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  2. Sounded a bit weird when u said "this is gonna be so fun" 1 second after "we're gonna be able to 1-hit all bosses" nonetheless cool vid
  3. I'm going to start expecting a video a day now from you, don't disappoint me! Very useful for new players indeed, thanks for the content! Can't wait for the next
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  5. Love the content didy. Keep up the good work! This should help a lot of new players out when we redirect them to ::mbox. Thank you, we appreciate it!
  6. Damn! Those event are big and we all love them! keep this great job Ds staff !
  7. Great content m8. always like to watch them...
  8. giveaway rules in the pinned comment!!! goodluck all and i hope u enjoy!! feedback appreciated <3
  9. Obstacle, After reviewing your application and speaking to our TD team, you have been approved as becoming one of our TD team. I like to congratulate you and when you have the chance please PM me in Game/Forums/Discord. /ACCEPTED
  10. I can see how the thought of item lending could be seen as a good idea but I think it's one of those ideas that look better on paper than in reality. Here's why I think that and for one big reason, mainly because the value of items will slowly deplete. Why save to buy an item or donate when you can just borrow? See what I'm saying. Eventually custom donation items and larger valued items would slowly become less valuable and in the long run could hurt the eco and eventually the server. I like how you thought out this though, really good, keep up the thoughts and suggestions
  11. Another dope bit of content! Keep em coming Diddy. Glad to see that adding dubby favourite to the wheel was a good idea llmfao. Drax
  12. this application is well written, you are a cool guy and you make the dicezone a little brighter when youre online, you are nice to players. you would be a good addition to the team, you have my /vouch/. good luck with your application!
  13. I really like the idea, it would be awesome if it got "spiced up". You got my vouch ^^
  14. I like that you did a video of an event, I wish more would do that because it shows the comunity and new members what they can be getting involved with and hopefully help these events grow in size. Nice job, I like it
  15. Rank Given!! Congrats on Donator!!
  16. I agree to adding a spec, it needs to be balanced a bit more to match up to what it's meant to be. I think Bob's idea is fairly realistic at this point for a starting point. Nothing more to say really, those who posted before me covered it real well, so I vouch with all of them. Add a spec, not a one hit, keep the spec useful but not op
  17. Go see AJAX WZAWZDB
  18. I love this series man. You are actually grinding the game and showing others how they can progress through the early game. Keep it up and I can't wait for the next one!
  19. Great idea!
  20. I like the idea of this man. The long claw is quite pricey and a special attack would make it a lot more worth the money. Maybe a special attack that is similar to golden katana, just way higher hits? I /VOUCH/
  21. Dang I missed out! Looked like an awesome time Discord events are the best since it brings the community together. Thanks for the video!
  22. Nice video bud now I want to go spin the wheel Haha. I figured if I stood by you at home maybe I could sneak into the video and it worked! Got my 2 seconds of fame. Cant wait to see the next video man!
  23. Thank you all for the support , hopefully something is done like Michigan said to "spice it up". :P
  24. I like this idea very much. I think this weapon could use something to spice it up. Ele kat has very nice effects and I think Longclaw could use something as well. I definitely vouch for this.
  25. Aye good video man. Love the style of music you chose. Very catchy lol.
  26. Username: RSPSDan Rank: Regular donator
  27. Holy dang! Thanks for all the responses! Super excited now! I am getting the general idea... lots of gals. I am staying 10 minutes away from the central station if ya wanna meet up. Any more suggestions will be very much appreciated :D Drax
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