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  2. ownercape problems
  3. bump.. need more opinions
  4. To be honest I love this minigame. It is fun and I love the Player killing. But playing on my ironman it was brought to my attention that ironmen cant drop. The inventory gets full of gear and vials and its troublesome. Also, with the gear it seems very unbalanced, Torva seems like its paper and rapier is like a butter knife. Range feels under powered a lot. Who ever gets a CLS or Statius WH usually wins the game every time. Also, can torva give you additional HP like how it was suppose to be? Also when the chest disappears and you already clicked it by the time you get to the spot where the chest was, you are still able to loot it. Maybe make it a little more challenging? Make it less food and pots?
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  7. I'm well aware. still same offer.
  8. In-Game Name: Flae Real Name/Nickname: Kasper In-game play time (Picture): Age: 17 Y/O Time Zone: UTC +1 (Denmark) Boss logs (Picture): Why do you think you should be a part of The Plantation? I like pvming, and find it very fun. Also the aspects from what i've read about the group is really interesting Also it would be cool with a group to share drops that you get and stuff. And yeah, it's called The Plantation. What's not to like about it. The way the Plantation can help me, and i get a group of guys that i can talk to, and share information about dreamscape. I'm a chill guy, and easy to talk to. I also like the "Loan" system that this group offers. Do you Accept the Tos? (What is Rule #6? (Also say Yes or No at the end of your answer)): I do accept the Terms of Service. And there is no such rule #6 Thanks for reading my application. Regards Flae
  9. I will never forget how you helped me with my YouTube Channel, without you dreamscape wouldnt have so much youtubers as we do right now. I want to thank you for all your help and dedication towards the media department. I hope to see you back soon man Take care ❤️
  10. Added some new content.
  11. Yet another great video @Sohan so amazing to see your daily uploads. Make sure everyone to participate on the giveaway.
  12. @Feeds you poor things smh.. theres one thing you dont know lol and you said you know everything. Well not this one thing lol only i know :p
  13. Nice video bud. I'm happy to see a new YouTuber on to the community. Make sure to pm @Hc Jessie for further more assistance regarding the video making. Continue the great job.
  14. In-Game Name: "Joeztube" Real Name/Nickname: "Joez" In-game play time (Picture): Age: "20" Time Zone: "Central European Time ( CET)" Boss logs (Picture): Why do you think you should be a part of The Plantation? "I know I am a trusted host but I dont only gamble, I like to pvm on my alt too. I dont have an ownercape but I can grind hours long and try getting some drops and build up to afford an OC. I dont know if I deserve this and I am not a hardcore pvmmer but I know I can do this." Do you Accept the Tos? (What is Rule #6? (Also say Yes or No at the end of your answer)): "Yes, I Accept the Terms Of Services and there is no Rule #6." Thank you for taking time to read My application. Kind Regards Joeztube.
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  16. Good Luck To Everyone And Such A Great Video Mate.
  17. Some nice loots there @Sohan congrats, good luck to everyone who enters the giveaway. Keep up the good videos.
  18. @ZaroThanks for the feedback man! Will do
  19. To enter the Chaos Ele Pet giveaway: 1) Like the video 2) Subscribe to my channel 3) Comment your in-game name on Dreamscape RSPS (make sure you register and log-in here ) Make sure to like the video if you enjoyed, subscribe for future videos and comment any feedback!
  20. Great video bud, tbh that's some great winning tho. Trust me I sucks at it. Thanks to ya guys for motivating me. Hopefully I'm gonna make some bank soon.
  21. Wow! Congratz chops on the achievement. You still got alot to go on, wishing you all the very best. Goodluck' to all the participants.
  22. Thank you for giving me a trial and the opportunity. I know I won't let you down @Zodiac
  23. Really sad to see you leaving @Phoenix Don't lose contact with me bb! Take care and goodluck in the future. Kind regards, ~Doubt.
  24. Nice video @HC Frimb a little tip: - On your next video, try to sometimes speed up the clips so we see more of the drops. - Turn up the background music a little bit (only a little!) None the less, good job on your video. Keep up the good work.
  25. Hey guys this is my first dreamscape post if you do enjoy it let me know with a like and a comment! And subscribe if youre new to my channel!
  26. Nice video @Hc Maximum would be nice to see some effects in the next few videos. Keep up the good work.
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