forums. He was recently promoted as a Global Moderator Around DS. Although has shot through the ranks and has worked hard to become a forums administrator in the community. An old member which is very dedicated to his work Zechariah for his promotion to In-Game Moderator. He's done a hard job and is near close to one of the most active players of dreamscape! He deserve's this position deeply. We are looking forward to seeing more of what he is capable of doing for the DreamScape. Another hardworking helper @englishlog who has shown his dedication to DreamScape Englog. Has been promoted to In-Game Moderator also, Showing his extreme dedication and friendliness. We give him huge thanks for all the help he does for us, being extremely active and helpful. Another old player and helper who was recently promoted to an In-Game Moderator. Hi Its Guru. He's been a user for quite sometime being very friendly within the community, Helping players. We appreciate all of your work you have done to this server and can't wait to see you grow even more! Lastly, A former/current wiki editor and a veteran was recently promoted to Forum Moderator, He is showing true activeness in-game and out of the game while juggling with School to provide you guys with an amazing experience in-game and the forums. Bman. This user was also promoted to Wiki Manager earlier this month. A very nice and respectful member of the community, We congratulate him for all his hard work and dedication for becoming promoted! Next, next up! we have @Zaro who was promoted to reporter at the newsteam! very knowledgeable person. you were active in game and forums that what earned you this amazing rank, congratulations! yet another promtion for @englishlog , who got promoted to editor at Newsteam! he dedecaited some time into newsteam he earned himself the editor rank, congratulations! Another wiki editor and well-known player among the community @Yvez got promoted to NewsTeam as Editor. We welcome you the team. now going to the dicing and gambling side! . congratulations @Anti hax, @pkmilanand lastly @OG Sage thos three guys were really active ingame and especially at dicezone, congratulations! Starting with new player, Solo69 has joined the community. Warm Welcome him. Swiggity has joined the forums, Don't forgot to welcome him. 2fast4noobz has returned to the home at last, He is such an veteran player and please don't miss to welcome him back. Let have a warm welcoming to "Thc Man" welcome to the community Yet another new player "stenzi" has joined DS. Welcome our new member @Stenzi welcome "simplify" to dreamscape community, welcome back the old player! lets welcome "flee" to our amazing community. welcome "tripping" who has been recently joined the community. Make sure to welcome him. welcome "kai parker", a very social and friendly person. Lets warn welcome him. Welcome "bjregkersen" has joined our dreamscape! Welcome him. A hardcore has join dreamscape! Welcome "gabor" who has been tough hardcore player with his goals and keep on working on it. Welcome! Another very well known user around DreamScape has left but will hopefully return soon! @Potentials There's not much we can say other than he was an amazing kind player and a great Forums Admin. @Clubzlutxp Farewell! A former player which also dedicated a lot of his time to his youtube has left! We are sad to see him go. Graphic Designer @Wonder has departed from DreamScape Lately, He spent a lot of his time Creating all sorts of GFX work. He truly made some masterpieces. @splitrunner has recently left DreamScape to strive himself in his work/School although will be back soon! Rumor has been said @Ownerscape is getting Co-owner rank! Rumor has been said @Feeds is getting CM rank! Only time shall prove it, We wish all the best to both. Interview 1: @amonn How did you find out about Dreamscape and what were your first thoughts about the server? I Honestly can't remember how I found out about this server I think I was browsing runelocus one day and saw it and was like umm never tired a custom before let's try it . and as for my first thoughts, I was a bit scared tbh lol idk why tho. What do you like to do the most in DreamScape as Wiki Editor? And why? As for what I like to do as a wiki editor, I like to make sure the wiki has good grammar spelling and like changing small things. and why I like to make the wiki look as presentable as the real RuneScape wiki. So you've been while a part of dreamscape, what kept you motivated to stay with Dreamscape? honestly this time around its the people, the people are what make a private server amazing, you could have the best server in the world rated number 1 by all the private server critics (if there are any 0.o) but if the people and staff are rude or not helping you then the server will fail. What is your favorite moment on Dreamscape? And why? My favorite moment will forever have to be the moment I got the world first dragon kiteshield on the server. killed around 700 to get it on the first day, like 5min after I got it, I sold it to Mirage for like 300trill now they are only worth 1t or something like that haha. If you could choose one position for one day what rank would it be? And why? For a position, it would have to be a developer something like Alex does I've always been amazed by coding and always wanted to learn how to do it, just never had the opportunity on how to learn how to do it. so if I could spend a day with Alex just learning from him or from any of the other developers that would be a dream. If you could add one item to Dreamscape what would it be? and why? Why would I say what item I want then someone will custom donate for it and I will never have it :(. Haha, but in all seriousness, I'm a big wow fan so if I could custom donate for a king variyn dual wielding sword that would be amazing. Do you have any goals you want to achieve? Which one? I have so many goals I want to achieve owners cape, glaive, custom donation, gmg. but the one I want to achieve above all of them is admin I truly really do love this server and want to watch it grow into something bigger and help the community so if I could achieve that before I quit or have to give up the server due to personal reasons or something that would be amazing. What if you could choose between, being immortal or super strong & fast? And why? I'd have to go with super strong. Just to impress all the chicks and get laid every night lol jk. If I had super strength I'd honestly just go into search and rescue and lift boulders off people or shovel threw 10feet of derbies within minutes. or just help jack up there trucks on the side of the road so they can change a tire and work a 9-5 job either or nothing. Anything else you would like to say or any shout outs you would like to give? I'd like to really say but id like to give a shout out to ownerscape he has helped me so much with doing wiki edits and learning everything about the wiki, getting me pictures when I needed them. What do you think about Dreamscape's community? I honestly really love this community they are always there to help and not as toxic as other servers there are a few bad eggs in the basket but other than that it is really an amazing server. Interview 2: @OG Sage How did you find out about DreamScape? What were your first thoughts regarding the server? I found out about Dreamscape the old way. There used to be this top list site that would sponsor Custom servers. That's where I found this beloved server. My first thoughts were so low at the time, I honestly thought the game was a joke. But over time of playing and grinding, I found it so much fun. What do you like to do the most in Dreamscape? Why? Well, it's hard to say honestly. I enjoy two things, Gambling (addiction is heavy) and interacting with people. I enjoy just making someone's day! So you've been a part of DreamScape for quite some time, what keeps you motivated to stay with DreamScape? What motivates me to stay with Dreamscape is definitely the players and staff. They're so unique, so different, that I can learn so many new things from people. It's a learning experience that I'm really not that sure I'd get to encounter in real life. What is your favorite moment on DreamScape? Why? I have a lot of favorite moments on Dreamscape, to be honest. It's quite funny, but this one memory spoke out the most. All the old school players on Teamspeak back in 2015-2016. I was joking around and having a Children's concert choir because we'd often have karaoke and rap battles on Teamspeak. And of course, you get a wide variety of aged players. It was a blast. Not only entertaining but positive in creating laughter to all. If you could choose one position for one day, what rank would it be? Why? Call me President Sage. No. This question is a bit confusing to me. But I'll answer it in regards to Dreamscape, I loved being a Gambling Manager, it was one of my greatest achievements in my RSPS career, and believe me... I've been through a lot of positions. Honestly, though, Staff Management was one of my biggest goals I've ever had in rank achieving. Just because it's like Human Resources work. Do you have any goals you want to achieve? Most definitely! Well first and foremost. I want to be the nicest person I can be. Second, I want to help people through my profession. Which is I.T. related work, whether it's Security or desktop support. Overall my goals are in real life situations to help benefit success and positivity. What are the best noticeable features about DreamScape? Why? Dreamscape honestly has one of the most unique player bases, they have players from all over the world. It's insane. So many different cultures, languages and personalities. Are you apart of any DreamScape clubs? Why? I don't believe so. I think I'm in some just small buddy-buddy, friend group chat. But that's for just contacts. Who would you say the nicest, friendliest people are in DreamScape you know? Why? The nicest, friendliest people...hmm. I'd say everyone has potential. But through my relations, Defiant is one of the nicest people in this community. If you could choose between Immortal or being super strong and fast, which would it be? This is a real Sci-Fi question. I could never be immortal, that's just disturbing to me. Not meaning to put it in a weird perspective but, I believe life has a purpose as does death. So Iwon't fear either. I'd definitely go with being Strong and Fast. If you could be any super hero for 1 day, who would it be? why? I honestly don'tknow to be honest. I'm not too into super heroes. I really don't have an answer to this! What do you think about DreamScape's community? Well if some of my answers above didn't give it away. I love the diversity of the community. It's so unique. Is there anything else you wish to say to the community? BE NICE TO EACH OTHER! @Bman's Staff Interview How did you find out about DreamScape? What were your first thoughts regarding the server? I first found out about Dreamscape when I was looking on Runelocus and saw that it said that this was a custom server. When I started playing Dreamscape, I fell in love with all the different customs added into the game like the Pikachus and Luigis. What do you like to do the most in Dreamscape? Why? What I like most in Dreamscape has to be the challenge for grinding. I know that sounds odd, but I enjoy where I have to kill a ton of monsters to get that super rare drop. So you've been a part of DreamScape for quite some time, what keeps you motivated to stay with DreamScape? Some things that keep me motivated, and probably the number one reason why has to be the community. Words can not express how much I love these guys. They have seen me from a noob asking questions in the help chat, to Helper, Wiki Editor, Wiki manager, and finally, a Forum Mod/Wiki Manager. What is your favorite moment on DreamScape? Why? My favorite in-game moment was when I grinded Phoenix 4163 times, and finally received the Phoenix egg for my iron man. That was probably the longest and hardest thing I have ever grinded for, taking about 10 hours of in-game time to get. My favorite all-time memory of dreamscape was when we had a karaoke sing-off in Teamspeak. I don't know if most of you remember I Smoke Dope or Wolfnuke, but singing with them was the greatest thing I have seen or heard in Dreamscape. If you could choose one position for one day, what rank would it be? Why? Probably the one rank that I would like to be, is a developer. Ever since I was introduced to rsps back way then, I was always curious about how they were created. When I found out that Runescape was coded in Java, I strived to figure out how I could code my own server, and eventually work for either a private server or for RuneScape itself. Another great thing about being a developer would have to be that you can be as creative as you would like, and it would be your special project. Do you have any goals you want to achieve? Some goals that I hoped to achieve include: obtaining my own custom armor set that I created a while ago found Here and becoming an admin either in-game or on forums. What are the best noticeable features about DreamScape? Why? The best noticeable feature about dreamscape has to be the staff. From day one, about 3 years ago to now, they have been really helpful and willing to help no matter what. I have made numerous friends with the staff members and would not be here today as a forum mod and wiki manager if I never met some of the staff that I have. Are you apart of any DreamScape clubs? Why? Currently, I am a part of 4 clubs, those being the Ironman Club, Plantation Club, Youtube Club, and am the owner of the Wiki Club. All of these being aspects that express me the most, from being an Ironman fanatic, a Plantation hoarder, Youtuber, and a Wiki Manager. Who would you say the nicest, friendliest people are in DreamScape you know? Why? Probably the nicest people in dreamscape are Detoxify, Potentials, and Cooni. Detoxify was the main reason I ever became an in-game staff member at the time, and he really motivated me in game to be really nice. I would say that he is why I won member of the month back in March, him and Potential. Potentials was the main reason I became a wiki editor in the first place. I could talk to potentials for hours on end. Back when it was just Potentials, Papers and me, we would all have a great time making fun of staff and noobs. (Nicely though) Cooni was the main reason I ever thought of doing youtube. He was very nice and gave me very helpful tips when I first started out. He even gave me a cracked version of Camtasia to help me get going as a YouTuber. I could talk about these people all day, but I rather not bore you :P If you could choose between Immortality or being super strong and fast, which would it be? If I had to choose, I would pick super strong and fast. Being strong and fast are two traits that I personally don't have, and if I was fast enough I wouldn't have to worry about immortality cause I could always slow down time like The Flash does. Mostly it would be to show those people who bully me whats up :P If you could be any superhero for 1 day, who would it be? why? If I could be any superhero, I would be Spiderman. His super fast reflexes along with his ability to walk on walls and shoot spiderwebs would be amazing. What do you think about DreamScape's community? The dreamscape community is one of, if not the nicest communities around. Being around here for 3 years I have seen a lot of the aspects of the community. I have seen the good, and rarely, the bad. I have seen the helpful and the scammers. But, when something goes bad, there is usually a good thing to compensate for it. The good out weights the bad any day. No matter what time of the day, there is almost at least one people willing to help out the new people, or even the old vets who tend to forget some of the prices of old items (Guilty). As almost any old player could tell you, the reason they keep coming back to the game is not because of the new content usually, but the community. Is there anything else you wish to say to the community? The last thing I would like to say to the community is,"Thanks For Everything." With every single day that I play, I am reminded of the constant support that you guys give me. I know that this phrase is used a lot, but, without you guys, I wouldn't be here today. Knowing you guys has been the greatest thing I ever had known, and I will remember you guys/girls for a really long time, that is if this amazing server had to ever go down. A hardcore Ironman player showed his goal and achievement list, Don't miss out to check @masks list here Old Veteran player and Wiki Founder@Blueoptic has recently unlocked the highest achievement a normal player could achieve, Yep! that's right he has unlocked the Legend title on forums. Some random achievements achieved by our players:- with @Anti hax Cake or Pie? None, I have lactose intelligence Truth or Dare? Dare! Winter or Summer? Summer Phone call or Text? Text Fire pizza or Spaghetti? I love pizza more but I am gonna say spaghetti without cheese since I can't eat pizza cus of lactose intolerance Beach or Pool? pool, I hate beaches alot, actually beaches are one of my worst fears Spongebob or Patrick? Spongebob riches Patrick happiness? Patrick Detailed or Abstract? Abstract Regular or Hardcore mode? Regular! Asking questions or Answering questions? Answer questions Gambling or Pvming? Gambling Helping or Mming? Mming Work hard or Play hard? Both POTM goes to @Ownerscape 'funeral' VOTM goes to @Sohan for this amazing content of production. Best memories Ingame? Let us know in the comments below! What has cities, but no houses; forests, but no trees; and water, but no fish? Founder - Bench Press Founder - Squishy Manager & Chief Editor - Feeds Editor - Yvez Editor - Englog Editor - Hi its Guru Reporter - Zaro
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    Ma Bonk

    Some people have been curious of my bank as a ironman, still a few goals to go but thought id share my bank so far. hope you enjoy, loving the server! #DSGANG my fav item is probably the Defender level 3 and thats all... for now
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    Forums Achievement

    Hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Even when you think nobody is paying attention, somebody is. There will be people who don't like you and will still spend the time to watch everything you do. And I've learned that people will forget what you've said, and forget what you did, but will never forget how you made them feel. My journey on Dreamscape has had more ups then downs, I've have the privaledge to experience a lot of great things. My forums achievement is receiving the 'Legends' rank.
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    Trusted Host

    The fact you didn't bother updating your bank and payouts kind of screams rushed to me and makes it seem like you've not even played a lot since getting back, even if your bank is nothing you should post it. But I remember you being a great TD and a really nice person to talk to, so update your thread a bit and it's definitely gonna be a vouch from me. Edit; I see you've updated your post, but one thing that stands out to me is that this looks like it was one big session, of which you were middlemanning, not these are still payouts so I don't take away any validity, but it points out to me you are MMing wayyyyy over what the maximum is of someone who isn't general rank, which does concern me a bit, I could definitely be wrong but that's what it looks like, so for now, neutral. Edit 2; Cba has general rank in dice cc, was unaware of this. Vouch
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    Xiares Crew

    @Feeds @Ownercape 99
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    Aye! Look who's back on video production! It's my homie... So glad to see you back bud and really great start, wishing you all the very best for upcoming productions. #YCgamezLIT
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    Hello Dreamers! This update is focused on quite a few different aspects of the game. Custom Items ✔ DS Wheel of Fortune ✔ Bug Fixes You can find the full list below. Everyone has been wondering about the gear rewards ✔ Kril's Battlegear - Currently no effect ✔ Rogue's set - 20% double drop rate & 2% drop rate ✔ Captain America's shield - 1 prayer gain per hit ✔ Thor's hammer - 20% double drop chance There is also a new item being introduced to the chest in Battlegrounds The Ring of Chance, this item gives a 100% increase for key drops. Wheel of Fortune or type ::wheel ingame. There's a new sound here at Dreamscape and that's the sound of a new wheel spinning with some awesome rewards! Gambling: You can now spectate black jack tables when a game is going on. Combat levels: Combat levels will now automatically show while training. Missing NPCs: There were a few NPCs that were reported missing that have been fixed and replaced. Market and Highscore command changes: The ::highscores command functions properly. The command ::lmarket has been made to open the market page. Miscellaneous changes: The ::removehardcore command now has a prompted message instead of an instant downgrade. The Slayer gem teleport to Icy Skeletons has been fixed. There is now an option to skip the tutorial when you make a character. 2 Bill tickets have been fixed and can now be claimed into your money pouch. Text wrapping has been fixed to reach across the entire chat line. Using tab to message a player will not break their name if they have 12 characters. Clan Chats: The clan chats have been fixed to allow for 100 ranked players. This will help with the amount of ranked players who gamble in dice cc. Daily Task: Chaos Elementals, Icy Skeletons, cutting dragonstones daily task have been fixed. Custom Donations released in this update: Hardcore's Destiny: for Hardcore V2 Crimson Rifle: for Chagol Nutella Pet: for Mafia Mayonaise Pet: for VGod Xp's Icy Owner cape: for Xp Barrage And quite a few others, want to get your own custom? Check it out here: Custom Donations
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    Like said before, great to see an old player come back again. Also creating some great videos! Awesome The clickbait is real. :P
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    OG Sage

    EMC Photo Event

    ermmm... -shrug- https://imgur.com/yPSZJv4
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    To enter the giveaway: 1) Like the video 2) Subscribe to my channel 3) Comment your in-game name on Dreamscape RSPS (make sure you register and log-in here http://dreamscape317.net/index.php?ref=shyt ) Make sure to like the video if you enjoyed, subscribe for future videos and comment any feedback! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow my Twitter at https://twitter.com/SohanRSPS Follow my Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/sohanrs/ Follow my Hitbox at http://www.hitbox.tv/sohan12345
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    HUGE GIVEAWAY Goodie bags and drop party WHEN? 10/6/17 in 2 days TIME? 10 pm (EST) Just be here a little before 10 pm to get all details and information items contained 2 Mario heads 2 Camels 5 Row (I) 2 emp sets 1 elemental set last but not least 1Q
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    Dear Dreamscape Community, We hosted the monthly voting event, where people had to fill in a specific format. In this format, they had to fill in their top member on several roles/positions. This can vary from best staff member till best pk'er. THE RESULTS: Most Active In-game @Ownerscape Most Active Forums @Feeds Most Active Overall @Feeds Most Kind @E_M_C Best Dicer @VGod Best Pk'er @W I C C A Best GFX-Designer @Wonder Best Youtuber @JuceBoxx Best Guides Maker @Squishy Best Helper @Hi its Guru Best Moderator (Including Forums) @Feeds Best Administrator (Including Forums) @Ownerscape Most Respected Staff Member @Feeds Most Respected Trusted Host Tie @Emperor Nick / @OG Sage Most Respected Non-Staff Member @W I C C A Best Staff Member @Feeds Most Active on Discord @Yvez Best Ironman @masks The BIG winner of the month May is: @Feeds Give him huge congratulations, he won 5 times!! And these 3 lucky fella's down below also won another 50T on it! [We decided to use a random number generator and these 3 lucky players won 50t!] #1 - Blueoptic #2 - Toy Soldiers #3 - E_M_C I want to thank you all very much! It's always a blast that people participate in this awesome event. And it's also a huge boost towards the people who made it on this month's list! *For all that voted please contact me in-game - Feeds ( To collect your 10t for submitting your vote)*
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    Hc Drax

    Suggestion For Dicezone

    I know that a dice zone revamp has already been confirmed as being on the trello list. But I like the idea of separate rooms for separate games. The Dicing community has outgrown the current room and more space or separate rooms would definitely improve things. Drax
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    Suggestion For Dicezone

    I like the old dicezone in seers village the best. They should revert back there!
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    "1200" gotta catch a lot hall of fame on my way....
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    Hc Maximum

    Small discord suggestion

    Hey I've noticed in dreamscape's discord there's no streaming or YouTube section to post videos. I think it would be nice for the people that make videos for dreamscape having a section on to post when they upload a dreamscape video. It would just have to be a text channel with "youtube" or "streaming"
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    Trusted Host

    I definitely think you deserve the rank and position, you were always highly trusted in the past and I would disagree if anyone said you weren't worthy, I also vouch that he has held over 6q pots for me and paid out every time. Need some more activity, but other than that my dude, welcome back.
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    Trusted Host

    I would like to vouch this Application, but as said above. Your payouts/bank are not even up and you haven't gave the effort to update them. (AS FAR AS I KNOW) Also i heard recently you've came back only for a few days & you already put in a application. No need to rush thing's, but always make a application you're fulfilled with as well. Goodluck !
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    Gambling session #1! Comeback to DS?

    Thanks man. Really appreciate all the support!
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    gz on co-owner fagg :D

    gz on co-owner fagg :D
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    Invalid Password

    Just note, you are going to have to do that every time you log in from now on.
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    Hey, Rachael Here!

    Welcome I'm the best Gambler in this game.
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    I'm back!

    Welcome/welkom back man! I see you got allot of activity on the forums, so you got me curious.
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    Ma Bonk

    Damn that's insane dude!! I can't even afford like 25% of your bank xD
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    Trusted host

    Support. Really active in the dicezone. Goodluck on your application!
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    quad pen

    quad pen
  32. 1 point

    My 4th lvl 150

    Damn impressive stuff Gabor! Hope your lamp grind is going strong! 12K is a lot!
  33. 1 point


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    Staff Feedback

    Chuck: Who? Just kidding. Haven't seen you around, no comment. @Chuck Ownerscape: Seen this man when he was just a helper working on the wikia. Congratulations to where you are now. This is a HUGE achievement. Since my return, I've seen @Ownerscape really active globally. Activity is one thing, but when you have a staff member exceeding responsibility, it's an exceptional trait to be. Great effort! This time around we see another new face to the Ownership of the server. In the time I've played, I've seen approximately 7 apart from Chuck. Each management team differs per person. Interesting to see where Dreamscape's future will be with our newest Owner. Stuart: Thanks for inviting me back into Dreamscape. @Stuart Tyrant: Let's see some more updates! @Tyrant Iron Barrage: Upon my arrival, you were someone who was friendly to speak with. I haven't seen you around lately. If I could suggest an area for your to further improve on apart from your "Ingame" duties, it would be interacting with the community on the forums. Seeing how you havent posted since August. Forums is also an important role, if you were going to succeed in a higher position. @Iron Barrage Feeds: If I'd say anyone who is doing very well for their position, I'd suggest your name to them. I notice you don't talk alot ingame, but on forums you're a spokesman! Talk alittle more ingame, and I think you'd be a great Community Manager. @Feeds Englishlog: I've seldomly seen you online, probably a timezone thing. @englishlog Hi Its Guru: I noticed that nice guide on the forums. It was great! Apart from that I haven't seen you that much. Might be a timezone thing. @Hi its Guru MrZechariah: Unfortunately I haven't come across you before. I may have, but it doesn't ring a bell. If it isn't a timezone thing you're not very active. @MrZechariah If I could add a note to all Moderators, I'd suggest for more interaction with the community. As I don't often see some online, it may sound alittle hypocritical, but if I can say this; If I could admire a location where each of you do best there hasn't been one from either platform that has consistently stuck out to me. (Ingame, Forums or even Discord) Bman: A majority of the time that I use the forums, I can see you online which is good. Being attentive is important, so as long as you're actually there. As a recommendation to get yourself out there more, and show others what you can be capable of you should create some guides. @Bman Ownercape 99: I'm not sure when your promotion was, but when you were a player I noticed you were interactive in the yell, and the help clan chat. Keep up that positive performance and you can become a much greater associate in the future. @Ownercape 99 Yvez: Usually when I'm online, I see you more then anyone else. I constantly bombard your pms with pc's etc. Thanks for replying @Yvez The support team has been really strong lately. Keep it that way.
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    EMC Photo Event

    Hello Everyone! I want to try something different for an event. So what I came up with was a photo event. Pretty much post your favorite moments with a collage of photos from DreamScape or post your own design of DreamScape or any art photo you can make from DreamScape. Just want to see what everybody's fun moments are or was from DreamScape & want to see players creativity. Yes there are rules. Just want this to be a fun event. Here are the rules & what i'm looking for & what your allowed to use: 1. All the photos that you put in your collage must be from DreamScape ONLY! 2. Iron Man are NOT allowed to join. My apologies, I just don't have staff helping me this time. 3. You can edit frames around your photos. Just as long as it's not from another game or other servers. 4. You can add stickers (meaning emoji's or speech bubbles & etc.) 5. You can use colorful backgrounds. Just not a background from different games or other servers. 6. GIF are NOT allowed. 7. You MUST put your in-game name next to your photo!! If you don't put your in-game name next to your photo, you don't win. You do not have to have custom items. Just looking for some fun looking photos or funny moments that you might have seen. I will be judging these photos by creativity. If you're not sure on what I'm looking for, here are two examples on what I'm looking for: Example one: Here is my own design of DreamScape. My in-game name E M C Example two: Here are some of my favorite moments made into a collage of photos. My in-game name E M C Here are the three prizes. First place 300T Second place American Torva Set with a Fallen death cape Third place Silver space sword I can't wait to see your awesome collages. I will pick the winners on October 15, 2017 (its a Sunday) at 7PM Eastern time zone. Wish everybody the best of luck! And remember to have fun with it!
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    Gratz on 500

    Gratz on 500
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    Join the server for free! http://dreamscape317.net/index.php?ref=shyt To enter the giveaway: 1) Like the video 2) Subscribe to my channel 3) Comment your in-game name on Dreamscape RSPS (make sure you register and log-in here http://dreamscape317.net/index.php?ref=shyt ) Make sure to like the video if you enjoyed, subscribe for future videos and comment any feedback! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow my Twitter at https://twitter.com/SohanRSPS Follow my Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/sohanrs/ Follow my Hitbox at http://www.hitbox.tv/sohan12345
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    That's some hawt wheel rewards Thanks for showcasing it. Goodluck` to all the participants.
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    Rand Rsps

    ::Wheel spins Loot logs

    Ni Congrats on the soulflare
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    EMC Photo Event

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    Sponsor rank on forums

    Go here: And use the format in the topic to request your donator status.
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    My 4th lvl 150

    gratz man!! thats a nice acheivement
  43. 1 point

    My 4th lvl 150

    Awesome work man. Talked earlier with you, you pushed hard for that one congrats.
  44. 1 point

    My 4th lvl 150

    Congrats man. I bet that took a real long time.
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    Masks Goals

    finally sf after 12k dry
  46. 1 point
    no r n g

    Ma Bonk

    nice bank masks love the post keep em coming with new updates please xoxo #1 ironman
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    What happens with the people that live in Europe because I do live in Europe and if I compare the times it will be 4am here and that's a little bit late but yeah. if it cant be changed not a big problem but maybe 1 or 2 hours earlier would be nice
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    Trusted Host

    You were a great td in the past. Vouch
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    syos droplogg updated!

    Syos always killin the drops, Gz again man hope the best for new ones!
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    Bench Press

    Cover Photo Updated ✔

    Cover Photo Updated ✔