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    Dreamers Monthly - July 29th, 2017

    Within today's Dreamers Monthly, we will discuss the usual topics. Player promotions, Introductions, Interviews, and many other topics will be discussed within the paper. The Dreamers Monthly Team wishes everyone an excellent time with reading this months Newspaper. Would YOU like to join the Dreamers Monthly Team? Feel free to apply now! Application Format Would YOU like your video featured on the Dreamers Monthly? Send a message to either @Feeds or @Squishy. Would YOU like to be interviewed for the Dreamers Monthly? If so, send a message to either @Feeds, @Braydan (Uzi), or @Hc Jessie DreamScape Social Media Twitter YouTube Facebook Instagram Discord Please Note Pay attention to the poll attached to this thread. There will be two options for you to choose from. We are offering the players the opportunity to change the Dreamers Monthly back into the Dreamers Weekly. We do not wish to tell you which option to choose, as this is a community vote. We will be going off of a 60 - 40% ratio. This means for an option to be selected, there must be at least a 60% vote towards this option, any less will result in a re-vote. We're doing this to ensure that this is what the majority of the community would like to see happen. Make sure that you vote because your vote does count! The poll closes on August 1st, 2017 at 12:00 PM. Vote quickly. This month we've had quite a few promotions. Multiple staff and player promotions have happened. First off, we have Tyrant who's been re-promoted to a Developer. Tyrant has had a HUGE impact within the server, being a Developer for nearly two years. He recently decided to take a break from developing here on DreamScape to become a regular player. Now it seems as if everyone's favorite camel is right back at it producing wonderful updates for the DreamScape community. Welcome back Tyrant! Next up we have Feeds who's been promoted to an In-Game Moderator! Feeds was doing a wonderful job as a Helper, and that's why he was promoted to an In-Game Moderator. Pumping out countless hours to assist the DreamScape community is something that Feeds has absolutely no trouble with. Again, we now have Feeds back with another new rank, and this rank is Global Moderator, meaning that he is now both an In-Game Moderator and a Forum Moderator. Congratulations Feeds, this is well deserved. Now, we have a not-so new member to the staff team. He's been apart of it before, and it's to no surprise that he's back again. We here at the Dreamers Monthly team congratulate Ownerscape for becoming a Helper once-more! There's another Helper in town! This Helper's name is none other then Nova Bomb. Huge congratulations to you man, keep up the great work within the server! We wish you the best with your new position! You have probably seen this DreamScape player yelling throughout the server, assisting players in the Help clan chat, and doing anything and everything to make DreamScape a better place. We have another Helper joining the staff team, and with that being said, congratulations to MrZechariah on becoming a part of the staff team! Moving onto player ranks, we start off with saint being promoted to a Trusted Host. Being an active member within the gambling community isn't difficult, but becoming a trusted member of the gambling community is. Congratulations to saint for reaching such a trusted level! We'd like to congratulate saint once more for receiving the rank of Youtuber. He's been putting out a ton of great videos lately, make sure you check his channel out here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_TqMmRtM4VsaGFjVt6gLVA We have another member being promoted to Trusted Host, and this is none other then opa norma aka Joeztube. Cleaning people and being cleaned is all part of the game, right? Congratulations Joeztube! We have another member being promoted to Youtuber, this is none other then Hc Maximum! He's been pumping out videos left and right, all being extremely interesting! You should really check his channel out! https://www.youtube.com/user/NeverGiveUp744/videos Now, when you're looking for information regarding DreamScape, where's the best place to look? The Wikipedia of course! Speaking of the Wikipedia, there's a new Wiki Editor around, and his name is Yvez. Congratulations to becoming a part of the biggest DreamScape knowledge base there is! Within the Dreamers Monthly team, we'd like to welcome Braydan (Uzi), Hc Jessie and onto the team as a Reporter. We'd also like to welcome Squishy onto the team as the Chief Editor. We're welcoming these two with open arms, and are looking forward to what they bring to the table! @Squishy An old member and Founder of Dreamers Monthly just found his way back to us! We're sure there are players and staff members who know him. We're also pretty sure everyone is happy to see him back on DreamScape! Just check out his Introduction Thread and welcome him back in our community! @Just time Just Time is a really old YouTuber of DreamScape. He was used to play when we had a different home area. It's amazing to see him being back on DreamScape and starting a new adventure. We wish him a lot of fun on DreamScape! If you want to welcome him back, just checkout his Introduction Thread! @Bman A really old member and an Ex-Staff decided to come back to DreamScape. He has done a lot for DreamScape, so we are all happy to have him back in our community! If you want to give him a warm welcome, just look at the Introduction Thread he has written! @Doubt A Super Donator with the Name 'Doubt' decided to come back to DreamScape to start a new adventure in DreamScape! He has been gone for months and is glad to be back on DreamScape! Let's give him a warm welcome back on his Introduction Thread! @Video rsps We have another new player on DreamScape! The name of the player is Video rsps and he decided to start an adventure on DreamScape via YouTubing! It's always a pleasure to see new players joining the world of DreamScape by YouTubing! Just check out his Introduction Thread and give him a warm welcome! @ironfoz He finally decided to throw an intro and it's a pleasure to have him in our community. Of course we wish him the best of luck and a lot of fun! If you want to welcome him back in our community, just check out his Introduction Thread! @Zerteq We want to welcome another new player who decided to have an amazing adventure on DreamScape! After some time of not joining, he finally decided to give DreamScape a go. We're sure he won't regret this decision at all. So let's give him a warm welcome on his Introduction Thread! @Tipzee Glad to see another new player joining our lovely community. Glad to see you made an introduction to our forums, we truly appreciate it. We like to give you warmest welcomes to our awesome server, and we wish you the best of luck with your awesome beginning of the adventures! @Steve Vai Steve Vai introduced himself to our lovely community, we are glad you did. We like to give you warm welcome to the #1 Custom RSPS, Dreamscape, hopefully you enjoy. @Jesslya Last but not least we are happy to introduce another player who has decided to join the fantastic world of DreamScape! They joined DreamScape a while ago and is having a fresh start. Let's give them a warm welcome back on their Introduction Thread! @Potentials This month, our dear Potentials has resigned due to real life issues. He doesn't have enough time to play DreamScape anymore. There is one good thing however, he is going to stay as a Forum Administrator! We all appreciate everything that you have done for DreamScape. The countless hours you've spent online answering questions and assisting players. The entire News Team wishes to see you return in-game soon. If you wish to see the official farewell thread, you can view it here. @Bench Press Bench Press was an amazing Forum Administrator. Unfortunately, he left due to real life problems. The entire News Team is wishing you good luck with your life, and that your adventures will lead you back to DreamScape. If you wish to see the original resignation thread, it can be found here. @Suffer Our dear Helper Suffer has had a lot of issues going on in real life. Due to this, he has decided to resign from his in-game position. Suffer has been an amazing staff member, as well as an amazing member of the DreamScape community. You will be missed dearly friend. If you wish to see the original resignation thread, it can be found here. @Ajackman Our veteran Ajackman has had a lot going on in his life, and he's decided to focus on fixing it. He's been a well-respected member of the community ever since he joined DreamScape. We'll miss you Ajackman. We here at the News Team wish you the best. If you wish to view the original farewell thread, it can be found here. Sadly enough, Sucks 2 Suck has decided to leave us. He was a great member of the community and will be missed dearly. His decision to quit was a long time ago. We hope to see him back online in the near future. If you wish to view the original farewell thread, it can be found here. Gossip is going around that @Bodhi is a girl? Bodhi did have an account called Allison, is that his / her true name? Let us know if you know the answer! Rumorr has it that @saint has been cleaned. Is it true?! Rumor has it that elemental pieces are going to go up in price. Could this mean a possible nerf? Or is it due to the recent update? We've heard some news regarding a possible update to skilling. Any thoughts regarding this topic? Interview with Mirage. How did you find out about DreamScape? What were your first thoughts regarding the server? I found out about DreamScape due to a real life friend of mine. He was playing the server. I used to play OldSchool back in the day, and since I loved all the customs I decided to give it a shot. What do you like to do the most in DreamScape as an Administrator? Why? I love doing donation deals and communicating with the community. Seeing the players happy to receive their extra items is a whole different feeling from just playing the server. You've been a part of DreamScape for awhile, what keeps you motivated to stay with DreamScape? The main thing that keeps me motivated is Chuck. He is always on top of everything and wants to better the server in every way possible. Plus the community and players give me the motive to log on every day to see how everyone is doing. What is your favorite moment on DreamScape? Why? My favorite moment on DreamScape was when I got promoted to administrator. I knew right then that my role in DreamScape was going to further and the bond I have had since then with the staff team has improved so much. We're all great friends now and love every moment of it. You've been a staff member for a long time, what motivates you to stay so dedicated to the server? Yes, I've been a staff member for almost a year now. My dedication is simply due to I love the server a lot and it's never a dull moment when logging on. This is the only server I play, and I just do my best every to do better the server and community. If you could choose one position for one day, what rank would it be? Why? If I could be any rank for a day I'd probably go for Server Manager due to the fact that I don't only love and enjoy one part of DreamScape, I love every part of the server. I feel as if I could help Chuck out a lot being in that position. My expectations have shown a lot and I'm sure everyone has noticed. The community always loves to see me on! If you could add one item to DreamScape, what would it be? Why? If I could add one item to DreamScape I'd probably add a new item for the veteran players, or players that have been dedicated to DreamScape for awhile. Kind of like the veteran cape concept, but obtained through a certain amount of game time, possibly 100 day of play time in-game, or something similar. Do you have any goals you want to achieve? Well, my old time goal has still been to obtain one of every single item known to DreamScape, even unobtainables and rares. I'm a huge collector and love to have the items that are just really cool and hard to come by. If you could choose between being Immortal, or being Super Strong and Fast, which would it be? Immortal most likely. Reason being is so that I'd be able to be around forever. I'd be able to achieve so many things. If you could undo one moment in the past, what would it be? If I could undo one moment in the past I would most likely undo the part of cleaning a lot of players. I know it's a thing, but the worst part is seeing that player sad and wanting to quit or something. They do know the risk of gambling, but it does suck being on the winning side at times. Anything else that you'd like to say to the community? I'd love to give a huge shout out to the whole staff team. We all have been doing an amazing job and communicating so well now. The group of staff members has greatly improved with that. Keep up the awesome work and never forget we are a team, a family, and most importantly the #DSGANG. Interview with Wonder. How did you find out about DreamScape? What were your first thoughts regarding the server? Well, I first laid my eyes upon DreamScape when I walked in on my brother playing a RSPS - DreamScape. My first thoughts were that the server had quite a big player base from what I've experienced in the past, and some awesome custom items. So I decided to join and try it out. What do you like to do the most in DreamScape? Why? I mostly enjoy just straight up talking to people. I've met such an incredible amount of friendly people so far on DreamScape, and new ones every day! But I must admit, I'm guilty of being addicted to gambling as well. So you've been a part of DreamScape for quite some time, what keeps you motivated to stay with DreamScape? The community. I've met so many people over the span of my time her on DreamScape, each and everyone has kept me motivated to keep coming back each and every single day. There's been so many great moments with the friends I've made, that I cannot count them all. What is your favorite moment on DreamScape? Why? I feel almost selfish saying this, but when I got accepted as a Graphics Designer back in December 2015. It was the moment I truly felt people appreciated the work and effort I put into my projects, and acknowledged me for it. If you could choose one position for one day, what rank would it be? Why? That's a tough one. Every position has it's respective perks, and what the authority and responsibility you have towards the community. I admire each and everyone on the Staff Team, but I'd have to go with Graphics Designer. It's always felt like the rank that suited me best, and with no powers I wouldn't feel that responsibility that the Staff Team has on their shoulders. Do you have any goals you want to achieve? Oh, I have several. I would love to revive the SOTW/SOTM, and hopefully create a more active and inspirational Graphics Section on the forums. But the one goal that I would say is at #1 is becoming the Graphics Manager and managing the Graphics Designer Team. If you could choose between being Immortal or being Super Strong and Fast, which would it be? Definitely super strong and fast. I believe that we should all see death as a sort of beautiful thing, and being immortal ruins the whole meaning with life in my opinion. If I live forever, I would just wither away slowly with time, until everything just seemed dull and empty. I personally feel like we should all appreciate the life we have, no matter how long or short it is, and live it to the fullest. What do you think about DreamScape's community? It's family. I've fallen in love with the way people on DreamScape all have the ability to see past age, appearances, and language. I've laughed, cried, and cringed on so many occasions with the community. I can't imagine talking to any better group of people. Is there anything else you wish to say to the community? Stay awesome Dreamers! @Zodiac accomplished something HUGE today! We would like to congratulate him on this step towards becoming a man. @ama showing off some of his awesome pet collection. @Potentials has completed an huge goal and pretty much its an hardcore achievement to list it @Tyrant has made his dream come true he managed to get american torva(u) legs & firstever ironman to have complete emperor set We finally managed to hit 250 players Ironman @ironfoz managed to upgrade his Soulflare into Soulflare(u) @Siktir git spending only 5 hours in DreamScape and absolutely killing it after obtaining this items only from PvM! This or That with @vl0ne Smooth or Crunchie Peanut Butter? Smooth Eat Hot Salad or Cold Soup? Eat Cold Soup Rainbow Colors in your hair or Zebra Stripes? Rainbow Colors Live in a Tea Cup or Under a Mushroom? In a Tea Cup Have Breakfast with a Bear or Dinner with a Whale? Dinner with a Whale Hug a Porcupine or Kiss a Lizard? Kiss a Lizard This or That with @FloppyTech1 Boxers or Briefs? Boxers for sure Tattoo's or Piercings? Tattoo's Simpsons or Family Guy? Family Guy Xbox or Playstation? Playstation Nintendo or Sega? Ah that's tough, Imma go with Nintendo though, love em both. Spongebob or Patrick? Spongebob mah homie. Spring or Fall? Spring Zoo or Aquarium? Aquarium, love fishes. Dog or Cat? Omg that's actually hard because I love puppies, but since it's dog Imma go with cat. But I love puppies, I swear I do. Christmas or Halloween? Christmas, spend some time with the family for once! @Sohan with a Gold Chain off the Soul Chest! @Goldah getting Oblivion Platelegs! Yocky getting the Elite Pernix Body! @Bodhi getting two Elemental Brutal Whips! Sys getting some awesome loot from Dynamic Boxes! @Craven our maxed Ironman getting some sick loot on his hardcore account! Ironman @Wyborn getting the tank toy on their 4,766th kill. Holy moley is that a lot! @Tyrant acquiring his second, that's right, second tank toy. We have two Picture of the Months due to them being the same thing. Here's @rich clique and Twizt3 donating for an Icy Glaive! Thank you guys for your donations! This months Video of the Month is given to a video of @Hc Jessie! He has an amazing voice and a ton of potential to become an even better YouTuber. Let's hope to see a bunch more video's from him. What were some of your favorite activities as a kid (8 years or younger)? How did you spend your free time? The capital of Turkey is a long word. Can you spell it? Think you have the answer? Send your answer to @Squishy for your reward! Founder - Bench Press Founder - Squishy Manager - Feeds Chief Editor - Squishy Reporter - Braydan (Uzi) Reporter - Hc Jessie
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    Monthy Voting "August"

    Dear Dreamscape Community, It's almost the end of the month again, and I'm a bit late with posting this Forum Event. But it's not less interesting! Every month we choose our top members in various skills & positions! You can enter this event by: - Copying the format down below - Filling in your top member at each position, you can leave 5 positions open if you want. [But try to fill in every position] - Send the format to me in a private message! [Everyone who does that, automatically earns 5T in cash] ! YOU CAN NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF! Further, there will be 3 random winners who all receive 50T in pure cash. I will choose the winners after this event, and they can claim their prize in-game at me: @Mirage If you have problems with copy and pasting this format (The gifs just show up as links) Please click the "Use full editor" button when messaging me and the issue shall be solved FORMAT: Most Active In-game Most Active Forums Most Active Overall Most Kind Best Dicer Best Pk'er Best GFX-Designer Best Youtuber Best Guides Maker Best Helper Best Moderator (Including Forums) Best Administrator (Including Forums) Most Respected Staff Member Most Respected Trusted Host Most Respected Non-Staff Member Best Staff Member Most Active on Discord Best Ironman PLEASE NOTE: ONCE 48 HOURS PASSES WE WILL CLOSE VOTING AND POST THE RESULTS THE NEXT DAY! THE PARTICIPATION REWARD OF 5T WILL BE REWARDED AFTER THE EVENT IS OVER! Thanks in advance, we appreciate every single participant!
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    Dreamers! We are here to bring you guys this amazing update! So many fantastic thing's and we wanna welcome you to the future of Dreamscape! New feature's for everyone if you don't like the new beautiful Fog we have at home And the brand new beautiful ground we have. You can do, ::Disablefog. We also have a very good home improvement yet again. The floor has changed and it's improved by a lot ! It's something we call the #DSGANG home. Oh what's that Tyrant's holding?!? It's the Brand New LAVA MINIGUN! LOOK HOW GOOD IT LOOKS! Want one? I know you do! Here is a very big one! We recently came out with the Shadow torva (U) Here's the Thread for that one if you're a little bit behind. Now since the recent updates, Chaos has arrived in town! Chaos pieces full set gives 10% Drop rate & 7.5% Double drop You're able to Obtain this by using " Elemental Helmet/Elemental Platebody/Elemental Platelegs " And throwing those things into the Upgrade chest. First and Foremost! We are having everyone have a FORCE password reset! You'll see this when you first log into game and everything is said there. Please a big thing on Dreamscape is Security. We want everyone's accounts to be safe. We also have MUSIC! now on Dreamscape, We have Different MUSIC at different in Dreamscape. Go to ur settings and adjust the Volume! Go hear the Jams around Dreamscape ! BUG FIXES Abyssal Tentacle now has the same stats as OSRS V Added more OP items to be restricted Full screen chat colors has been changed. Reduce Client lag by %5 Blackjack hosting gap has been increased to (5Q) When rolling dice bag manually you will no longer receive message saying "Your text contains an unacceptable symbol..." Dice bag manually rolling now shows proper graphics & animation Corrected dice bag error message when non-ranked (was Trusted dicer, changed to Trusted host) Corrected rotations for Elemental pieces (Helm, Body, Legs) Corrected rotations for Chaos pieces (Helm, Body, Legs) Changed dice-duel lose animation from death to cry (death is too long, makes your account invisible for 3 seconds or more) Also everyone please give a Big hand and thank the Development team! @Tyrant @Alex They've spent days, and long night's working on these and future update's.
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    Emperor Nick


    Giveaway! This Friday at 10pm Est time, 1 Player wins comment down bellow with your reply! I will pick one generally randomized comment to win 300t cash! Winner announced this friday! Only Loyal Gold Digga Members can Join Good luck everyone!
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    King Elemental

    Decided to draw this morning at work and had a fun time bringing this guy to life. It's pen and pencil.
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    Monthy Voting "August" - Winners!!!

    Dear Dreamscape Community, We hosted the monthly voting event, where people had to fill in a specific format. In this format, they had to fill in their top member on several roles/positions. This can vary from best staff member till best pk'er. THE RESULTS: Most Active In-game @Mirage Most Active Forums @Feeds Most Active Overall @Mirage Most Kind @Unicow Best Dicer @Emperor Nick Best Pk'er @Bodhi Best GFX-Designer @Wonder Best Youtuber @Hc Jessie Best Guides Maker @Squishy Best Helper @Ownerscape Best Moderator (Including Forums) Tie @Half / @Feeds Best Administrator (Including Forums) @Mirage Most Respected Staff Member @Mirage Most Respected Trusted Host @Emperor Nick Most Respected Non-Staff Member @W I C C A Best Staff Member @Mirage Most Active on Discord Tie @Half / @Mirage Best Ironman @Just time The BIG winner of the month May is: @Mirage Give him a huge congratulations, he won 5 times!! With a Tie!!! And these 3 lucky fella's down below also won another 50T on it! [We decided to use a random number generator and these 3 lucky players won 50t!] #1 - @Defiant #2 - @Potentials #3 - @4ever Alone I want to thank you all very much! It's always a blast that people participate in this awesome event. And it's also a huge boost towards the people who made it on this month's list! *For all that voted please contact me ingame - Mirage ( To collect your 5t for submitting your vote)*
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    Dreamers Weekly - August 6th, 2017

    Welcome back to the first edition of the Dreamers Weekly! Due to the papers becoming more frequent, there will be less content within each paper. Within today's Dreamers Weekly, we will discuss the usual topics. Player promotions, Introductions, Interviews, and many other topics will be discussed within the paper. The Dreamers Weekly Team wishes everyone an excellent time with reading this months Newspaper. Do YOU have a suggestion for the Newspaper? If so, send a message to either @Feeds or @Squishy to submit it! Did YOU get an awesome drop this week? Send a message to either @Feeds or @Squishy to have it submitted onto the paper. Would YOU like to join the Dreamers Weekly Team? Feel free to apply now! Application Format Would YOU like to be interviewed for the Dreamers Weekly? If so, send a message to either @Feeds or @Squishy. DreamScape Social Media Twitter YouTube Facebook Instagram Discord We have a couple of promotions this week. First off, we'd like to congratulate Hc Jessie on obtaining the Media Manager position. He's been doing consistent videos about DreamScape, dedicating a lot of time into them. If you have any questions regarding the media aspect of DreamScape, make sure you send him a message. Next up we have FloppyTech1 who's been an extremely dedicated Youtuber for awhile now. FloppyTech1 puts out great content, and is very well known throughout DreamScape. We'd like to congratulate him on achieving this position, as we all know he'll do wonderful. We have a couple of veteran players returning to the DreamScape community! First up, we have @Blueoptic returning to DreamScape. He's an old Global Administrator and the Wiki Founder! Please welcome him back into the community! Check out his original thread here - Next up we have @Redaeran returning to DreamScape. He's an old Gambling Manager, Donations Manager, and Forum Administrator. Please welcome him back into the community! Check out his original thread here - Finally, we have @Vince returning. @Vince is the previous Community Manager. He also goes by the name of Aliengod. Please welcome him back into the community! Check out his original thread here - Interview with @Yvez When did you first start playing RuneScape? I started playing regular RuneScape way back in the day, 2002. When did you start playing DreamScape? I joined DreamScape about two months ago, after a big life change I wanted something new! Is there any specific meaning behind your name? The meaning behind my name is actually a memorial to a friend which passed away when we were kids, only 14. A best friend of mine, lost to cancer. Although I play games in his name because me and him loved to play all types of games together. If there could be one position you could create on DreamScape, what would it be? Depends, if it were me I would love to have the wiki rank back in game. Although I would love to see a Service rank which would allow you to do all sorts of things in game for other players. Including on there account. I'll be creating a suggestion here soon about this sort of information in the future. What is your favorite item on DreamScape? I will have to say that my favorite item is the Golden Minigun, because it's overall the most widely used/best PvM weapon you can get in game. If you could add one boss into DreamScape, what would it be, and what would it drop? Now that is a very difficult question. To me, I would like to see a boss where anyone can go to kill it, but one per person might look a little bit like this or maybe Zulrah in game. It would drop some sexy looking recolored torva, maybe with some blue and gold. It'd be called the Zaros armor. There's too many idea's here. There's more then just this one, I'd like to see a lot of different bosses added into the game although on the spot it's kinda difficult if I say so myself. Who is your favorite Staff Member? Favorite Staff Member, that's a difficult one. I'm going to have to say Ownerscape simply because he's a very nice, chill, relaxed guy and helps out a lot in game and on Discord. What is the most useless boss here on DreamScape? Simple, it's Nex. It has no uses other then obtaining Torva which can be bought in the shops. If you could make one boss that doesn't already have a pet have one, which would it be? I'd have to say Vorago. It has some pretty sick looking graphics. If you had spawning privileges, what would be the first thing you'd spawn? I would have to choose the custom Icy Glaive Offhand simply because it has some sick texture and is a one off handed weapon, so it can be used with a wide variety of one handed weapons. Interview with @FloppyTech1 When did you join DreamScape? I originally joined DreamScape in 2015. I quit after a month, then I joined back recently in June 2017 and I've been playing since. What has made you so loyal towards the server? Well, it's the only private server I play. I also dedicate so much time into DreamScape on a daily basis by creating content for the server in order to promote it. I feel like this is easily the best private server I've played. The community is amazing, and so is the staff which has made it easy for me to stay here on DreamScape. If you could change one aspect about DreamScape, what would it be? Hmm, that's quite a tough question. DreamScape is amazing the way it is. The only thing I think I could change would be more promotion for the forums. It's really inactive with only a few players consistently on it. If we could somehow encourage more players to be more active on the forums it would make DreamScape that much better. If you could make one boss that doesn't already have a pet have one, which would it be? Vorago should have a pet. First of all the boss is extremely hard to kill as it is in the wilderness. If anyone would be lucky enough to obtain it they would instantly be extremely rich. Also another reason I choose Vorago is because it looks really nice in RuneScape 3. I have a lot of confidence in our development team to recreate it. If you could travel to one place in the world, where would it be? Easy one, always wanted to go to Dubai. Did you guys know that the police cars in Dubai are Ferrari's and Lambo's? Tell me that isn't crazy. It's one of the wealthiest places in the world. Always wanted to go there and hopefully I'll be able to go there sometime in the future with my family. What's your favorite style of music? Hmm, well this is pretty easy also. I really enjoy rap music. Some of my favorite rappers include Drake and Kendrick Lamar. If you had to live inside of one TV show, what would it be? If I would have to live inside of a TV show it would have to be Prison Break. Easily my favorite show of all time. I'd love to break out of prison the way they do it in the show. Not going to spoil the show for you guys, but I highly recommend watching it. If you had to choose something to give up in life, what would you choose? Wow, very deep question. Honestly, I'd probably have to give up my phone or anything that involves technology. The reason I say this is because I feel like I spend way to much time on social media platforms and my phone. I'm the type of guy that loves exploring and traveling, so I'd much rather spend my time doing that then spending it on social media and anything related to technology. You're now only able to eat one thing for the rest of your life. What would you choose? This is un-fair. I'll get bored of eating the same thing, but it'd have to be steak. It is my favorite food and I can't resist not eating it at least once a week. It would be a very boring life though. If you could choose any activity to do for the rest of your life, what would it be? I would choose playing the sport of Basketball. This is quite simple, if you have spoken with me for more then a week you already know this. I play High-School basketball (varsity). I already do this so it wouldn't really be life changing. If anyone is interested, I'm a small-forward, height is 6'2. The camel man himself, @Tyrant proves once again that he does not have a life outside of DreamScape and camels. This or That with @Potentials Be completely hairy all over, or completely bald? Hairy Ability to be invisible or read minds? Invisible Eat poison ivy or a handful of bumblebees? Wow an intense one.. I'd say poison ivy. Meet an alien visitor or travel to outer space? Meet an alien Never use the internet again, or never watch TV again? I already don't watch TV, so no TV :p Ability to stop time or to fly? Stop time Have an elephant trunk or a giraffe neck? Elephant trunk :p Be forgotten or hatefully remembered? Be forgotten :( Kiss a jellyfish or step on a crab? Kiss a jellyfish Be 3 feet tall, or 8 feet tall? 8 feet! Our new Media Manager @Hc Jessie has started up the Picture of the Month. We'll announce the winners at the end of the month! Check out the thread here - Again, our Media Manager @Hc Jessie has started up the Video of the Month. We'll announce the winners at the end of the month! Check out the thread here - If you could bring back one dead musician to perform one more concert, who would you choose? We hurt without moving, and poison without touching. We bear truth and lies, but are not judged by size. What are we? Think you have the answer? Send a message to @Squishy! Founder - Bench Press Founder - Squishy Manager - Feeds Chief Editor - Squishy
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    Dreamers Weekly - August 13th, 2017

    Welcome back to the Dreamers Weekly! Within today's Dreamers Weekly, we will discuss the usual topics. Player promotions, Introductions, Interviews, and many other topics will be discussed within the paper. The Dreamers Weekly Team wishes everyone an excellent time with reading this months Newspaper. Do YOU have a suggestion for the Newspaper? If so, send a message to either @Feeds or @Squishy to submit it! Did YOU get an awesome drop this week? Send a message to either @Feeds or @Squishy to have it submitted onto the paper. Would YOU like to join the Dreamers Weekly Team? Feel free to apply now! Application Format Would YOU like to be interviewed for the Dreamers Weekly? If so, send a message to either @Feeds or @Squishy. DreamScape Social Media Twitter YouTube Facebook Instagram Discord We have a couple of promotions to share with you this weeks. An old veteran, known by the name Wonder has been re-promoted to Graphics Designer. He was an old Graphics Designer for many months on DreamScape, and we're extremely excited to see him re-join the Designers Team. Starting off with Trusted Host promotions we have Shelter. He is constantly at dicezone holding pots, hosting, and overall being an active member of the dicing community. We'd like to congratulate him on his promotion. Next up we have another Trusted Host promotion. This promotion is dedicated towards Defiant. Another extremely dedicated member of the gambling community. He is always able to be found at dicezone holding pots and hanging out within the community. Moving onto staff promotions, we have Hi its Guru being promoted to a Helper. He is always helping over yell and in DreamScape's Help CC. It's a pleasure seeing him hold a staff position here on DreamScape. We have another Helper promotion, and this one is dedicated to englishlog. Another member that was almost always helping the entire community with whatever they needed. We're extremely excited to see them start their journey as a DreamScape Helper. Now, most of you know the next promotion, but we'd all love to give a huge round of applause towards Ownerscape for his promotion to In-Game Moderator. One of the most active members of DreamScape, he is more then deserving of this promotion to In-Game Moderator. We're happy to see another dedicated member promoted. @Best of Nessan An active member of the dicing community has finally decided to show his face on the forums. We'd like to welcome him to the forums. Check out the original thread here - @Yvez Now most people probably already know who he is, as he's EXTREMELY active in-game and on Discord, but he realized he never made an introduction! Make sure you welcome him to the community! Check out the original thread here - @Sleash We have another YouTuber joining DreamScape! We'd like to wish him an excellent time here on the server. Check out the original thread here - @Dabster There's a new member to DreamScape, and their name is Dabster! Welcome them to DreamScape! Check out the original thread here - @HC Valknir We have a new DreamScape member that's planning on adding some great things to the DreamScape forums! We're all very excited to see what sort of topics he brings. Check out the original thread here - @Zaro Another new member of the community who is already an active member of the forums. We're very pleased to welcome them to DreamScape. Check out the original thread here - @Jota We have a veteran returning to DreamScape! Jota was an active member back in the day, and we're pleased to see him return to DreamScape. Check out the original thread here - @ChanceB Another veteran returning to DreamSape! He initially left due to an OSRS grind, but now he's officially back on DreamScape. Check out the original thread here - @Shorty Another new member of the community. He's been a part of the RuneScape community for awhile now, and he's decided to join DreamScape as well. Check out the original thread here - @Braydan (Uzi) First off, Uzi has had to leave DreamScape again due to real life issues. Have no fear though, Uzi will return as he always does. We wish you the best Uzi. Check out the original thread here - @Hc Maximum It's sad to see a dedicated member of DreamScape not has the same enthusiasm they once had for DreamScape. We're hoping to see him return to DreamScape as he was an extremely well known member of the community. Check out the original thread here - This or That with @Zodiac Wake up and have the body of an 80 year old but with the mind of a 4 year old, or have the body of a 4 year old with the mind of an 80 year old? 4 year old body with the mind of an 80 year old because I already have bad memory so it's fine :). Paint with your face or your knees? Painting with my knees, I can't see with paint on my face. Have four arms or a three foot long tail? I would have four arms, more arms to assist me in multi-tasking. Be able to only hear men or women? Only hear men, because my best friends are men and women would drive me nuts! Live in a house made of Lego's or duct tape? House made of legos, less time to add extensions to your house. Be the funniest, or most intelligent in the room? Definitely funniest, I love making people laugh. Continue with your life, or restart it? Definitely a hard one, but I would continue with it. I think everything I have done was for a reason, and for that I would continue. Have no one show up to your wedding, or your funeral? Have them not show up to my funeral because that is when people are the saddest. Know how you will die, or when you will die? Know when I will die so I can spend the rest of my time doing things I want to, rather then being scared to do certain things because of knowing my death. The ability to speak all languages, or be able to speak to animals? This is also a hard one, because I am an animal person, but I would love to speak all languages. To be able to travel and understand people and their cultures. Space Jam Upgraded SpaceJam @FloppyTech1 getting a total of $1,000 donated! DreamScape has finally hit over 300 active users! If you could choose one superpower to have for one day, what would it be? I am taken from a mine, and shut up in a wooden case, from which I am never released, and yet I am used by almost everybody. What am I? Send @Squishy the answer for your reward! The first to answer wins! Founder - Bench Press Founder - Squishy Manager - Feeds Manager - Squishy Chief Editor - Squishy
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    Hc Jessie

    Staff Feedback

    @Chuck To Dreamscape you are a god, you are always active whether it be on forums or in-game. Always working on updates and new ideas to bring to Dreamscape. Your skill on running the staff team is above any other I've seen. When in-game you always treat players with respect and lighten the mood with your awesome and fun attitude ! When on discord its always "Liiiiiiit" as @Mirage would say. You liven up the mood of everyone, and everyone enjoys getting to talk to you and spam you with messages XD. You've done an amazing job bringing this server together and i wouldnt want any other person doing what you do! @Stuart As a Dreamscape Web Developer you go way beyond what is asked of you and do 110% more. Your skill as web developer cant go without saying your a boss, your good at what you do and i do not think we would want any other. With that said your ability to do what you do in-game you definitely have a impact on the players, always taking care of the players or any of they're needs. As part of the community we realize your fairly busy so pming you can be a waiting game, but when free you go above and beyond for anyone in need of help! @Tyrant @alexdkk These 2 guys i have no complaints at all! The work you do for Dreamscape is so amazing bringing constant updates and bug fixes, Such as the new fog system. Just amazing! We love everything you guys do and all the effort you put into it. Ya'll work to the best of your ability and that 210%!! Personally i cant wait to see more, and awesome ideas yall have and are coming up with! Very respected in the community! I love that although your developers your not to distant from the players your always active where you can be. *would love to see alexdkk ingame a little more and on voice channel as well as tyrant talking on discord @vl0ne You my man i give a shout out for, when in-game you work hard. You handle what you gotta handle, and have great knowledge about Dreamscape. Your always there to help players when your not busy or afk. Your activity on forums is always high, although its slimmed down a little as well as your activity in-game. Over all that doesn't effect how great you are as a Gambling Manager and the players as well as myself wouldn't want any other in your position. *something to improve though would be to get out of staff zone and gamble some, you are the Gambling Manager so come to dicezone sometime to hangout with the community. @Potentials What can i say here that everyone doesnt already know. You are top of the time when it comes to forums. Always there to take care of any problems players may have. Always being active on discord is amazing players know they can come to you. In-game you also help out alot, best thing is that you connect with the community whether on discord or discord. * one thing i would like to see more of is you being active in-game, i'd love to chill with ya :p @Iron Barrage "Xp Barrage" as your called in-game you are definitely an amazing admin, you do your part and some. When i'm online i see you helping players left and right. You handle some donations when challenging mirage, but when your free you are always talking to the community and helping players. When i have ever needed help you have always been there to teleport me or come to my side no matter what to help me, as well as other players. In discord the players love talking to you and interacting, they always have fun and enjoy your company. You are doing amazing and i love seeing more from you. *one thing you could do to improve is connect more with the community as far as discord and going outside of the staff zone to talk etc. i do not see to much of that. @Mirage There is alot to say here for Mirage. To begin with i must say you give 150% at your job as admin. I've come to know you very well and speak to you personally, and you are always a good guy. You lend your advice and a helping hand to anyone in need. I always see you giving those good donation deals and making it liiiiit in-game. In discord you make it so much better everyone loves talking to you and interacting with you. You liven up everyones day. As ive seen your drive for doing what you do is outstanding. There is a drive in you i havent seen in any RSPS admin, It is nice to have an admin that cares so much and enjoys what he does. Everyone knows if there is anyone that will help or be there its good ole Mirage. I wanna say personally thank you for everything youve done just for me alone and many more before me! You are everyone favorite as we all know, but with out question @Iron Barrage gives you a challenge @Feeds Feeds my baby! If i'm speaking as a player and not a close friend i would say your by far the best moderator in-game. You are always active and helping players. Other than Mirage you respond to help players faster than anyone I've seen thus far. I can hardly speak to you in-game most days because you are so busy. Also on discord you are there helping in help channel and more, your work for News Team is unquestionable, you always go above and beyond to make sure your work as well as the teams work is at 100% Speaking as a close friend that has gotten to know you i would say you are an outstanding person, with an amazing personality that really connects with the players and i love seeing that. Your forum activity couldn't be more perfect, as you are always active and helping. @Half I love how you connect with the players, whether it is in-game or on discord. When your around players always have a good time. You do your part as moderator of Dreamscape 100% and no less. I wish i could see more of you though. As mod your always there to help players and handle any situation presented to you. You offer great advice to players and members alike, always lending a helping hand. @Phoenix Phoenix you are one of the main reason i joined this server. I have to thank you before anything for being a youtuber and advertising Dreamscape in the way that you do. I wouldn't want any other above you doing what you do. Your videos are always unique, and your quality of work whether it is on forums or youtuber is flawless. Besides some misspelling here or there Always there to help out your fellow players and youtubers which i love seeing so keep it up! With all that said, *it would be nice to see more of you on forums, in-game, and on discord. @Nova Bomb I've never had one complaint with Nova and your work. You are always there helping and as helper you do 110% Always being active in-game and on forums, helping when needed giving your hand to players and pointing them in the right direction. I've had help from you countless time and ive gotta say you are good at what you do ! I love talking to you on discord and keeping it liiit. I would love to see more from you. @MrZechariah I've been there even before you had helper rank and i gotta say you deserve it. Honestly other the ownerscape i knew you had the potential for helper. I wasnt wrong you do your job and more for players and members alike. If there is a problem you handle it, if there is anything anyone needs to help. You're quick to respond and give the correct answers to player questions, with this said i would like to see more activity from you on forums. *To improve some you can always be more active on forums, and discord interacting with the community that's something I've noticed that is lacking @Ownerscape Ownerscape i wanna say Thank you from me to you for your work as a Wiki Editor. It is by far amazing and such a help to the server. As helper you go way beyond anything i imaged, Not just helping players but bringing them content such as wiki prices, and keeping up with it and updating it. I have to say you do such an amazing job, and your a great guy to talk to. Hanging out with you on discord ive had some fun times joking and speaking with you and everyone. I love watching you do what you do man and i hope to see that much more. Keep it up my man! Thank you all for reading my Staff Feedback. Personally from me to all staff thank you so much for doing what you do and bringing forth such amazing content, and helping players. There is no question you guys are the best staff team out there, you are all flawless, and deserve everything in life. Its because of you guys players love the server, and come back daily. Its you guys that drive players to do what they do and strive to be the best here on Dreamscape. With that said i love you ! Keep up the amazing work !
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    [DreamScape] - YouTuber Rank

    Huge shoutout too the following people for helping me on my way too the rank: Fellow YouTubers: @Hc Maximum @Just time @Video rsps Staff Members: @Feeds @Nova Bomb @Half @Mirage @Iron Barrage @Hc Jessie Players: @Yvez (Wiki Editor) @BlackheartV2 @karim358 @Unicow @Joeztube @Squishy(News Team) SORRY IF I FORGOT TOO MENTION YOU
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    The time is finally here :(

    So the time has come, after being a staff since Oct. 2015, on this AMAZING server, i will be sadly resigning from my ingame staff position of Donation Manager, BUT I'll be remaining as quite active on forums Unfortunately I've had so many things to focus on and no time to even get on my computer for even a second. I do feel confident that one of our amazing staff members can fulfill my place I'll miss seeing you guys ingame but I'll keep in touch via forums and discord when possible <3
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    Dreamers! Today we're bringing up you guys with a HUGE update, and when we say Huge, we actually mean it. After countless of hours of scripting, creating, testing and preparing, we are proud to say we've came up with a very new and unique Minigame, that is obviously PvP related .......... We've used a click bait title just to tell you guys we're bringing on another safespot-afkable torva boss! ARE YOU BORED OF THESE? OH WELL, BECAUSE WE ARE! Before we're getting in depth about this Minigame, it is still in a beta stage whereas everything is available as well as earning points, expect the fact that the reward-shop won't be available until we're fully comfortable that the Minigame is stabilized and bug-free. So without any further ado, let's jump off to what you guys have been waiting for so much! The Slaughter house is all about surviving, but is it as easy as it sounds? You are spawned in a random place where you stand by yourself versus everyone else who's participating, having to find, create and even slay for the resources whom may lead you to being the last survivor of the house. Sounds hard yet? Wait until you find out about all the obstacles that will be in your way! whether it is having an eye-catching armor that might bring up blood-thirsty enemies on you, or being too much exposed to be hurt by the obstacles through your way, or maybe even by just rushing the chests that are randomly spawned around the map . You have to find the best outstanding strategy to be the very last survivor and win the match, with AMAZING rewards to ensure, you haven't gone through all the harsh for free. Find more about the minigame mechanics in-game! Item picking up has been fixed XP Drops has been fixed Fires are now properly disappearing Few items not showing on market (I.E Boxing gloves) are now showing. Tzhaar minigame now drop items ::donatorcommands now works for Sponsors Some clue scroll fixes Oblivion dragon has been added to Boss interface Target 'hint-icon' (The yellow arrow above target) have been fixed Runite ore now properly respawns in the Mining skilling area. A secondary POS manager has been added to market Dying in Iron-man instances is now fixed Extreme amulet is now purchasable off the Extreme donator store at the Extreme donator zone for Extreme donator+ Dagganoth Kings now observe damage properly for non attack-styles Special-attack mechanics has been perfected during switch Announcement when a player wins more than 1.5Q in a Black Jack match. Fox mask appearance fix We loooove you all, and that's why we care about bringing you guys with a New Event (Scheduled by managers) The Random Unique Drop (Known as: 'RUD') is a system which will be used to host events (Not a scheduled-fixed one!) that allows Managers to create a new random drop for a specific monster/boss, with a limitation of a chosen amount of drops, you will have a chance of obtaining a very valuable item! An example would be, a Manager having a new RUD for Pengiun being an Ice Katana, and only 3 will be dropped before the RUD is removed. The chance is to be decided by the Manager too. Our today's update was based on a lot of different content that you guys wanted us to bring on the table! Want more of them? Please create a Suggestion telling us what do YOU want to see in the next update! Thank you everyone for staying tuned and playing our lovely server, Best regards DreamScape Development & Management Team.
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    the secret is no longer available.
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    Braydan (Uzi)

    Sorry fellas..

    Sorry fellas, and ladies that know me ingame. I'm no longer able to spare time to enjoy dreamscape, or even play it. I apologize for my departure but I'll be back asap (could possibly be a few months) but.. I hope that the people I know now, are still people I know in a few months time and still around. I would just like to say; Everybody (the whole community) you are amazing, you're what brings myself back every time I'm able to spare time to play dreamscape, keep being an amazing community and keep on keeping on, I cant wait to see how dreamscape goes when its 2020, I know it'll be running than because it gets the funds, is well ran, and the community will always be so brilliant. Please keep in mind, I'm not doing shoutouts cause I'll be here for 24hours writing it, and I just wanna say, to all the people I have had the pleasure of talking to, thank you for putting up with myself, and keep enjoying dreamscape for the masterpiece it is. ~Peace, love, and harmony~ Will see y'all around.
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    Hc Maximum

    300 subs!

    I cant thank you all for all the support on my channel, today I hit a milestone of 300 subscribers, Something I never thought I would achieve, 3 months ago I started making dreamscape videos with my random channel of 20 subs or so, after making my first video, definitely knew this server was my home. Thankyou to everyone who messages me ingame either saying they like my videos, or suggesting ideas. I will definitely keep uploading as consistently as I can and bring in new content. Thankyou @Feeds For commenting on every video I posted with positive feedback, from the very beginning Thankyou to the whole #ytgang for supporting me. You guys are awesome and I will definitely help anyone who needs it as you guys helped me <3 Thankyou @Hc Jessie and @Clubzlutxp for taking the time to help me reach the final stretch of 300 subs. And of course thankyou to the dreamscape community as a whole for supporting me <3
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    Thank you, DreamScape #300

    The title says it all, THANK YOU so much DreamScape. I came here with 246 subscribers and in a little over a month, you guys have gave me so much love and support. I cannot describe all the emotions running through my body right now. I'm really happy, i'm so glad i found this server with such a loving community. 300 was a goal of mine ever since i came too DreamScape and you guys made it come true. I won't stop working, i'm going too come up with more and more content too try and entertain you guys as much as i can. I'll also be hosting a giveaway next video as a THANK YOU for all the support I've received since day 1. I'd also like too make a few shoutouts too people who have helped me in their own ways since i started whether it was by giving me YouTube advice or by simply supporting me throughout all of my videos. @Phoenix @Hc Jessie @Yvez @BlackheartV2 @Hc Maximum @Feeds @Video rsps @Hi its Guru If i forgot anyone, i apologize but you know who you are! You guys have supported me since i've started and i really appreciate that. Let's move on too bigger things now #RoadToo500
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    Collection Service

    Username: Bodhi Item(s) to be collected: 10k of each Barrow armour Price for the specific amount collected: 2b each, price can be discussed :) When you need it by(Optional): Take your time since this is hella big stack request Prefer before 2018
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    Small request from @Goldah A small quote from Prison Break; "He was like a storm, appearing suddenly out of a clear blue sky and then disappear just as quickly" Sara Tancredi You can compare with that quote with me. Few old players might think, o no not another thread about returning. Yes I might have quited/taken breaks/left alot and yet here I am. Dreamscape and I do have long history negative&positive. Dreamscape&old friends drawn me back to Dreamscape and start to play again. I've been couple days here, and deciding about should I return and be part of that #DSGANG, Ds family? Yeah I want to be part of that once again. I have no idea how long this time. I do not have any exams&tests where I have to be inactive for a while for coming three years(gotta love that school). What happend past three months I was gone out of nowhere? I've been busy with exams, and unexpected demotion came out of nowhere and gave up my motivation and used it on exams. Yes, I've passed the exams which I'm glad about it. Last two weeks I've felt empty, lonely. My girlfriend was on holiday to America with her friends, everyone was working or at school. I realised there was another place where I felt home that is here. For the ones doens't know me at all. Well to start with my name, Bodhi. I am 18 years old(recently). I'm kind of guy into dogs&cats,gaming,sporting, chilling, I can have rude/soft humor. I'm currenty following ICT(Information and Communication Technology) afterwards I've planned to go into Website designs/coding. To be honest I can't wait to start the schoolyear and ace all the tests. Me and Dreamscape way back in history, 2014 23 october, few reasons what got me to go back to Dreamscape. I don't know where or how to start. Few months ago I've met @Jaffle & @vl0neand became trio besties/best friends for a good 2-3 months. You know us mostly on TeamSpeak3, you heard us saying a lot of words such as "cuck" "fukin jaffle". Or the fletching road to 99 race on osrs. Thank you Vl0ne, Jaffle for being one of best friends I've met over internet. @Squishy, you're totally a forum god. You were my motivation to be active on forums. You've raced like nearly 2k post counts in few months that was total madness! Not only that, you were also a good friend to me and you are still. @Bench Press, @sandy, wow you two were my first two friends on dreamscape, we were called sometimes as Dutch trio. @Bench Press, you've taught me whats being human behind the computer, what we can achieve from smallest steps. I've always looked up at you, still am. @Hardcore v2 I still remember when we used to control the wilderness. Vorago was our spot, 40+ wild also multi. Not only that, I could talk about anything with you. Thank you for supporting through hard times. @Half aka Donald Duck. I've been thinking here a good 10 minutes about how can I describe our friendship. You're strong, chill,smart,kind person and for sure lovely! I want to thank you for being there, being good friend. I might missed alot of players/friends. Yes if you were real friend to me and to you, then you know how I think about you. Expect me to be active forums&ingame,discord, on the voice part I gotta work on due internet not being stable.
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    Hc Jessie

    Fashion Event | August !!

    Welcome Everyone I know we did this event last month, but i love doing it to see what amazing outfits you guys put together. I usually put restrictions on these events, but not this one Please read all rules and follow them! #1) There are no restrictions, you can wear anything you want! custom or non-custom. #2) You must comment your entry below in the comments (Meaning no pm's) #3) You can only have 1 entry fashion outfit, you can however post multiple photos of the same outfit in one comment to show it off better. #4) Rules number 4, look your absolute best!! If you try to enter wearing nothing your disqualified. #1- Blue Boxing Gloves #2- Phoenix Pet #3- SoulFlare Such amazing prices!! So goodluck to everyone! Also don't forget to support the Dreamscape ranked and nonranked youtubers below: @Floppy Tech <3> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbv-xrO089yXyl3iodBGxHQ @Hc Maximum <3> https://www.youtube.com/user/NeverGiveUp744 @Rhysj <3> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3sLqWmm1jY4PaeHrsnKGlw @Joeztube <3> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClVfjA1t12niyK_0sjIIqtQ @Phoenix <3> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb3_vMev-3DPTTQPD7K_xpg @saint <3> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_TqMmRtM4VsaGFjVt6gLVA @Gainz <3> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMNQDr_xZYVps1vGW3F4wCA @Video rsps <3> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa0LySYMA_Z-z9OMdXtoJJA Lets gets those subs up boys!! There are many more youtubers, so make sure to keep up with all the latest content from your phone or computer! Leave feedback, likes or dislikes and let them know how they did or are doing! Good luck everyone !
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    Maxis app

    I feel like you would be great for it. I think the Videos would come out more and you can always give us a shout out for other players to come. I think this is good for both parties. Thanks for application, i will wait for other members to comment to decide!
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    I know I've posted these in Discord but I was not able to see everyone's opinions. Please note: I use Picture reference to draw meaning I cannot draw something I cannot see (my personal explanation for it) These are not labeled in any order. Kisuke X Yoruichi (Bleach) Kisuke(Bleach) Byakuya (Bleach) Zangetsu(Bleach) Meliodas X Elizabeth (Seven Deadly Sins) Any feedback is welcomed These were drawn with Charcoal Pencils and shaded with Charcoal. Kind Regards, Phoenix
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    8 Likes away for Legend Rank
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    The Legend of Redaeran

    So, if you have been on discord lately, some of you know that I have returned. I know alot of folks have no idea who I am, and those who do, know exactly what I can do. So im gonna talk about myself a little. My name is Brendan. I am 22 years old, and I am a waiter at a Waffle House. I am a huge pothead, so get used to me being stoned when you see me on discord. I dont have alot of free time, but if I do, its usually me playing League of Legends or playing anything in general. Before i left, I held titles of being the Gambling Manager, Donation Manager, Forum admin, and a great friend to all. I plan to learn about everyone here and be friends with all of you. I am an easy going guy, and I try my best to make others happy. If you have any questions o n anything about me, just message me or find me in discord. Have a great day -Redaeran
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    Guru's Better Droplog

    Nice way to ask the community and start grinding! gl' bro! get the scythe
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    Emperor Nick

    New Items to merch?

    Best items to merch right now are: Elemental (helm, body, legs) -Regular minigun -Row I -American torva pieces
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    Huge thanks to @Wonder He will be creating my thumbnails from now on. Also huge thanks to @Hc Maximum for collaborating with me on this video. Enjoy the video!
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    Hc Maximum

    Gold diggers

    I ain't saying she a gold digger, but she ain't messing with no broke bloke
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    Dreamers, Just popping up to let you all know how much I miss the server!! For those of you who don't know me (which I'm coming to see might be a lot of you :D) I used to play back in November until about February/March, I loved (still do) the server but was forced to leave due to some personal issues, among which is the fact that I was starting my last year of IB Diploma, which involves a LOT of work. Anyways, for those of you who remember me, I miss you dearly! I already spoke a lil bit with Brant, I considered him my closest friend back then and still do, but for the rest of you, just know I'm coming and looking forward to meeting all of you! I'm not returning just yet, I actually have my exams coming up soon, but when those are done I'll be back quickly! See you soon, and I miss you; Papers
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    The Wiki Guide (Updated)

    The Dreamscape Wiki Getting Start Community Community Portal: Here you can find useful information. Here we will demonstrate ways for you to stay active and even give you tips on areas you may have an interest in. Wiki Updates: Here you will find agenda's of things we are working on and future updates that we'd like to get implemented. Staff Team: Here you can find the full staff list of the Dreamscape community. Guides Starter Guide : Here you can find starter setup Bosses & Monster: Here you can find any information about bosses, such ass what they drop if it's a rare or common drop,... Skills: Here you can find back information about the skills on Dreamscape. Minigames & Diversions: Here you will find back information about the mini games & diversions on Dreamscape. Starter Guide Starter: Here you can find a well-explained guide as a new player on how to start on Dreamscape. Miscellaneous: Here you will find information about; 》Rewards Emperor Box Invictus Box Mega Crate Dynamic Mystery Box Dream Mystery Box Pet Mystery Box Super Mystery Box Mystery Box Crystal Key Trivia/Achievements Squeal of Fortune Dreamscape Lottery 》Pets 》Armours 》Weapons 》Cosmetics Custom Party Hats Custom H'weens Custom Santa's 》Unobtainables Unobtainable Masks/Hats Flowers Dicing: You will find all the information about gambling here Price Guide: The price guide can be found here Dreamscape Links; Dreamscape Homepage :- Direct link to official homepage Forums ;- Direct link to Forums. Play :- Direct link to download page.Now Donate :- Direct link to the donation page. Vote ;- Direct link to Vote. Support ;- Direct link to Support. Social ;- Direct link to social media. Explore; Wiki activity: What was edited or added to the wikia recently can be found here Random Page: Takes to a random page on wikia can access this way Community: Takes to fan page, can access this way Videos: Here you can find the latest videos about Dreamscape Images: Here you can find certain Images showing stats of custom items on Dreamscape.
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    Hc Jessie

    Dreamscape Media Support

    Whats up Dreamscape gang! I wanna take the time to say thank you to eveyone of our players for being amazing and supporting us! Dreamscape has come just a long way in the past years, and gained so many amazing players. Everything you do is noticed and appreciated. One Big shout out to all of our ranked and nonranked YouTubers out there that make videos and advertise the server you are doing such an amazing job. Starting now i will be awarding those that make Youtube videos for Dreamscape, the way it'll work is as follows: I will be watching your channels, and content. From this i will leave my feedback and offer my assistance to you in any way possible. Secondly i will be paying Youtubers ranked and nonranked rewards for the content they produce, this will happen every week to two weeks. Based on your content, and how often you upload. For some time now Youtubers have been with out this, feeling like they're unnoticed, well im here to say NO MORE! I will be here to help any and all players either already producing or wanting to produce videos and become a future youtuber. I will offer amazing software to those wanting to do so, and give my help and advice along the way all you need to do is message me via forums/discord. Support Dreamscape not just by advertising videos, go outside of Dreamscape other than youtube you can Follow us on twitter, join us on Facebook, and sub to the Official Dreamscape Youtube channel. Dreamscape Twitter page > https://twitter.com/Dreamscape_RSPS [ Here you can find the latest updates or content that Dreamscape releases, be the first one to see it! All you need to do is follow ] Official Dreamscape YouTube Channel > https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOI9yr-UG8EytpTNV1f9dhQ [ Here you can watch amazing youtube videos that Dreamscape officials make them selves!! Be there to support the channel with comments and likes! ] Dreamscape Facebook Page > https://www.facebook.com/dreamscape317/ [ Follow, and like like our official Facebook page, see new updates and more on your news feed. A whole new way to stay up to date with Dreamscape! ] Dreamscape Instagram Page > https://www.instagram.com/dreamscape_rsps/ [ Follow us on Instagram, send in your pictures and more to be advertised and shown off to everyone ] You have no idea how much this means to us to have you all here. It is you guys the players that have brought us from the bottom to the top! Now as one of the best servers till this day we have you and the amazing developer team to thank for it. You all mean so much to us, everything we do is because and for you guys. Thank you all for taking the time to read this, Love you all.
  32. 3 points

    MOTM August (Voting)

    The time has come once again!! We're going to give the community, the FINAL VOTE! We as a staff team chose 3 members which we though were, - Most active - Most Friendly - Most Helpful & other skills. So the 3 members who are contestants for the title: Member of the Month 'August' Are.. 1. @Yvez 2. @Hi its Guru 3. @Unicow The voting will close on August 1st! So vote as soon as possible, it'll just take 3 seconds!! Good luck to all the contestants :D!
  33. 3 points
    MOTM public voting will be posted tonight
  34. 3 points
    Just time

    Hns event this weekend

    Hey everyone Hide'n Seek THIS WEEKEND These are the items that will be Given away Thanks to, Number two, Hasty, Legendry geo I will be recording this sooooo, If some of you miss it don't worry you could win some of these as well by mentioning your username etc on the video its self :D
  35. 3 points

    Cheshire Cat

    Sexy (Cats are a no-no though)
  36. 3 points

    Weapons with Effects

    I think adding more variety to the MG is a good thing. The ideas are there but the fine tuning of the items and their effects should take into account. I think the Healing one would be useless as we have unlimited soul split with our high prayer bonus. Maybe one that has like 2% chance to 1 hit the NPC. "Lucky Minigun" or something of that nature. None the less, Vouch
  37. 3 points


    Well this is a showcase of my newest work so far - Hope you like it
  38. 3 points
    Hi its Guru

    Your opinion?

    Indeed, need me one of those =')
  39. 3 points

    Your opinion?

    If it's wonder's art work, you didn't need to ask, it's gonna be amazing like always. I liked em!
  40. 3 points
    700 posts 100 posts and 100 reps away for legend rank!!! Trust me! I'm gonna be fastest new player to achieve.!!!!
  41. 2 points
    Not Brad1

    Not Brad1's Goals

    SO I quit after losing my emp set dicing a couple months ago but i'm back and rebuilding and I made this thread for some motivation! Starting Boss Log: PvM Goals and Achievements (in order): Get an Emperor Set (1/1) - 8/17/2017 Full Elemental Set achieved from PvM (0/8) Full Shadow Set (0/8) 100k Shadow King kills (probably achieved during full set from pvm) 100k Chaos Elemental kills (probably achieved during full set from pvm) 10Q+ Bank after Emperor Set Double Chaos ele Pet drops (0) Double Oblivion drops (0) Double Soulflare Drops ( (0) - 3 achieved originally ) -
  42. 2 points

    Vote Rewards

    Hello DreamScape members, I've come up with a suggestion to increase the rewards you get from voting. Why? Because I've seen multiple people in the past few days say they can't be bothered because it isn't worth it. So voting only takes 5-10 minutes, not even that! and people can't be bothered to spend 5 minutes voting?! Voting pays a massive part in the growth of DreamScape as most of you are aware! without the toplists we wouldn't be as big as we are. I think if we increase the rewards giving by voting, not massively but making it worth it to vote, we can grow within a short period of time. - I play my part in voting why should you?! Everyone should vote, firstly to help out DreamScape, as you're a dedicated player why wouldn't you want DS to grow?! Secondly, surly at the end of the week from voting you'd like a few trill in your bank? For only a weeks work! People are giving away trills almost everyday in giveaways, events, YouTube videos, so if we increase the voting reward it surly won't make that much of a difference. There is a lot of competition out there, with other servers growing. We need to catch them up and overtake them! and we are, but with this we can overtake them even quicker and become the #1 server out there, not that we aren't already! I think by increasing the vote rewards we can achieve a higher player base in a short period of time.
  43. 2 points

    Back again!!!

    Finally , back again to my fav dreamscape :D Quit ?? Hell NO , but i have to work for a bakery later on ... Wish all the dreamers Good Lucks!!! I'm COMING For y'all and ty for the comeback gift
  44. 2 points

    First & Last Day

    See the reasoning behind people not wanting to do a 70b bet is because 70b on DreamScape is equivalent to like 7K on OldSchool RuneScape. Not many people want to do anything less then 1T, especially since our economy is extremely high. It sucks that no one hosted for you, but when there's only two staff online for about 200 players it gets hectic for them. There's also the possibility that no one knew the answer to your questions when you asked the community.
  45. 2 points
  46. 2 points

    Huge Skilling update?

    I agree with this, except for the fact or the skilling pets. I'd love to see the OSRS pets implemented into DreamScape with bonus xp rates and drop rates during skilling -more immortal stone fragments, for birds nest, etc-
  47. 2 points

    new video and giveaway

  48. 2 points

    Your opinion?

    Looks great, background looks beautiful. Well done by @Wonder as always.
  49. 2 points
    Today I would like to suggest a change to a clue scroll we've had an issue with for quite some time. It has broken multiple times in the year I've played and had to be fixed. I personally dislike telling players they ever have to drop a clue let alone deal with their regret when they get their reward :P But even so its a simple suggestion. I would like to suggest using a new npc for the clue "Seagulls or lads" The npc is id 2690, and his name is Jack Seagull. His name is the reason I suggested him. No he isn't the most handsome looking guy but he would sure get the job done. As for where to place this guy I can suggest coords 3028 3213 which is right on the Port Sarim docks. Thank you for showing any interest or comments on the idea.
  50. 2 points