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    General Server Integrity

    Hey man, Great to hear your thoughts on some 'hot topics' Thought I'd kick off with a couple of my own thoughts of these issues, both as a player and as a staff member. Issue #1 I agree, some may regard some of the items as 'junk' but in fact a number of the weaker items are not left in the donation store as mere relics of time gone by but rather for new players and iron men. I have handled a number of donations for ice katana's and iron men who are very happy with their ice katana purchase and I think its important we provide for those members. If they want to get a head start on the grind in an affordable way, more power to them! I find it quite hard to swallow some of your accusations in this post and am sure you meant nothing disrespectful about your comments, as you stated, although some of the language is very emotionally accusatory. - We do not "prey" on the misinformed, we publish extensive information about all items in the game, both donator and non-donator items. We have more resources then perhaps any other RSPS. A jam packed dedicated wiki, ::compare, forums gear guides to name a few that allow players to learn all about the DS items. As well as having one of the most active and dedicated staff team on hand to offer advice and tips to new players both on the game as a whole and on prospective donations. I get lots of pm's everyday asking for advice on donations and believe me when I say, this is given in a way that is designed to best help the player. I can vouch for our staff team doing the same too, both in the help cc which is always fully active and privately through personal message. The cost of these items is I think fair and justified. New players who want a little head start in the very early stages of their career can use them to get a little head start and they are at a reasonable rate for this very reason! I take great exception to the suggestion that we are merely trying to make our donation store look 'more full'. DS has well over 3,000 custom items now and any one of them could appear in the donation store. Whenever we add new items we always review to see what is there and what needs to be taken out. Our shop could be 10 x bigger if we wanted it to be, haha trust me. I have often looked at the donation store and thought... wow! what a lot of items are missing and this is a testament to the value of the items made by our modeller and developers. Issue #2 Another hot topic! Drop rates. Drop rates seem to cause some confusion among players. Let me give out some information about our drop rates here on Dreamscape. They are balanced and fair relative to the boss itself! For example, bosses aimed at new players have much lower drop rates as new players will kill them less quickly due to their gear. The end game bosses have higher drop rates as the expectation is that players will have better gear and thereby be able to kill more quickly. The expectation to go to an end game boss with medium level gear and get a drop is a precarious one. Much like you wouldn't try to kill a final boss on any game without being fully prepared and expect to survive the level or get the reward. As for one hit items. They are a main stay to Dreamscape. I can clarify for any donators worried about this issue. We will never follow through with either of the two suggested 'fixes' (and I put those in quotations for good reason). The owner capes and one hit items are game changers, not game breakers. They change the way you do pvm. As a player who grinder out at vet'ion in the early days for that elusive gold chain drop all the way up to a sponsor kicking ass at chaos elemental trying to get that double pet drop. The challenges are different but in no way lessened by one hit items. You still have to grind and it is still a challenge and likewise you are still gratified and rewarded for your dedication, grind and tactics. Another fyi, and I am sure this will come as no shock to many players is that drop rates did not change when we introduced 1 hit items. For example when I lead the development team on the production of the executive cape, we didn't change any drop rates to 'mitigate' the effect, we considered the effect it would have on our community, ran some extensive simulations (some thing we often do but rarely talk about) and discussed the restrictions and permissions of the item so that it would have the right effect for the players and the donator. One simple solution that you did not suggest is the increase of items in the upgrade chest, our own (and very effective) tool for bringing about item stability. I think this is a much more effective way of brining about some of the more sensible problems that you foresee. I'd also like to deal with the comment,"as the economy gets worse and worse". The fact of the matter is that, this is an old man attitude. The game has a lifespan and evolves over time. You can't look at dreamscape the same way as other games, we have our own currency. The second thing to note is, that prices go up relatively. As things become more expensive we make all round buffs to cater for that. Thirdly, the preconceived notions of how much cash is in the eco is a fallacy, I have seen the exact figures and the numbers are a lot less then most players assume. Finally, since the introduction of the well of good fortune as well as our crack down on rule breaking botters, the economy is not getting worse and worse, but rather on the contrary.... Truly though, there is no better or worse, its a living economy, but there is stability and we are reaching that goal now, more then ever. It may be hard to see without the data, but I have seen the data and I can say I am proud of the solutions the staff team has found to alleviate some of the issues players were having with the economy and allow for long term server stability. Your post was very thought provoking and at points hard to read. While I have strong thoughts about a lot of the issues you raised, I completely accept your opinion and am glad you raised them. We should always look in the mirror and reflect at where we at in terms of our long term growth and community satisfaction. The only thing that really pained me in your post was your use of 'us' and 'them' terminology. I don't see the community this way at all and do not feel there should, is or was an culture of us and them at dreamscape. We work as a team, the whole community works together on everything. From forum suggestions making it into game, the use of ::polls, the roles and responsibilities of our two community managers, our feedback sections on the forums and our use of a support system that gives out an average of 50 responses to players a day. We are more community focused then any other RSPS and always act with the communities interests at heart. We joke about being part of the DSGang. But it isn't a joke. We belong to something that is bigger then we all are, an extensive community of people from different places and different backgrounds united under one RSPS... here to kick ass and take names in the most custom, badass and interactive way. There is no us and them... there is only DSGang. Drax
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    June FORUM Event

    A NEW RULE HAS BEEN ADDED. REMEMBER TO READ IT! Any questions please direct them to @Bellatrix
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    Welcome to the DREAMSCAPE317 Community Media Event. This event will be hosted and judged by the entire staff team. For this event to payout these insane prizes! -The Video/live stream has to be new, made after the event has been posted! - This event is requiring a minimum of 20 Submissions for the prizes down bellow to be unlocked. - Your video/stream will be judged on the following: Professionalism for example: Your title, Description and the tags you use ect. - Your Description should include at least a link to the Dreamscape317 website - Another way you will be judged: Is the effort believed that you have put forth on the video. Anyone can enter and anyone can win! The Event will last till we have 20 submissions 1st place will win: 5Q cash and an Oblivion Set + Youtuber Icon (750$ Icon)!! + A 4th place entry in the Votm voting!!! (Meaning you will have a guaranteed position in the VOTM voting, You will still have to make a video though.) 2nd Place will win: 3Q cash and an American Vitrus (u) Set + Youtuber Pet (600$ Pet)! 3rd Place will win: 1Q cash and a American Virtus Set + Youtuber Chain (400$ Chain) ! There is a guide below to help you get started with your Youtube videos. Editing software, Recording Software, FULL guide. Easy to follow! Best of Luck to everyone! And as always #DSGANG4LIFE Camtasia 9 Free Trial download: Also make sure you subscribe to our newest members and returning members to the Dreamscape Media!! They are working hard and improving day by day! Lets show them some of that DSGANG love and support!! @M0use - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdEzjm7_o8dZ3FFjcMdBdJg @69n https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA8L63kNLocSDdEnwWciPEw @Hc Maximum https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeDXzfBMcClqATArQ6zI28Q @Video rsps https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeDXzfBMcClqATArQ6zI28Q @TorvestaRs - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyy4NpDHkV1GQ5ZLW2Co0sw @Host Dean https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9_ISpYeABWoknLN1m31y4A @Jordan RSPS - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmqOlJZ7_ToXMOzwUUFKIDQ @didyscape - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6ag3g4fFug0ZmXOeDpHnTw MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE AND SHOW THEM THAT DSGANG LOVE!! THEY ARE GOING TO BE BRINGING THAT DS HEAT! HOSTING GIVEAWAYS AND DOING MORE THAN BEFORE!!
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    301 visitors! We did it dsgang, my forums goal #1 reached! So glad everyone's loving the new forum activity, keep visiting. Keeping hanging with dsgang community!
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    Click Here To Take Part! Good Luck!
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    I need more reps guys. So ye

    I need more reps guys. So ye
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    Chicken or Steak?

    Chicken or Steak?
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    new vid!!! hope u all enjoy :D Collab with the famous Bellatrix!! Hope u enjoy guys giveaway results at the end of the vid + new giveaway in the pinned comments. goodluck all!
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    YouTuber Team

    Current Youtube Team MonoBeast Official Dreamscape @Jordan RSPS @didyscape @Video rsps @Hc Maximum @Host Dean UnOfficial Dreamscape Youtubers @DRAX @Lil Bowwow @TorvestaRs @DooliniT This is a current list of all the active youtubers, who post consistently for the server. There is the Official Dreamscpe youtubers, who represent Dreamscape. There are also unofficial Dreamscape YouTube, who are not part of the YouTube team but are striving to be an Official DS YOUTUBER. This Will be updated accordingly with promotions.
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    YOda Is here

    Yoda's goals

    Well, here will be my Goals Updated every other day For the moment I'm as poor as a freshly started, so don't judge me :p Green = Done Orange = Under construction Red = Ain't nobody got time 4 that RANKS: Get Extreme donator rank Helper Moderator Being Admin (any) Manager DROPS: Elemental set (Head-body-legs) Shadow king set (head-body-legs) Soulflare Any Necromancer drop GEAR: American torva set (head-body-legs) American Pernix set (head-body-legs) -> donation from @Video rsps Inga set (head-body-legs) WEAPONRY: Golden ak-47 Minigun / Golden Minigun Soulflare Electronic Katana PETS: Yoda pet :( Chaos ele pet Corp pet Rick / Morty pet Diablo / Vorage / Necro Jr. ETC: Row I -> Donated by @Jinxstalock Collector's Necklace -> Donated by @Jinxstalock Aqua Spirit Shield -> Donated by @Jinxstalock Boxing gloves All Boxes (5 each) IRL: Pass my exams Finish my education Become teacher Buy a house and let my girlfriend move in Get married Get Kids named after Dreamscape Last goals are adaptable, we'll see how it changes in the next few years especially the very last xD
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    Dreamers Monthly - June 1st, 2018

    Today we will be introducing the Dreamers Monthly once again. In this Dreamers monthly will consist of News Regarding Player/Staff Promotions, Monthly news from the Dreamers The Introduction of some new players and Farewells, And much much more! Interested in becoming a Dreamers Monthly Reporter, Interviewer or Editor? Apply here now! NewsTeam Application Format Do YOU want to be interviewed for the Dreamers Monthly News? You can do so by messaging @Guru Did YOU get an awesome drop this week and want it in the Dreamers Monthly? Send a Message to@Guru  DreamScape Social Media  Twitter YouTube Facebook Instagram Discord This month we have a lot of awesome promotions: Working their way all the way up to Community Manager are @MarkDS and @Amonn! Great work you two, we wonder what you guys will bring to the table. Not only that, we also got a different manager, which is @MonoBeast achieving his dream rank which is Media Manager! Lets hope you manage the media well! By helping In-game, on Discord and in Forums @Michigan has earned himself the In-Game Moderator rank. But he went even further beyond! He even managed to earn the In-Game Administrator rank, and all that in just 1 month! What a dedication! And not only Michigan did his best, here by I also congratulate @hc bob to earning the In-Game Administrator rank! A special applause to @YOda Is here for becoming a Helper, and also becoming an In-Game Moderator almost 3 weeks later! Congratulations Yoda! Forum promotion is for @ChilladinYT, becoming our newest Forum Moderator! Keep an eye on your forums! Congratulations to @pkant18, @Listy420 and @Nova Bomb to becoming a Helper! Well deserved! Welcome to our newest NewsTeam editor, @YOda Is here! Don't let that gossip be too juicy! Welcome to our new Youtuber! @Video rsps, @Jordan RSPS and @didyscape! We would like to give a big shout out to 4 of our newest Trusted Host: @daviss, @Mr Stacks, @Carter Starr and @Yung Turtle. And a big applause to @Ethereum, @Iron Barrage and @Daut because they have earned himselves the rank Legacy Host! Thank you for all you guys do in keeping the gambling side of Dreamscape safe. We re-welcome @Dice Hulk here back to DS! Will he clear out the dicezone? We have a new player @knee joining DS, realizing it’s the best ones out there! We welcome @X HC MOM X to DS and her daughter, enjoy your stay. An old player, who hasn’t been forgotten @Phoenix came back! We have a new Youtuber coming up @DR CHARMZ go check him out! Talking about old players coming back! @Aexn AKA "Activate" has rejoined us aswell! @Hide Your Ip joining us! He has a +1 joining us aswell! A re-introduction by @bladedm has been made! But formally now... @0xBAADF00D joining us aswell! Will he mod our game also? Let’s hope not! @Tman786 has finally found us! Realizing we got what it takes to be #1. Nferno left us after 30 minutes of playing. Now he's back for more! A Youtuber re-introducing himself also, @Jordan RSPS good to see you! @Beal finally introducing himself! Joining us by an advertisement on Youtube! The god of GFX has returned! Check out @Nova Bomb's introduction! @Daijiru re-joining us at DS! After 3 years! Bless you! @No Heroes willing to spend time in the DS community! He was bored... @Outbreak re-joining us! Some say she might take over the forums! @Jeremy coming back at it! How long will he stay this time? @Zanna also re-joining us! Not once, not twice, but three times! @M0use re-joining us also! How far will his iron man series take him!? @69n joining the lovely DS community! We welcome you! @Wyy making his introduction after trying out the game! Welcome to DS! An experienced RSPS player joins us, @Bazzi enjoy your stay! With pain in our hearts we say goodbye to the daughter of @X HC MOM X. May she find peace in the other world. @Maxas leaving the community after a long time of playing. Was it his time? @Hc Blaze taking his departure aswell. For now, its just a "see you later". ? We say goodbye to an old sport, @Yvez, somebody who has spent years on DS and in Discord! Is it truethat Didyscape is really Drax' long lost son? Is Listy420 not actually a stoner? Will we see some HUGE, game changing updates soon? Only time will tell... Interview with Bob 1) You've been a part of Dreamscape for a while now, what has motivated you to continue playing? Definitely the community, having items is cool and all and being able to buy the new gear and be able to stay up to date with new stuff by having money is cool but the community is the main reason I stay so much because without the community I probably wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am down the road. 2) If you had to say, what is your favourite piece of content that we have in Dreamscape? Even though I haven't done it much, definitely the arcade. I like the inferno style gameplay, I like how challenging it is and that you cant just do it from starting off, you have to put in the time to do it and the rewards are really amazing for new players 3) You're known as a mercher and you have a bad reputation to this server, how do you feel about that? If you're selling it, I'm buying it. -shoutout to my disciple deciple99 4) If you could have ANY rank in the game for a day, what would it be and why? *Keep in mind this could be actual ranks or made up ranks such as the anime tester* It would definitely be the developer because I'm really into java code and stuff like that so I mean, definitely developer. 5) You're Emperor Nicks unofficial drug Dealer, how do you feel now that he got exposed? Nicks still my boy and he's cool and all but when it comes to Dreamscape related stuff, I try not to speak much to that about him, but if he needs that bud I've got it for him get what I mean? Interview with Pkant18 1) When you first began dreamscape, did you ever think you would achieve the helper rank? I didn't think I would achieve it but I did try my best to get it. 2) If you could have ANY rank for a day, what would it be and why? *This includes in game or made up ranks* I think it would probably be either mod or admin because they get a lot of pms and I just like to help people in game. 3) How do you say your name? is it like PK-ant like an ant that can pk or is it like the P kant touch this It's said like "PkANT" like get what I mean? Can't give my secret out that quickly get what I mean? 4) What is your favourite bit of content that Dreamscape has to offer? Definitely raids because its not just that someone gets a reward but everyone gets rewarded who are in the top 3 which is beneficial to everyone participating. 5) You have some mad hours in game, can you tell us what energy drink you drink? Or how you get your caffeine? I dont drink caffeine or anything, only concentrated heroin *Okay im joking* Interview with HcWhy 1) You're in Discord quite often, what do you think of the community in there? I mean, I figure the community is really good and everyone helps each other out when a new player joins we try to help them out as much as we can and also everyones really active when its peak time. Plus its really fun to be in especially in peak time especially with random people singing 2) If you could have any rank for a day, what would it be and why? It would probably be the bug tester so that I could just spawn in random stuff and pretend that i'm rich. 3) Which one would you do if you could, live in an anime world and be the main character or have an anime series come to our world and you be the main character. I'll be the main character in the anime world, like you know that anime where that one guy died and he could take his phone with him and he became super overpowered. Yeah, I'll be in the anime world as the main character. 4) If you had to say, what is your favourite piece of content that we have in Dreamscape? Probably raids or the clue revamp because I like raids and everyone hs like a good chance on getting a good drop and getting bank and clues because new players can start off and get a clue immediately and make 100t in 10 minutes. And it helps new players. 5) If you could have ANY item in the game, what would it be and why? It would probably be the weeb icon like helper icon, but its just the text "Weeb" going around it Interview with Hamumu 1) You've played for quite a while now, do you mind telling us what keeps you motivated to play? The community is always nice and funny I missed it alot all the nice and funny people and I love Runescape but only private servers and Dreamscape is one game that really got me. And the help that the server staffs have to offer is just insane tbh the game has been changed a lot since like 1 year and I love the way it changed] 2) What is your favourite piece of content we have here in Dreamscape? Bossing is really relaxing, chatting with friends and getting new ''friends'' to have fun with. The best part is coming up with new ideas like the Snapchat pet is just dope to be creative. 3) If you could have ANY rank for a day, what would it be and why? (This can include made up ranks) I mean Snapchat manager would be nice but a help staff is already nice helping people as much as I can and I mean I really love helping people when I can, it just gives me a good feeling about what I have done and that people are thankful for it. 4) What do you think of the Dreamscape Snapchat that we have created? The Dreamscape Snapchat group you made it actually made me more motivated to use Snapchat more often, and having the chance to talk to the other people that are in the group they are funny and nice to each other I mean some talk about a lot of drugs and stuff like that but I understand it, but I really enjoy the group. 5) Final question, do you have any questions for the readers? I just wanna know what they think about the server and what is their favorite content in the game. Interview with Inject 1) You've been a part of Dreamscape for a while now, what has motivated you to continue playing? Well, there's no other rsps like this meaning we have great developers + staff period. It's just a great server and I like it. 2) If you had to say, what is your favorite piece of content that we have in Dreamscape? To be honest, I like the arcade. Custom pokemon, police helicopters, no other server has that. Plus its fun competing if you get to the next wave. So it's competitive plus it also helps you make money of course. 3) You've made some pretty sick graphics designs so far, have you ever thought about becoming a GFX designer? Let's see. I sure have, I'm practicing more and more just in case it ever comes my way. The quote I look back at is "You can never learn enough". "There's always more". 4) If you could have ANY rank for a day, what would it be? *This can include in-game ranks already or made up ranks such as for me "Legitimate anime tester"* Hmm. I'd like be a Developer tbh. or something along that lines. That's a tough one. You almost got me. Well, let's see the reason I say that is I'd own my own rsps several times I've had to do my own coding lol. That's about as simple as it gets. I did most my own work except the web developing. It's pretty fun. 5) Do you have anything you want to say to the readers? Did I do good? @Michigan updating some goals! Will he fulfill them all? @Swarm giving us his share of his goals and achievements! With some unbelievable goals! @No Heroes making a drop log of ALL clue scrolls he completes! Check it out! Our own helper @YOda Is here making his goals in and out of DS! Will The Force help achieve them all? @Mrdoctor. updating his newest achievements, completing the arcade and being the first to do so. This or that with @ChilladinYT Glasses or Contacts?Contacts, cause I do sports, but my vision is perfect so I don't really wear glasses nor contacts. If sunglasses counts then glasses all the way! Dogs Or Cats?I don't have anything against cats, but I prefer dogs as they've been a part of my entire life. If you want to know what kind of breed I want it just needs to be huge and fluffy. E.g. Leonberger, Saint Bernese, Alaskan Wolf Dog, Newfoundland dog and Tibetan Mastiff.Burrito or Taco?You know what it is, your boy got his F R E E T A C OOF. On a serious note. Burrito's cause you can fill them with meat, cheesus, corn, salad, salsa and peppers. Wrap that deliciousness and eat it like a BOSS. Windows or Mac?Did you... really just ask me that? That's like asking do you want to play all games or just a some of them? #WINDOWSALLTHEWAY Miss me with that Mac... Football or Basketball?I'm good at defending and being a goalkeeper, but I like basketball way more than football. Bout to posterize someone in here! Kappa. Thriller or Horror?Thrillers. Horror movies just do jumpscares and most of them you can predict. I would rather sit at the edge of my seat than see something pop up and scream in my face. Facebook or Twitter?I don't use Twitter and I only use messenger on Facebook, so Facebook. This or that with @pvmpvm Beer or Wine? Beer. Television or Book? Book.Soundcloud or Spotify? Spotify.Pancakes or Waffles? Pancakes.iOS or Android Android. Cake or Pie? Cake. Pen or Pencil? Pencil.  Some of the items achieved by our GANG (We apologize for not having as many pictures, if you feel like you can be one of our reporters feel free to pm @Guru for more information!) [!] Best loot this month [!] This month’s picture is @ChilladinYT GFX work!   This month’s video is @Jordan RSPS's once again! The video where he cleaned our Co-Owner @DRAX! Wow! What occupied your brain today? If 66 = 2, 99 = 2, 888 = 6, 00 = 2, 7777 = 0, 667= 2, 276 = 1, 833 = 2, then what does 2876 equal? Founder - @Bench Press Founder - @Squishy Manager & Chief Editor - @Feeds Manager & Chief Editor - @Guru Editor - @YOda Is here Editor - @MarkDS Reporter - @Xiare
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    Hide Your Ip

    General Server Integrity

    I want to start of by saying that I am making this post for the love of the server and with no disrespect to it. Second, all of the following feedback is purely my opinion and is open to any and all interpretation. That being said, lets begin. TOPIC #1: My entry point to this feedback will start with the Donation Store. For most veteran players its clearly apparent what I am about to get into but for new players, (I'M TALKING TO YOU) you are most immediately affected by this. Today, 31 May 2018. If you take a look at the donation store you can see copious amounts of what are effectively "JUNK" Items within the donation store. "What are these items?" you might say. I will list them below, "JUNK" Donation Store Items: ITEM #1: In-Game Price: 255B. ITEM #2: In-Game Price: 190B. ITEM #3: In-Game Price: 12B. ITEM #4: In-Game Price: 2T. ITEM #5: In-Game Price: 40T. ITEM #6: In-Game Price: Less than 250B. I can keep going on and on about the donation store items but I think I would hit my Image limit for this post so I wont bore you with more. But as you can see, the real world price of these items are completely irrespective of their in-game value. This is miss leading to new players who could be uninformed about the in-game economy. I am unsure if placing these items within the donation store are an attempt to make the store feel more "Full" with things to buy or an attempt to prey on uninformed players. (NOT THAT THE DREAMSCAPE TEAM WOULD EVER.) I feel that it would be in the communities interest to remove many of these items from the story thus making it easier for new players to decide on what to purchase as well as protect the new players investment into such a great server. TOPIC #2: The second point of discussion will be PvM. Many players consistently complain about the servers lack of drops for players. I have not inside knowledge into this servers drop rate mechanics but I suspect that my speculation is not far off from what the server is implementing today. Before I start getting plastered with comments/replies saying "YOU STUPID NOOB, YOU JUST DONT LIKE THE GRIND FOR RARE DROPS!!! GET GOOD!" etc... etc... That is your opinion and you are free to express that view. Quite frankly, I love grinding for rare drops and getting the euphoric feeling of getting one after hours an hours of grinding mobs. Anyways, What I suspect happened to this server is as follows, One hitter items. With the introduction of custom donations which allow users to incinerate NPC's click by click, this may have made the server a lot of money in the short term IE: BIG DONATIONS. But, this backed the dev team/ ownership into a corner. The rapid inflation that these items created in the economy forced the team to make a choice. Option #1: "Stop allowing custom item donations." or Option #2: "Decrease the rare+ drop rate table to mitigate the inflation." My suspicion is that the team went with option #2. This is completely viable and not a bad choice at all by the team but, this affects all users not just those using the custom items. Once they recognized this having an affect on the player base they began introducing "DROP RATE BOOSTING" items into the game, such as gear, pets, potions, etc... Which has in turn created a vicious circle that ultimately leads back to players donating for boosted drop rate items such as "Pets" specifically. Thus, the inflation of the economy continues and we are back at square one. Soo, at this point you might ask, "What can be done to fix this!?!?". Well, that is a difficult question to ask and I am sure that the team has been wrestling with this for quite some time as the economy gets worse and worse. My opinion of a solution is two things, #1: Remove custom donation and 1 hitter items from the donation store, leaving only overpowered high price items left. The overpowered items are equally contributing to this inflation but, we cant get rid of everything. #2: Make all of the custom donation items / 1 hitter items inflict a lessened drop rate on the user given that the kill rate that user get from these items will essentially make the item equal to an overpowered high value items such as the Khiones Staff for example. A proper statistical analysis would have to be conducted to determine the best solution for this. In closing, Regarding topic #2: How does the community feel about this issue? Am I the only one see this? A large majority of us are donators or have a stake in this server one way or another. What other ways can we prevent the destruction of the in-game economy aside from this? Let us put our minds together to build a longer lasting "eternal" Dreamscape for all of us.
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    Hey DREAMERS For 3K subscribers I am doing a MASSIVE Golden Minigun Goodiebag for everyone who tunes into the stream that I will be starting at 18:00 BST (6PM). The goodiebag will then start 30 minutes after the livestream starts, in which I will be doing a massive giveaway for everyone to enter. Stream link - https://gaming.youtube.com/c/JordanRSPS/live Make sure to tune in guys! This is going to be really fun & massive! Most importantly thanks for 3k subscribers, means a lot <3
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    Congrats @ChilladinYT! Def well deserved and you have been amazing to work with so far and cant wait for more stuff that we can bring working together!
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    This will definitely help some people out! I havent even made it to that point yet lol
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    Yvez's Good bye

    I had a lot of fun around DS, Made a lot of friends met some cool people you all that did well for me. I started DS as a player that never expected to become rich in the game. Although I met some people who put their trust in me to achieve myself a place in DS. I've got too much of my life to spend out not thinking about the times I had on DS here, Somewhere good, some people let me down in ways that I will never forgive even if they beg. It was truly an honor playing here on DS. I swear to got if you post on here you know who you are you will regret this. but anyways there is much more life ahead of me than DS, Moving, Planning on getting married soon. Planning my life out and keeping the past behind me. I appreciate all the support that you guys have given me and the staff team of course around my time when I was a helper, a wiki editor, and a news team editor. It was nice to know you all. @Feeds @Chuck @Guru @Masks @Potentials @Zodiac @Iron Barrage And all you other hoes that I forgot to mention in the page, Thank you for the fun times, Even whenever I was a drunk. Maybe one day I shall return if there is something for me to do but for now. Have fun.
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    MOTM June Voting!

    Thanks for nominating me, it's an honor! Good luck to both Inject and VXM
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    Hc Blaze

    Hc Blaze’s farewell

    I appreciate it man I really do and don’t worry I’ll be back -Blaze your main bae. Hey man I’ll definitely be back man, keep on doing what your doing and I wanna see that media manager rank by the time I get back. I know you can do it man, make me proud. Hey bro don’t worry a bit I’m sure you’ll accomplish great things when I’m gone. I believe in you!!! May the promotions be with you!
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    Nice video My feedback: - You should either capture the whole launcher or only the game so it looks "cleaner" - Custom inferno you could have shown the ::arcade command and also mention it was the arcade - 1:18 you sound a bit nervous or just talking a bit, but throughout the video, you're getting rid of it and it sounds better. - You should get an outro - It's kind of not "Super in-depth" E.g. Grand lottery - Yes you donate for points and you use the points to enter, but you could say how much for the points and that you can use the command in-game ::Donate Help - Yes you can use the helpzone and the help button, but helpzone isn't always crowded so you should refer to the cc channel "help". Quest tab - Yes you can check your rank etc, but what about the achievement tab when you press on the green button? Presets - Show how you use them it's not in-depth unless you show it or at least tell us how to use it. Upgrade - Tell us that there is a chance that we might lose the item - I don't know why you didn't do commentary through the entire video, but that's entirely up to you. - What about skilling and ::donorboss, ::starterboss, ::mbox, c keys, RFD minigame, Donor zones and more. That's all I have to say atm. you missed some key points here and there, but it's a good video nonetheless. Keep up the good work and let's see what you bring for us next time. Doesn't say part 1 so I'm I must assume this is only 1 video for this. That's why I'm telling you about the missed stuff. I saw a lot of transitions Idk why Mono told you to use them. Unless he wants you to use different transitions.
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    Playing With Those Blue Flames

    Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/aexnphotography/ Deviantart: https://aex-photography.deviantart.com/ @Bellatrix
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    Yoda has a friend? Happy to be yours @Bellatrix just because you see me on the pic? :D
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    Clue scroll camping and loot. Because it's so recent in the updates:)
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    Drifting lightly like a dream, Demons danced in a sea of blood and on a mountain of bones; A gentleman does not question the warring swords within a thousand Li, One who abandons me, the day yesterday cannot be kept; one who troubles me, the day today will be worrisome! Together forever through Life and Death unto the Highest Heaven!
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