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  3. Dear Dreamscape Community We will be hosting fashionscape events in mid of every month, As the name self-explained most of the part, but still we would really love to see what amazing outfits you guys put together. Please read all rules and follow them! #1) There are no restrictions, you can wear anything you want! custom or non-custom. #2) You must comment your entry below in the comments (Meaning no pm's) #3) You can only have 1 entry fashion outfit, you can however post multiple photos of the same an outfit in one comment to show it off better. #4) Look your absolute best!! If you try to enter wearing nothing you're disqualified. #1- Jack Lantern Mask #2- Mario's Head #3- SoulFlare And finally, The Special Prize Unlocks after [40 entries] Bunny Ears Good luck everyone! Regards, Feeds`
  4. I see how it is.
  5. Because you coded yourself rigged flowers
  6. Nice vid man, Keep it up homie!
  9. Rank Given!! Congrats on Super Donator!!
  10. Username: Ruaa Rank In Game: Super Donator Proof: Screenshot
  11. I agree with the concept of win/loss bonuses!
  12. yes I agree but I do it for my crew cause they are the ones I trust the most
  13. That looks so dope dude. Something like this would be cool to use in media related content like banners/signatures :D
  14. Rank Given!! Congrats on Super Donator!!
  15. Username: Mike 1337Rank In-game: Super DonatorProof (screenshot):
  16. @Feeds @Ownercape 99
  17. I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you all that castle wars is dead content. Not only here, but on all RS game types. Now the rewards on here, are VERY nice, the gloves are the 2nd BiS, and the Spacejam is a very solid melee weapon. Now as it happens, the amount of points/time required to be invested into these is random whether you win or lose. The minimum time to get a pair of gloves (150 points), is 25 hours. The maximum is 50 hours. Not too bad to be honest for how good they. But due to the nature of castle wars, no-one wants to play it and grind it out. Now onto the real suggestion, rework the castle wars reward system and game mode itself. Due to the nature of either winning or losing, the grind will significantly increase due to this, for something that's completely out of your hands. What I suggest is a way of tracking a players amount of losses in a row, and they then get a consolation prize depending on X milestones. For example, every 10 losses in a row, you will receive 5 points. Makes up for a bit of the randomness. In terms of the actual game mode rework, I couldn't think too into detail on how to fix it, it would take a lot of time and effort to do so, and would require a lot of input from everyone around the DS community to find a way to make it enjoyable and more active. The other way that I had in mind, was have a relocation of the rewards to elsewhere, such as a possible new minigame, where you and others fight off waves of enemies, and depending on which wave you make it to, you gain a certain amount of points. It would also mean a possible rebalancing of the cost of items in regards to the points per hour. But what this would also do, is open a possibility for you to solo through the event, and be able to do the grind without the necessity of other players, which is the main fault of castle wars. It's not something you can grind solo. I would really appreciate if you guys could give you input, and help build on this with possible other ideas to make these rewards more accessible in the server. Thanks for reading!
  18. I bought them. I don't regret it, but I definately didn't profit.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Nice video! Did you get all these keys by yourself? Must have been a hella grind then :p
  21. Sucks to hear you weren't able to achieve your goal :( I hope you'll be back one day
  22. Hello. I'm leaving the server. There are a couple of reasons behind this. I was never a gambler, so I'm not cleaned, that's not the reason. I just got demotivated. When I go to sponsor zone it feels, like the server has only 50 players with 150 alts. If I meet new faces, they don't last long becouse of the state of economy right now. The only reason that was still keeping me playing was the goal to reach 150 in all skills as first but that failed too. Might return if I get bored, not sure yet. I want to thank specially to Mrdoctor, he was the closest person to me in the game. Bye.
  23. Thanks man. Really appreciate all the support!
  24. Aye! Look who's back on video production! It's my homie... So glad to see you back bud and really great start, wishing you all the very best for upcoming productions. #YCgamezLIT
  25. Welcome back homie! Good to see you back and really hoping to see great video from your side.
  26. Just feel like sharing some songs. I don't own them of course.
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