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What is Dreamscape RSPS?

The Largest Custom Private Server since 2014

Built on player suggestions and satisfaction. DreamScape strives for unique content, enjoyability and endurance.

Recent RSPS Updates & News

    Pets has always been a thing in every RSPS, however we have decided to take it up to another level!  in this patch, we are releasing battle pets! a major content based off pets which combat stats and more! Scroll down below to find out more about them with various other new content!        Have you always wished for your pets to help you in y

  Changed Player Own Shops to show full value of price instead   Fixed Arcade being non multi Fixed a rare error of regular Arcade instances Fixed platinum boss attacking issue Fixed Platinum partner’s vortex prayer bug Fixed Platinum Zone’s groudon issue Fixed New platinum prayer, now giving the correct boost of stats Fixed Skilling Island Clipping i

  In this week's update we will be addressing all community's input from suggestions, releasing some new content as well as new platinum partner's prayers! However with Everyone in the development team, working twice as hard, The update has become a MASSIVE UPDATE its packed full of content, revamps and many more A Brand New Box with much better rewards for players which i