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  2. Its Mr Mg

    IGN; Mr Mg Time Zone: EST
  3. Giveaway rules in the pinned comment hope u enjoy the video guys! :D last videos giveaway winner in the outro as always
  4. Bowzah

    Ign : Bowzah Timezone : GMT +2
  5. Today
  6. Prism Hc

    IGN: Prisms GMT but can do both events
  7. Jordan RSPS

    Idk if I'm allowed to enter lol but why not xD
  8. MonoBeast

    Nice video my man it wasn't bad, you did very well! Just a small suggestion though. When you roll to choose the winner of a giveaway and show it at the end of your video, add in some text that overlays it to show what the drawing is for. For example: "Winner of 500T"
  9. Video rsps

    wow that's quite a list already! one thing though - I love pictures so much more than letters xD Hope you will include images of your drops NICE JOB ALREADY! best regards,
  10. Jkftw1234

    ign : jkftw1234 timezone : est
  11. HcB0wer

    im in
  12. hcwhy

    ign:hcwhy timezone: gmt
  13. Video rsps

  14. Yung Turtle

    Congrats on Captain!
  15. Larissa

    ign : Larissa Timezone: EST
  16. Whipvsdds

    ign: whipvsdds (: GMT +1
  17. bait1

    ign dalton123 time zone BST
  18. All Might

    ign: All Might UTC -4 Eastern Daylight Time
  19. Inject

    Great video man!! Bank made!
  20. Outbreak

    Welcome back!!
  21. I Do not fear this new challenge, rather like a true warrior i will rise to meet it. looking forward to seeing you all in game besides kakarot i still don't like him or having to fuse with him.
  22. QOTD #1:

    If you could time-travel to a certain period in time, where would it be + why?

    1. Yung Turtle

      Yung Turtle

      Any generation but this one. Why? Because everyone is brain ded.

    2. YOda Is here

      YOda Is here

      ooooh damn ! Nice one heheh :) 

    3. CylorV


      Probably anytime during probation on the us, think the hide away bars would be something that is worth the time travel.

  23. Sithil

    Sithil Gmt +8
  24. Hc Maximum

  25. YOda Is here

    IGN: Jedislayer -> GMT +1, but will participate with EST (This time I'm playing with Alt !)
  26. RXG

    RXG UTC -06:00
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